How to Troubleshoot a Hoverboard and Fix the Issue?

Hoverboard Problems And Solutions

This does not happen so often but it does happen. You are riding on the Hoverboard and suddenly you get to know that you will not be able to complete your ride. The reason is a sudden error rise in your Hoverboard. 

This thing does not end here you need to go to a professional or a  repairing workshop and they will cost you for that. Second, you need to invest your time in it and thirdly it creates mental fatigue for you. But can these three be avoided the answer is yes you can easily avoid these three circumstances? 

But how the answer is simple by doing it yourself. Yes, you can repair your hoverboard yourself just concentrate to find the problem, and applying the right solution is the key.

In this article, we will discuss the most commonly occurring problems with the Hoverboard.

 These are:

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Hoverboard Troubleshooting Red Light

The red light indicates multiple issues with the hoverboard. A single one or multiple ones may be active at the same instinct of time. A handy tip for you is that if the red light blinks 4 times it means most probably the problem is with the motherboard. Secondly, if the red light blinks for the five times this means the problem resides with the battery.

The Cable Issue

This may occur due to the cables.

  1. The first possibility is that a connection is loose
  2. The second possibility is that there is a bad connection between two joints of cable.

Board Circul Malfunctioning

Sometimes the red light indicates a serious problem. This series problem includes the malfunctioning of the board.

Balance Sensor Problem

The problem with the balance sensor may also be the reason to turn the red light on. It means the sensor is needed to be recalibrated.

Poblem with the wheel motor

The next possibility is the malfunctioning of the wheel motors. Usually, we need to replace these instead of repairing it. This may happen because of the one or both the motors.

Battery is Exhausted

The lifespan of the battery is completed and it is needed to be replaced. 

Gyroscope Problem

The gyroscope is not functioning properly. 

Upside Down Issue

Upside down issues may also cause the red light to turn on. The solution in this case is the simplest one. simply bring the hoverboard in its original position and the light will automatically turn off. 

Now let’s look at these problems one by one where we will tell you how you can easily solve your hoverboard problems.

The cable issue

As discussed earlier there are two possibilities for your keypad problem. The one is that the connections are loose and the second his recollections are bad. 

Get your toolkit. This is a time to reconnect the wires. 

There are some simple steps to follow

  • At the bottom of the board locate the screws
  • So that the lower cover can be removed
  • Once you remove the cover you will be able to locate the circuit board. 
  • Start from one side, disconnect the wire and then reconnect it again. 
  • Do both of the activities simultaneously.

Hopefully, your problem will be resolved after that.  If not the bad use you may need a new motherboard

The balance sensor is not working

  • The most common solution in this situation to be applied is to reset the device. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved after that.
  • if the problem still persists this means that the internal circuits are malfunctioning.
  • Do not worry this can also be settled and resolved. 
  • The solution is simple and this is to buy the appropriate replacement kit and install it in your hoverboard.

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 Problem with the wheel motors

This problem is discussed in the section below with the heading “Why is my hoverboard not moving”.  —— Designer please create a link here:

The battery is the current storage device. This device keeps the charge within it. And provides the Hoverboard with the energy to run naturally the battery has a lifespan on life cycle with everyday charge and discharge the life of the battery is slightly reduced and it likely loses the capability to store the charge. 

Once it happens again and again again and again and again and the game time comes when the battery will not be able to store charge or to provide it when needed. This is the time to replace the battery make sure the battery is safe in the initial days of the word bored there was some problems and accidents due to the bad battery although no we have the safety certification like ul2272 is available make sure while you are purchasing the battery your battery e should be a reliable according to all safety parameters especially check the battery for the city safety certification

This might be a possibility that on your Hoverboard you see an orange light instead of a yellow light. In case if you see so in both the cases the meaning is the same. This activity indicates to possibilities the first is the condition of the battery is not good. You may observe problems because of the battery condition so this is the right time to check the battery

The second is you are purchasing something that is not in use for a very long time usually. This may happen if the manufacturer makes the hoverboard. The shipping takes the time and when it is displayed on the shelf to buy. It already took a lot of time in this case the yellow or orange light may also appear.

 This may happen because of the multiple divisions

  • the issue with the charger main prevents the overboard sawn turning on either the charger is not working properly or it is not plugged in properly check and resolve the issue the other problems can be e this is due to the defective battery the motherboard is defective and not working properly e the wiring on the connection between the cables is at fault
  • The problem with the charger can easily be found by looking at if the Hoverboard is charging or not.
  •  The wheel motors make a hoverboard run by taking the power from the battery.  These are responsible for moving the wheels. Logically there is a problem with the wheel motors the wheels will not move. definitely, this will make the hoverboard static. 
  • The solution to this problem is relatively simple. The first step is to locate the motor which is causing the problem. The chances are that one of the motors is causing the problem and sometimes this also happens that both of the motors are not in working conditions anymore. 
  • You can simply buy the motor from the market as the motor is a plug and play type of device so what you need to do is just to disconnect the old motor from the circuit and plug the new one in the circuit. Reconnecting your hoverboard is ready to run again.

Is it a bit tricky to replace? but even then it can also be replaced and this problem can also be fixed. Make sure it’s about some issues and the replacement procedure will bring success for you to make sure you get the same gyroscope which has been used by the original manufacturer of the hoverboard in the motherboard of the hoverboard.

If you have any doubts about it then please do not replace the gyroscope in this case you can replace the complete board.

  Final Words

Problems occur in life but take it as an advantage or opportunity to learn new things. The hoverboard is an exciting ride. Any problem with this can bring boredom in life but you can convert this product into an opportunity for adventure by replacing or repairing different parts of the hoverboard. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully as described in this guide. In case you don’t have the expertise to perform this task by yourself. This is the wise decision to get help from a professional 

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