Multiple types of the hoverboard are available in the market. Some hoverboards are for kids and some hoverboards are for adults. Even for adults, multiple types of hoverboards are available.

Available in two beautiful colors black and red. These come with an adjustable handlebar. The wheels are made of rubber and rear brakes are available to keep you safe while you are on the move.

The hoverboard is actually designed to run on the road and to carry riders. It is really difficult to carry the hoverboard by the rider. To make this carriage easy these handles are introduced.

This kit can be used with multiple boards. These boards include Segway Ninebot MiniLITE and multiple others. These kits provide you with the ability to easily move with the hoverboard.

If you’re on a hoverboard you should own this device. This is a handlebar that will make your life easy while you are riding on the electric hoverboard. It provides you with the ability to set the direction of the hoverboard.