How to Calibrate Your Segway Hover-Board?

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, have gained immense popularity in recent years. These futuristic devices provide an exhilarating experience, allowing riders to glide effortlessly. However, like any other electronic device, hoverboards may encounter calibration issues or require resetting due to various reasons. In this article, we will guide you through the process of calibrating and resetting a hoverboard, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Hoverboards have become a popular mode of transportation and a trendy recreational device. To ensure a smooth and safe riding experience, it’s crucial to calibrate and, if necessary, reset your hoverboard. Calibration adjusts the sensors and gyroscope within the hoverboard, allowing it to maintain balance and respond accurately to rider movements. Resetting the hoverboard to factory settings can help resolve software glitches and other performance issues.

How to calibrate Reset a segway hoverboard?

Calibrate & Reset A Hoverboard
Shaking, vibrating, or moving incorrectly is signs of incorrect calibration. It is often due to continual use. The most common sign of incorrect calibration is exposed when it proves to be sensitive while steering left or right. In calibration issues, the most common one is the unevenness of the footpads of the hoverboard while a user is standing on it.

If your hoverboard is synchronizing these issues then it is a good idea to calibrate Reset A Hoverboard your instrument.

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  • Make sure the battery is full before calibrating your hoverboard
  • Shut down your hoverboard with the assistance of a power button
  • Now level your hoverboard and press the silver power button until hearing a beep
  • After this, the LED lights on the front of your device will flash. Now left your hover-board as it is for approximately 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, shut off your hover-board once again by pressing the silver power button
  • Now, if after all the measures taken as mentioned above, your hoverboard is not calibrating just according to your expectations, you should check the other tools present in your system.

High roller hoverboard won’t charge

When you plug your hoverboard charger into a wall plug, the light present on the charger appears green. Make sure that all the prongs are correctly positioned.

After plugging correctly, the light on the charger appears red which means your battery is working correctly. If the battery is not recharging it is maybe due to two reasons:
  • A high roller hoverboard charger is out of order
  • A high roller hoverboard battery needs to be replaced

If a high roller hoverboard charger is out of order?

It is also possible that the charger of the hoverboard is broken. In most cases the charger or the slot of the device is defective that must be replaced to fix the error. Following is the guideline to test the charger of the hoverboard.

  • Plug the charger into the socket. A green light should be lit
  • Plug the charger into your hoverboard and the green light will turn red
  • If there is a red light then jump to step #7 otherwise continue following the procedure stepwise
  • If no light is turned ON then check the power supply. If the power supply is working then your charger is defective
  • If the electric socket is working properly then you need to buy a new charger
  • To get a full battery charge, wait for 2-3 hours
  • After Charging the hoverboard unplug it from the charger and turn it ON by clicking the button
  • Now, if it does not turns ON it may be due to wiring problems. If it turns ON proceed to the next steps.
  • The battery will have a little amount of charge if both lights are ON. If one of the green lights is blinking the device may have a 20% charge. If the red light is turned ON and the hoverboard starts beeping then the battery is very low, maybe up to 5%. Never ride a hoverboard in such a situation
  • In the case when both lights are green, you can ride the hoverboard. If then the battery does not last very long, then it may not be the battery but the defective charger.

 A high roller hoverboard battery needs to be replaced

If the light of your charger remains green than it is proof that your battery is either 100% full or it is a defective one. Then in this condition, your battery needs to be replaced.
  • Unplug the charger from the hoverboard to determine either it is full or empty
  • Turn your hoverboard ON after unplugging the charger
  • Now after getting charged your hoverboard fully turn it ON. If the light present on the front of your hoverboard remains red than it is a sign that your battery is defective and it needs to be replaced by a new one
  • If your hoverboard won’t turn on after a full charge then it is a clue that your battery is defective and it should be changed

How to calibrate & reset a hoverboard in less time?

So far we are discussing to calibrate Reset a hoverboard, but sometimes calibrating a hoverboard with Bluetooth is different. Similarly, different models of hoverboard require slightly different solutions due to the position of their ON/OFF buttons. In the article below we will discuss different issues related to hoverboards.

Precautionary measures in calibrating hoverboard

Precautionary measures should be adopted in the process of calibrating the hoverboard. The reasons are simple yet important. The safety of the hoverboard is directly related to you. In the case of the repair work if any problem arises in the machine this will create a problem for you. Once the problem is created then this is something that will require lots of finance and you need to invest lots of time in this too. 

Therefore due care should be adopted while solving the problem via hoverboard calibration. After the successful calibration makes sure that all the problems have been resolved before starting the ride on the hoverboard. 

Always ride on the hoverboard with the proper precautionary measures. The newly calibrated hoverboard may create problems while running on the road. This may happen due to multiple reasons. One of these reasons is that the battery may not function properly. Due to the malfunction of the battery, the hoverboard may stop in the way. As the battery can be drained suddenly. Another possibility is that you have attached some wires in the wrong manner due to this the battery indicator lights are not working and indicating the level of the battery properly. So this is important to check the hoverboard completely before a ride on it.  

How to calibrate a hoverboard with Bluetooth

Calibrate & Reset A Hoverboard
Some hoverboards are Bluetooth enabled. You can connect your device to your phone via Bluetooth. Any mobile app that is connected to your Bluetooth device can be used to calibrate the best Bluetooth hoverboard. Unlike other calibration solutions, you do not need to deal with the power button of the hoverboard but you can calibrate it using the mobile app or phone you are using.

Follow the below steps to calibrate your hoverboard using Bluetooth. And also keep in mind incorrect steps carried of missing any step may interfere with your hoverboard’s Bluetooth and cause a further problem. So you should follow each step correctly as described. First of all, install a hoverboard controller app on your phone then you can proceed to the following steps, one of the best apps is Tao Tao App that is compatible with almost all devices:

  • Make sure the connections of your hoverboard with the mobile app
  • Look for a smooth and balanced surface to place your device over it
  • Every app have a “Calibrate the Unit” option in it, find that option and open it
  • Your app will provide you with calibration options, follow these guidelines
  • Press the power button of your device to turn it OFF
  • After waiting 10 seconds again turn it ON

After following all the above steps, your hoverboard has been calibrated and it is now ready to use. Do a test of your hoverboard to make sure it is working correctly.

How to reset a hoverboard in a few minutes?

To balance properly your hoverboard you need to reset it from time to time. A simple process is needed to be followed to reset your hoverboard properly.

  • To reset your hoverboard, turn your hoverboard off with the assistance of a power button
  • Now put your device on a flat surface ensuring that both the sides of your hoverboard are completely leveled
  • Now press the power button for 3 seconds until the front lights begin to flash
  • Repeat these steps 3 times to reset your hoverboard


Turn the board off with the help of the power button. Now, this is a point when your hoverboard is fully reset and is ready for a safer ride. Double-check to ensure that your hoverboard is balanced properly.

If you think your hoverboard is not reset properly than you have to reset your hoverboard again. You should also check the wire connections before resetting.

Hoverboard problems and solutions:

Calibrate & Reset A Hoverboard

Sometimes it happens many common and little problems with your self-balancing scooter. These problems are supposed to be get solved as soon as possible to own a safer ride.

What do red lights indicate?

Red light is called a warning light. A common issue arises which is indicated by the blinking of red light

  • There arises a bad connection between wires or they have loosened
  • Breakdown of the internal circuit
  • Any defect in balance sensors
  • Either one or both the wheel motors need replacement
  • The battery needs a replacement

Loose cables

Cables need reconnection when they have gone loose or their connections have gone bad. Unscrew the bottom of the board and have a bird’s eye view of each section.

Once you have found the main circuit board starts maintaining the internal circuit by disconnecting or reconnecting the wires. If after maintaining the internal circuit your device does not work then there is a need for replacing the motherboard by a new one.

Malfunctioning of balance sensors

Any problem in internal wiring connections can cause defects in balance sensors. These problems will stop sensors from working. If after resetting your device your problem is not solved then a resetting kit is the only solution.

Bad working of wheel motors

The little devices are present that are connected via the motherboard to the wheels. For the battery side, the red light will blink five times and it will blink four times for the motherboard side.

To fix this problem you need to buy a new motor for a bad working wheel. You have to disconnect the old motor to replace a new one. Reassemble the tools to get a better device.

Faults in battery

Inside a hoverboard, a battery may go bad due to many external and internal factors. In this, you need to replace the battery. Make sure that the new one works with your model.

How to Fix a Hoverboard that does not turn ON?

If your hoverboard does not turn ON, first of all, check the battery level. If you do not see a green light on the charger box, it means the inner circuitry is damaged. In the case of an orange-colored flashlight, your battery may be defective and needs to be replaced.

One Side of the Hoverboard not working correctly

Common problem is that sometimes the hoverboard’s one side is not working. This problem arises due to a faulty gyroscope and can be corrected by replacing the gyroscope.

Calibrate the jetson strike hoverboard.

The Jetson Strike hoverboard is a device launched by the Jetson Company. Its maximum speed is up to 9mph covering a maximum of up to 10 miles. You can climb using it up to 15 degrees and its weight is up to 16lbs. Its battery gives you a maximum of 3 hours of entertainment and it is recommended for the age group 12 years and more. This device starts beeping once the maximum speed is reached. This beeping is a warning to slow your speed. This device also beeps rather if the battery is discharged or it needs calibration. The smooth running of the device needs timely calibration of your hoverboard.

To recalibrate your Strike hoverboard, follow the following steps:

  • turn your hoverboard off by pressing the OFF/ON button
  • To ensure both sides of the hoverboard are balanced, place it on the smooth surface
  • Press and hold the power button for up to 3 seconds so that the light begins to flash
  • Repeat steps up to 3 times until your hoverboard is not set or calibrated

The Jetson Strike hoverboard is not Bluetooth enabled at this time, so you do not need to worry about its Bluetooth calibration.

Hoverboard beeping and not moving

There are different reasons why your hoverboard beeps.

Hoverboard beeps while charging

When your hoverboard’s battery level is up to 20% its green light blinks. When your battery level is extremely low (less than 5%), it starts beeping. In this situation do not ride the hoverboard.

The hoverboard is not turning OFF and keeps beeping

This problem arises due to a faulty motherboard. You should invest a hoverboard kit online or bring it to repair. Keep in mind to match the new motherboard to yours otherwise, it causes a problem. You can do this by noticing the color of your hoverboard.

There are several reasons your hoverboard is not moving

Sometimes your hoverboard is ON but it does not move. This problem usually arises due to a faulty gyroscope that resides on both sides of the hoverboard.

When hoverboard light stays ON one side, it means the gyroscope of that side is faulty. There is no way to repair the gyroscope but you can replace it with a new one.

Otherwise when Hoverboard all lights stay ON but the hoverboard does not move is maybe both side gyroscope is not working. Hence the light remains ON but does not moves a bit.

When to calibrate a Hoverboard

The multiple signs that let you know that your hoverboard requires calibration.

Unusual Shaking

If you feel that when you are standing on the hoverboard and you feel that your hoverboard is shaking unusually. This unusual shaking is frequent and happens again and again this means that the hoverboard needs calibration of the hoverboard.

The Vibration

The next sign is the vibration. This is the second important signal that your hoverboard requires calibration. So that if you feel it again and again it’s better to go for the option of the calibration.

Incorrect Movement

If your hoverboard is continuously performing incorrect movements. It means this is a serious issue. If this issue is happening continuously. It means that the hoverboard is in dire need of maintenance. Before consulting a professional you can try the choice of the calibration. 

Sterling Is Not Appropriate

If the hoverboard is not sterling properly. And if this happens again and again. Like if you try to steer the hoverboard in the direction of the left side it changes its direction and moves towards the right side or does not move at all or continues to move in the straight direction. This problem can be resolved by calibrating the hoverboard.

Foot Pedal Position

The foot is being placed on the foot pedal. The moment of the foot provides the direction to the hoverboard. This direction can be of different types. This may be that you want to move forward or backward and with what specific speed. If the foot pedal position is not straight it means that the hoverboard will not be able to understand the instruction fully. Once you will get rid of this position of the foot pedal you can easily move the hoverboard in the right way and in the right direction. 

In this type of situation, the calibration of the hoverboard is a good option. This option may work for you and you can be able to correct the error of your hoverboard.


We have tried to help you in solving all your problems related to hoverboards. We hope it will be helpful for you. If you are still facing calibrating issues in hoverboards, feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to assist you.
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