What’s The Gateway To Know How To Get Hoverboard In Astroneer

Astroneer is an adventurous game with a character named Astroneer, released by the developer’s System Era Softworks in 2019. The man left the human-made satellite on another newly forming planet named Sylvia. The players are then awarded a number of tasks to make their lives easier and the new planet liveable for man. After completion of every task, he is then reimbursed. So, players will also be able to get prototype recovery and will then be awarded a hoverboard. An ample amount of crafting materials like resins and compounds are present on every planet and the players can easily craft whatever they want for terraforming.


What are hoverboards?

Let’s talk about this mysterious device called hoverboards. The hoverboards are also known as self-balancing scooters. These are minimal devices one ought to have for covering distances from point A to point B.

Each self-balancing scooter has a logic board and is powered by a battery pack. This serves as the hoverboard’s “brain,” so to speak. It analyses information such as the board’s speed and wheel tilt. The logic board controls settings as well. For instance, hoverboards have a beginner mode that lowers the top speed.

Have no fear if you’re not happy with a self-balancing scooter! Soon, there will be no-wheel hoverboards that actually float above the ground. Some of these hoverboards might make use of magnet science. They will have electromagnets or hover engines with magnets that are electrically charged. These generate a powerful magnetic field using an inductor.


Hoverboard in Astroneer

A hoverboard is a mobility device given to the players on completion of a series of tasks. This device helps in running faster than simple and slow travel.

The hoverboard in Astroneer is a small tier. It is very easy to fit in the backpack and can be easily taken to any place the player wants. The hoverboard is an electric scooter-like device that helps in running fast and it can be achieved on completion of a large number of chores Astroneer. These chores or missions also help the players to guide and aid other players as well in order to get to the main goal.

Task assigning

The team assigning these tasks provides players with the number of tasks. These tasks include gathering new resources, making certain items for survival,  getting on the new planet, and also helping to get to the main goal of the game. These rewards help players to move forward in the game more precisely and comfortably. Rewards are given in the form of Bytes, free schematics, and some craft items that help in making space crafts, condensers, turbines, generators, storage silos, batteries, component smelters, etc.


Prototype recovery mission

For a prototype recovery mission, the player lands on Dissolve. The player finds the EXO cache labeled ” Vehicle data recorder”. There is a need to explode the cache with the help of an explosive item in Astroneer named Dynamite. EXO chips are formed after all this process on the Disolo in Astroneer.

“Tracing and transmission” is the mission that then discloses the location of the MAT. The player placed the EXO chips on the slot on MAT and then new missions got started. This gets a little annoying for the player until he gets all eight resources for the mission ” onboarding”.


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Sources to get hoverboard in Astroneer

The hoverboard and its schematic can be unlocked by crowning a continuous train of the missions.

Prototype recovery method

Players can get the prototype recovery by finishing a series of tasks in Astroneer. They also need to complete To parts unknown to get a self-mobilization device in Astroneer.

EXO caches or vehicle data recorders on the Desolo will provide the player with EXO chips. It will unlock the next mission, Tracing the mission. Tracing the mission helps the player to get rewards for finishing the tasks and get the track to follow to complete tasks. It will disclose the position of the MAT.


Detect the MAT to get the hoverboard in Astroneer

By detecting the MAT  and inserting an EXO chip in its proper place, two more missions will be disclosed. One will be to take copper and zinc and the other will be to take Plastic and aluminum alloy.

There are eight resources to reach the last mission. When all these resources get completed, onboarding, which is the last mission, is unlocked. The data on the EXO chip is decoded to start the mission onboarding.

Players played more cleverly and approached and turned on the MAT. On a crowning series of missions, the players are rewarded by the mission panel with a number of rewards including a hoverboard, its schematics, and QT- RTG.


What is the role of MAT?

MAT is the Material Analysis Transmitter and it is used in the Astroneer for preceding in the missions and getting the devices that help in the rapid running in the game. These devices consist of hoverboards and VTOL.

Role of EXO chips

These chips are considered to be assets in the Astroneer because these chips help in opening the Astroneer means of traveling as VTOL and hoverboard. These chips also help in making many other items like Hydrazine thruster or larger shredders. These chips are formed by bursting EXO cash or vehicle data recorders in Astroneer gameplay.


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Uses of hoverboards by players in Astroneer

The hoverboard is placed in the backpack of the player and it is used at the time of need to increase the speed of the player. The jump button of the game is tapped double to activate this scooter board in the game.

It can be present on any slot like a terrain slot or widget slot. While activating on the widget slot, context keys can also activate with this. It will provide power to the player when it is active. It will give 1 power per second to the player and players get a constant supply of power as in QT-RTG which is the power generator in the Astroneer and provide power to players. So the power production rate of a hoverboard is equal to 1 U/s.


Safety measures while using a hoverboard

Using the hoverboard is also dangerous for the player sometimes. There is still a chance of injury on these self-balancing boards. The use of hydrazine jet packs or a solid fuel jump jet keeps players safe from any damage or injury. The quickest and most prudent way of traveling on foot is using the scooter board with a hydrazine jet pack or a solid fuel jump jet.

Hoverboard allows movement of large-sized things

The players can move from one place to another while holding things on a hoverboard. One of the best features of the hoverboard is that it provides smooth movement while holding large-sized things. So it allows large things to shift at a rapid pace. This movement can be done without using a Rover. It can also help in the transport of Tier 4 objects.

“Hang ten squared” mission by hoverboard

TheHang ten squared” is the mission in the Astroneer. When a player moves for 10 seconds on the hoverboard without stopping, he will get over this mission. But it requires the player to move for 10 seconds continuously.


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