Hoverboard vs electric unicycle


Hoverboards vs electric unicycles. Both are among the elite means of personal commute but are available at reasonable prices. Both means of transportation have their benefits and shortcomings but still, both are being liked by common people on the large scale. The increasing population has raised the means of transportation and with the increase of … Read more

Stunt unicycle


Staying physically fit and healthy is no more difficult with the advanced gadgets these days. With the help of technological advancements and unique machines, you are now able to transform your body in a perfect manner. Unicycles are also among these unique machines which can help you gain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Stunt unicycles … Read more

Unicycle wheel


Having fun with your newly bought unicycle but getting obsessed with its wheel? Well, that’s a mess. Unlike other similar transportation modes like skateboarding, unicycle totally and solely relies on single wheel, so that has to be of super cool quality. If your unicycle’s wheel is not of good quality or of small width when … Read more

How to ride a unicycle


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Gotway MSX Pro Electric Unicycle Review


Gotway MSX Pro Electric Unicycle In a Glimpse Gotway MSX pro electric unicycle comes with two motors, one is the 2000-watt motor, and the other is the 2500-watt specifications. Both will be discussed below in this article. gotway MSX pro electric unicycle has a battery capacity of 1800Wh. gotway msx pro price is around 2000 … Read more

12 Best Electric Unicycles To Buy


“Best electric unicycle review” You type this on the internet and get 100 thousands of results. Still, the question is, which is the best electric unicycle for you? Which all claimed to be the best? The answer is the one which suits you the best as per your requirements. It all depends on the need … Read more