Turbowheel Swift hoverboard

If you are looking for the Turbowheel Swift scooter Review then this may be the best place to find the information about it. There is a huge search about the topic Turbowheel Swift vs Zero 8 but we didn’t discuss this in the article. Although Turbowheel Swift parts have been discussed a bit.

Although this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. So it is difficult to find the Turbowheel Swift for sale these days.

Even then this is such a good product. This is the reason a good number of people want to know about it. Even though the reputation is great in the market. It is really difficult to tell what Turbowheel Swift Philippines price is right now? But even then you can buy it. A good conditioned Turbowheel swift hoverboard is available for around $800. A plus minus of two to three percent can occur.

Turbowheel Swift scooter price in comparison to the benefit offered is really very less. The suspension is so good that even on the poor roads you can have a stable ride. The battery can make the scooter run for a longer distance

The compact size of the scooter makes it possible for it to run even on narrow roads. It is a quality built product so that it can even take narrow turns easily. This makes it a good electric bike to run in the streets of the city.


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Some technical specifications

This technical specification will make you well aware of the fact that why it is still so much loved by the people

Top speed

This scooter can run at a massive speed of 38.6 km per hour. It is quite a comprehensive speed to move around in the city. But do remember that this is the ideal speed. Actually, the speed can be reduced. The reason for this reduction in speed is dependent on multiple factors.

It includes the weight of the rider, the surface on which we are running the bike, the temperature of the road, the condition of the tires, and the condition of the battery. It also depends on the skill of the person who is riding the bike. Sometimes the skills matter a lot. Therefore if you want to run the bike fast you really need to establish some serious skills for this.

The range

The range means how far the scooter can go while the battery is fully charged. Although it also depends on multiple factors. But in ideal conditions, the scooter can go up to 31.6 km.

Again this is the range that has been calculated in the ideal conditions. Actually, the distance covered by the electric scooter can be different. The situational factors at the location may change the distance covered.


Even for riding devices, portability is important. No doubt that it is used to travel from one place to another. But sometimes you need to carry it with you.

If we say that it is really very light weight product then it is not true. The weight around 18 kg maes this difficult to carry but on the other hand it can be reduced in size. Once reduced in size you can easily put it with your language.

Turbowheel swift hoverboard braking mechanism

This is important to stop the bike when it is needed. If you cannot stop the bike you will never be able to to complete your journey successfully and safely

The braking mechanism in this bike is really very efficient. The braking distance is only 4.1 M if you apply the break at a speed of 24 km.

This is possible due to the dual braking system installed in the electric scooter. It has drum brakes as well as electric brakes. It depends on you that whether you want to apply the electric brake or the drum break


Suspension is a thing that makes the journey quality better. Also on this scooter, the suspension is provided at the front as well as on the rear side. This suspension can work silently and in peace show me the easy right you will also enjoy the smallest ride


A combination of tube and tubeless tires are used. At the front, you get a tube tire or 22 CM. While at the rear a tire has been installed with the size of 27. It provides you with the best riding quality by implanting the best balance.

This really makes the bike a reliable one. It provides you with the best grip and saves you from the but the solid tyre has a drawback it loses its grip in the wet condition for Star so remain vigilant in the extreme conditions.

The Deck

This provides you with enough space to stand on easily. The space which can be utilised on this board is 46.3 CM in length and 15.8 CM in width. The ground clearance is quite effective and you can easily move freely on the road. It provides you with a ground clearance of 10.7 CM.

The control mechanism is simple as well as effective and it is equipped with a speedometer. It is really very easy to move this bike around with the simplified and effective control.The display of different parameters that has been displayed on the front handle. It is really easy to read the values displayed. It is visible in the night and even in the sunlight.

The lights are provided at the appropriate places. These please include the Deck the front and the tail light. These lights not only make the scooter beautiful but also indicate to the other people who are moving on the road that in which direction you will move.

DrawBacks of Turbowheel swift hoverboard

All that glitters is not gold like every other product in the world, it also has some drawbacks.

  • This product does not provide the water resistance
  • The position of the handle is awkward
  • In the trolley formation the trolley wheels may not perform accurately


Final words

As far as the overall features are concerned this is truly a balance to have. Other variants of this product are also available in the market. In comparison to its competitor it really provided a balanced blend of the features. If you compare it with the price you can finally say that the price is really very reasonable.

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