How to use hoverboards in Subway surfers?

The Pet simulator is known to be a fantastic Roblox game. Do you know what most people do in the game or how it works? You must collect and keep the eggs safe until they hatch. This seems super interesting to me. It will be astonishing to know that there are 900 pets you must collect in the game. These animals range from sweet, cuddly cats to dog pets or joyful and ferocious animals like dragons and big lizards.

While there are a plethora of animals who look cute for their fancy graphics in the game, people love to fetch high-demanded cat hoverboards in Roblox Pet Simulator X. you need not worry about how to get the cat simulator in pet simulator X; all you need to do is to follow the article, it will guide you to cat hoverboard in the exact dimensions of Roblox pet simulator X.

What do you need to know about how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X?

Before you get on the road where you can easily access the cat hoverboard in pet simulator X, you need to get to the master level of 99. You know. It’s not easy to get there, but it’s not impossible. You need skills like efficiency, speed, and active-mindedness to master this level. There are various methods to achieve it and get a chance to say” cheese.” You may need to download an “auto-clicker” to save Time while chasing your loved cat’s hoverboard.


Getting the egg for egg master before you know how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X

In the beginning,  you have to choose the cheapest(the egg that does not cost you a fortune or game currency) egg from the Starter Zone and utilize your auto-clicker to hatch eggs for Egg Mastery persistently. This will make the collection more accessible, and your brain will relax. It would be best if you caught every single egg. (innovative management). The Golden Eggs Mastery can then be completed by repeating the previous stage.

A successful mission of acquiring the eggs will lead you to the Glacier Biome. Once there, proceed to the Biome’s horizontal line, ensuring you are precisely in the center of the line facing the Glacier, and there you can continue rocking.

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Here comes the pet sending phase before you get to know how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X

Since pressing the right arrow key will let you roam about every corner of the arena, you need to set something substantial down. Verify that “Pet Sending” is set to Singles in your settings menu. Then enlarge the image until your pointer icon is positioned near the Glacier’s base. When you put your pointer in the ideal location, turn on the auto-clicker to dispatch your pets.

Your acquisition of Coin Piles leads you to have Vaults and Safes, then attaining the diamond Piles, worthy Presents, lucky chests, awesome crates, and Loot bags will all level up as a result of doing this. You will be a few inches away from knowing how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X.


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 There’s no shortcut to knowing how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X

Be aware that you may need to get to some Mastery categories manually. For instance, in the Converting Mastery, you must convert all of your inexpensive pets and keep doing so until you have earned maximum experience points. This will be a very economical decision in your entire game career. This procedure is also repeatable for Dark Matter Mastery and Fusing Mastery.

The auto-clicker can also be used to finish the Enchanting Mastery. Go to the Enchanted Forest, choose a pet to enchant, and then follow the instructions. The mouse is then placed using the auto-clicker, and you are free to move.

Time to know how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator 


Hoverboards, a much-anticipated new feature, have been released on the latest Christmas update of the year 2021 for Roblox Pet Simulator X. You can now pick from a variety of models, including the cat-shaped hoverboard, the blue flying carpet, the flame, the sleigh, the red flying, the VIP, Bling, Original, and Rainbow versions. These are all designed to give the best playing experience possible.


The updates of the simulator X games you should know

More things are reportedly going to be added in the upcoming updates. However, as we all know, hoverboards cannot currently be used for skating or exploring the map more efficiently than on foot.

Pet Simulator X is a truly fantastic game, mainly for animal lovers. You may take advantage of numerous features and discover fascinating pets, purchase eggs and hatch uncommon pets, accomplish missions, go to various regions, exchange pets with other players, and more.


Get your training for how to get a hoverboard in pet simulator X


When you press the new hoverboard icon that is now displayed on the left side of the screen, all the different types can also be found there. The website indicates that 250 Robux must utilize a randomly chosen hoverboard from the list after you have unlocked a hoverboard.

According to some users, you may unlock one for free if you have the gamer pass by successfully completing certain activities or missions or climbing the leaderboards. This new feature has only recently been added, and numerous quests are still unavailable.

There are currently 8–9 models of hoverboards available in the Pet Sim X, but the developers will add more activities in the upcoming updates so that you can use them all for free. You must finish or perform a specified action to collect one of them.

Method One; Blue Flying Carpet

The suggestions we will provide you are pretty general, and you will not find a way to conflict with them because this information will lead you to know how to get a cat hoverboard in pet simulator X. You must pay 250 Robux for the Hoverboard game pass to use hoverboards. After purchasing this game pass, you’ll be able to obtain the hoverboards listed below.

The best stats and pets worldwide are displayed on the global leaderboard. This leaderboard is accessible in Spawn World’s shopping area.

Method Two; Flame Hoverboard

Now, this is something you can consider a big bounty for yourself. To acquire it, you need to try your head overheal. We mean that you need to be a part of the Big Games. Now, how will you become the partner of Big Games to be a big deal for the playing world? For that, you need to produce world-ranking content on the website. Having a significant following would be good for you, and then enjoy the Flame Hoverboard all to yourself.

Method Three; Sleigh Hoverboard

To get the Sleigh cat hoverboard in pet simulator X, you must complete your quest for Christmas eve. This quest will help you attain your prime goals. You will skip one fence with the other and come across your Sleigh Hoverboard in the end.


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