The hoverboard is a transportation device. Like all other transportation devices, it requires to repair and maintenance

if you have any problem related to the situations given below. You can easily handle the problem by doing this process.

If you will not be able to charge the hoverboard properly. It means that you will not be able to use the hoverboard.

The hoverboard balance is really very important. If the hoverboard is not in the proper shape, it means that the chances of falling from the hoverboard are greatly increased

1. Turn off the hoverboard 2. Place the hoverboard on a surface that is even 3. Now locate the on and off button 4. Hold the button till you witness a red flash 5. Remove your finger from the button and wait for some seconds 6. This is the time to turn on the board as the board is completely reset.

In case you do not like to reset the hoverboard by the above-described method. You can apply the second method. This is the method in which you do not need to turn off the power board.

Sometimes there may be a loose connection of The Hoverboard. This loose connection makes the hoverboard malfunction or not function completely.

Another type of solution available if your hoverboard main circuit is not functioning properly. The first mission is of course, to reset the hoverboard

The battery will lose its ability to hold the charge. This means that the battery will not be able to provide power to the hoverboard when it is required.

If you are facing any problem because of the Gyroscope of the hoverboard. The recommendation is to change the Gyroscope.