If you are a speed freak, think that none of the electric scooters is able to fill up your thrust. Then this Dualtron thunder electric scooter review is written for you.

Excellent acceleration power provided with the massive top speed. Although the top speed depends on lots of things. No doubt the most important part is the power of the motor installed in the electric scooter.

As the top speed of the electric scooter, the range of the electric scooter is also dependent on multiple factors. The most important thing is the weight of the rider. Heavier the rider the less will be the range.

The electric board has a tremendous capacity to sport the weight of the rider. It can easily spot the weight upto 150 kg This is note a water resistance product and you you must be careful while using it and brothers of water

If you are an everyday user of the electric scooter who prefers to ride in the streets on this. Then this product is definitely not for you. This is a special product and the requirement of this product is also really very special.