Two years have passed in the market for this excellently designed Gionee M1 M 365. It still holds the driving position in the market who starts this means that you can be widely be considered

In different circumstances, you will get a different top speed. This is due to the number of changing factors.

23.5 km is the tested range for this Xiaomi m365. The range has been calculated while the battery is fully charged.

Even for the weight of the product, we did not rely on the figures provided by the manufacturer. Instead, we performed a test and found out that the weight of this product is 12 KG

Like every product it also has some limitations. The most important one is that it cannot carry more than one hundred kgs.

The prices may vary from time to time at the time of writing this article this product is available for £349.

Every product of the world comes with some highs and some lows. The good products are those which have more highs than lows.

Another important factor that will definitely impact you while you are moving on the electric scooter is the range and the top speed.

These are valuable products. The reason is material and engineering. High quality material has been used in manufacturing

The Informatics system in this Xiaomi m365 is not very good. The reason is that the information display is not present