Best Skateboard Brands

Some products are powerful enough that they become independent of time and space. At least for some time, the skateboard is also the same type of product. If we try to figure out the brands of the best skateboard in 2021. Things will become really difficult. Because there are many categories. These categories may be best skateboard brands for beginners, best longboard skateboard brands, best electric skateboard brands, best cruiser skateboard brands, best quality skateboard brands, best complete skateboard brands, best truck skateboard brands, best skateboard brands for the street.

First I was thinking about writing about the top 5 best skateboard brands in each category but this will certainly increase the burden of our readers. Moreover, this certainly contains overloaded information for a single article. This is the reason that we have decided to take it as a more generic article. The rest of the topics will be covered by us in an upcoming article series about the best skateboard brands in 2021. We are trying to finalize a panel of writers. This is necessary to provide you with the best information. As soon as we will finalize the panel in the new series. Till then read this article and enjoy the terms of information provided in this. 

Top Skateboard Brands

Your segregation may be different from us but if we leave the numbering. In the top ten list the members are more or less the same. So let’s start it. 

The Flip

Actually originated in the United Kingdom. But now it is operating from California. Both of the founders were from the UK. This was started in 1991. But the founders think that the original zeal of the skateboard industry is present in the United States of America. This is a reason that they would therefore be free from the United Kingdom to California. 

This form provides 15 different models to satisfy the needs of different groups of customers. The majority of the products are made with the 7 wood ply maple and some of those have the extra coating of fabric on them. 

 The Chocolate 

Made for the girl’s heels. Made in 1994 this is known for the beautiful graphics printed on the board. Even customized boards as per your choice are also made by this brand. This brand’s product can easily be identified with the chocolate heart logo.

 Almost Skateboards  

This is the firm that is made by professionals. These are two guys named Rodney Mullen and the Daewon Song. Both of these laid the foundation of this company in 2003. As soon as this firm came into being. Till the beginning, this brand is continuously striving for Fun. Truly speaking this brand is made to provide the users with endless fun. So if you are a fun seeking guy then this brand is food to you.

Editor’s Pick

METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners,31 x 8 Complete Standard Skate Boards for Girls Boys, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Skateboard for Kids Youth Teens Adults

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

METROLLER Skateboards are an ideal choice for beginners, with a 31 x 8 inch 7-layer Canadian maple double kick concave design, making it perfect for boys, girls, kids, youth, and adults. The skateboard is a complete standard skateboard that comes with all the necessary components, making it easy to set up and start skating right away.


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 Santa Cruz Skateboards 

A number of legends have been attached to this brand even from the beginning. This brand was established in 1973. This makes it the oldest skateboard brand still operating in the market. The first legend attached with the brand was the artist who designed the logo for this brand. This brand has a really very attractive logo. The logo is the screaming hand. This screaming hand is designed by Jim Phillips. And how it is possible that someone can forget the name of a legendary artist like Jim Phillips. 

Santa Cruz made Skateboards, cruiser boards and skateboards all of these three are of the highest professional level. One of the reasons behind this product is the raw material. All of the boards made by Santa Cruz are actually made with maple that is 100% North American. Highly professional 16 individuals that are stars. The good thing is that all of these are associated with this brand. This is one of the reasons due to which this brand made highly professional products for the players to enjoy and ride on.

This brand is from California and NHS, Inc is working as the distributors with this product. 

 Blind Skateboards 

This brand is also established by the professional skateboard rider. The person who is known as the founder of this brand is skateboarder Mark Gonzales. From the early days of its creation that were actually in 1989. This brand gate popularity among serious and professional skateboard users. The graphics made on these skateboards are really very attractive. This is the reason that is actually popular. In the very beginning that was 1991, the brand has started to distinguish itself from the other counterpart skateboards available in the market. It did so by producing the videos. The first video appeared in 1999 and it was made by Spike Jones. A number of professionals are included in the team of blind skateboards. All of these are fully committed. 

Creature SkateboardsnDarren Navarrette, Russ Pope, Barket Barrett, and Jason Adams are the names responsible for this brand. All of these are fully professional and committed skateboarders. The year was 1994 when this company was being made. The popularity of this company increased in the middle of 2000 when the firm revived itself. The reason which became the identity of this brand is the horror associated with themes printed on the skateboards.

A number of great professionals are associated with bread; the most famous ones are David Gravette, Al Partanen, Cory Juneau, and Chris Russell.

 Zero Skateboards 

Many skateboard companies have actually come out of California. Some of those really made their mark. Zero skateboards are one of them. This is one of the most reputed American companies doing business right now. The Identity of this board is its logo and this logo is a skull. 

You can choose the skateboards from the collection that has been made by the firm. If you do not like the collection of the graphics made by the firm then you can try them on. Yes, this is true that this brand provides you the facility to customize your skateboard.

We have tried our best to introduce the general skateboards. For more concise information do visit the website again and again. Every time you will get new information.

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