Best Scooter For 5 Year Old Reviews 2022

With summer lurking at the corner again, every parent wants their kid to have fun under the sun and enjoy the weathers breeze. At the same time, their kid stays protected and safeofcource. So what is that perfect outdoor toy that is the safest, most fun, and loved by every kid in the neighborhood? You have guessed it, a scooter.  

Scooter for kids are not only the safest way to stroll around the neighborhood; it is the perfect exercise for your child as well. Scooters required very little training to learn, and once your child is used to its control, their imagination is the limit. 

The best thing is that scooters are for boys and girls; this sport is open to all genders. There are some specific scooters with girly designs on them to make them appealing to more girls. Similarly, some scooters are designed specifically for boys with fires and symbols. But simple unisex scooters exist as well, with simple, minimalistic designs.   

Scooters are simple, sporty, no learning curve (way easier than a bicycle), cool, stylish, and perfect for a five-year-old, so whats there not to be loved about them. With the design changes over the years, the scooters have become safer, durable, and more comfortable to ride.  

But wait:  

Which type of scooter is the perfect scooter for your 5 year old? Is it the one with two wheels, or should I get him the one with three wheels? Is a stunt scooter even for a five-year-old? 

There is no need to worry… 

To answer your queries, we have created a conclusive buyers guide covering everything a parent needs to know before getting a scooter for their kid. Just read on, and by the next five minutes, and you will learn everything about a scooter and whats the best scooter for your five-year-old. 

Buyer’s Guide: 

To start choosing a scooter for your kid, you need to know the types of scooters there are in the market. So without further ado, lets scoot in.  

Types of Scooters 

Since the early days of scooters, they have come a very long way. Before then, when scooting was not considered an actual sport, the parts were poorly built, hand made with no care to construction, and there was no proper attention given to the design. The design was the same for every size, a handle attached with two wheels with a plank to stand on.  

Nowadays, they are sleek, specifically built devices designed to optimize fun and style.  Really, they still serve the same purpose, give kids of all ages a safe physical exercise to love. Its just that now these scooters have gotten much better 

Scooters have been evolved into seven major types:  

types of scooters for kids

1. Three Wheel Scooter  

This is the best scooter for girls and boys under five years of age. Many three-wheel scooters have one single wheel for a better balance on the rear and twin wheels on the front. At the price of some little speed, they bring better stability. With three wheels scooter, your child doesn’t need to worry about balancing the scooter. They only need to push with their feet. 

Because they are easy to stare and control, they are hit among toddlers and younger children. Micro Scooter is the leading brand for three-wheel scooters.  

2. Two Wheel Scooters  

As the name represents, this is a scooter with two wheels. They are usually the best scooter for 5 years old or older with a good sense of equilibrium. They can hit higher speeds and can load up more weight. They also consist of longer-lasting materials like metal. There is not a particular age for these two wheels scooters. 

Two-wheel scooters are a standard, and all the other types are just the upgraded form of this scooter to make it better in certain conditions.  

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3. Pro Scooters 

Pro- scooters are technically a special two-wheeled scooter type, often referred to as stunt scooters or trick scooters. They are generally made of better, sturdy material and have been built for stunting or tricks. These are maybe doing a spin midair or rotating your handle in unique ways.  

A pro scooter’s key feature is the large ‘T-bar’ handlebars. These increase traction on the skatepark ramps, allowing the rider to make different tricks and reversals.  

Getting a pro scooter doesn’t depend on age as much as it depends on the skills. There are pro scooters for 5 year old for both boys and girls. If your child is passionate about scootering and has a group of friends “into” scooting, a pro scooter is almost definitely what they need. 

4. Electric Scooter 

Electric Scooter has a rectangular battery that powers the electric motor which is basically the engine of the scooter. Electric scooter has more weight than a kick scooter because of all the extra electronics. They also have thicker wheels for extra stability. Their heavier weights make them more sturdy 

Electric scooters don’t require a child to push it; it runs all by itself. This is perfect for children with a health condition that prevent them from doing excessive physical activity, such as asthma or a heart condition. They come for ages; there are electric scooters for 5 years old and even for adults.  

5. Off-Road Scooter 

If your kid doesn’t like to stay on the ground and wants to experience riding their bike in different terrains or live in an area where the roads are bumpy and rough terrains, then an off-road scooter is perfect for them.  

Off-road scooters have big rubbery tires. This makes it easier for them to scoot over rugged terrains, such as grass and gravel. Such professional scooters are less popular and are usually not acceptable for stunt riding. This is the best scooter for girls and boys if you live in rusty terrain or often go camping.

6. Caster (or carve) scooter 

This unique scooter comes in both two-wheel and three-wheel variants.  

Two wheels: this variant looks like a simple bike with a paddle-type mechanism on the back of a standing plank. Pushing the paddle up and down continually makes the scooter go forward.  

Three wheels: this variant has two wheels on the back and one on the front. They work with a conventional scooter but in a totally different way. Each of the two rear wheels is divided by a floor plane. The rider performs a similar move action to that of a skier; that is, he moves his bodyweight side by side. 

Some children like this scooter, and it’s fun to ride it, but it has a learning curve. With proper instruction, it can be a scooter for 5 years old.

7. Custom Scooters 

A custom scooter is precisely what you will expect from a Pro Scooter, except that a Custom scooter is entirely built from individually selected aftermarket parts, chosen by you yourself. The color options with a custom Scooter are, therefore is infinite.  

The other advantage of a customized scooter is the general strength, durability, and lightness of aftermarket components, and not a single part is cheaper out. With intermediate and advanced riders, this makes personalized scooters extremely popular.  

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This is a DIY project, but a child will feel proud of riding a scooter build by his/her own parents from scratch. 

Scooter Parts and Their Features 


Scooter wheels vary by surface type and other factors. Wheels play a major role in the performance of your scooter; using the right wheels can make a real difference in the performance of the scooter. Bigger rollers have more stability but require more pushingand small rollers have less stability but required less pushing and reach high speed very quickly. 


Today’s scooters can be folded and packed in the trunk of cars or even in aircraft overhead containers pretty easily.  The folding of a scooter only decreases the scooter’s vertical height; its horizontal length remains the same. But, some scooters can be folded to the extreme, making them horizontally short as well.  

Some pro scooters and the best electric scooters don’t fold at all.  


In most scooters, a T-shaped handlebar is used for steering and controlling the scooter. But in some scooters, mostly in caster scooters, steering is done by leaning side to side. This is a bit insecure, but if you practice, then this is a lot of fun.  

Age/weight range 

The weight standards that scooters carry are not checked and agreed upon by any authority, but most scooters are classified as by the child’s age. A kick scooter is designed to carry a good amount of weight on average, about 220LB. 

But to be on the safe side, make sure to purchase a scooter that can safely handle your child’s weight and skill levels. 

Now that you are now familiar with scooters’ whole concept let us guide elements to check while trying to get the best scooter for your 5-year-old

Picking the Best Scooter for Your Child 

Picking the right scooter is the most important thing while getting a scooter for a kidYou don’t want to end up with a big scooter that your child has to weigh around a year to start riding. So you should know what elements to keep in mind for you to know for sure that this scooter is perfect for your kid 

We have compiled all the things you need to worry about, so read on to find out: 


Scooters are available in all sizes and dimensions. Some scooters are snappier and require more coordination. It could lead to injuries if a child drives a scooter until they are able. 

So, it’s not always about paying more to get extra features. You need to spend on something that your child will be able to ride.  


A scooter must be able to support the weight of a rider in order to be safe. A kid who is too heavy to push the scooter will end up damaging it and might end up injured. So always check in the description of the item how much weight it supports. As mentioned above, a good quality scooter’s average at 220LB. 


Always consider price as a factor as well; you don’t want to overspend on an item and end up regretting it. Find the best deal that you think is perfect for your kid and is emptying your wallet as well. You can find really great deals on scooters online and on Amazon as well.  

If something new is not fitting the budget, you can get used scooters as well. There is nothing wrong with getting used items. It will help save more cash, but your child will not even know it is used if you don’t tell him.   


A smooth, easy ride is a key element of what makes a scooter enjoyable, particularly for older children. A stunt scooter is ideal for kids, but simple scooters can be fun for some kids. If you really want to go out of the box, then three-wheel caster scooters are fun and enjoyable. 

Ease of Use 

Different characteristics may be more important to you depending on where your child is riding. For example, you may want to choose a scooter that folds to make it easier to store and transport if you carry your child’s scooters in the car or on a ride. On the other hand, those who are looking for a ride without muscle strength should opt for an electric scooter. 

If you want your child to ride it in a park, on grass, or somewhere with rough terrain, then off-road scooters suits you the best.  


Although your kid’s feet are close to the ground when riding a scooter, they still must wear a helmet on their rides. A helmet will minimize the severity of a head injury in a collision. Also, wearing knee and elbow pads will help to save your kid from injuries as well. 

Our Top Picks 


1. New Neon Flash Kids Scooter 

Check Prices On Amazon4.1 (9)

2. Jetson Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter

Check Prices On Amazon4.5(8)

3. Micro Kickboard Micro Mini Scooter 

Check Prices On Amazon4.1 (9)

4. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter 

Check Prices On Amazon4.1 (4)

5. Mongoose Expo Scooter 

Check Prices On Amazon4.1 (9)

Now the time has arrived, now that you know everything there is to learn about scooters, it’s time to show you our top picks for the best scooter for 5 years oldSo, without further ado, let’s start our list:

1. New Neon Flash Kids Scooter 


This looks like a scooter for a girl at first glance, but the company says that it’s unisex, making it an excellent scooter for a boy as well. Some of its essential specifications include: 

Recommended Ages: 5+ 

Weight Limit: 154 lbs 

Ease of Use 

This Neon Flash kids scooter is the best scooter for girls and boys. When it’s moving, the wheels light up, and the deck even has a neon green light that highlights your child everywhere he goes. It is a kick scooter, no need to worry about batteries.  

This scooter can holds weight up to 154 pounds. Its handles can also be modified in various heights according to your child’s size. 


The neon flash starts to glow the moment you start moving, but these lights are not very long-lasting. Furthermore, the chase and the build is strong enough to be standing for a few years—so no need to worry about replacement. Its breaks are the key feature here; it is a rear brake and, when pushed, immediately stops the scooter, keeping your child secured at all times.  

There is also a slip-free deck for strong riding grip. This also provides great handling giving your child complete control over the scooter.  

Additional Features 

The Neon Flash children’s scooter is not completely mounted when it arrives but features a guide to help you get the job done. It has two polyurethane wheels, which make them longlasting and stable on the track. The wheels are large enough to provide an excellent ride on rough terrains. 


This scooter offers a lot of features in its price range that its surprising. Its light, has great control, and a durable build that is meant to be kept in the house for years. It is perfect for any five years old.

  • Rear emergency brakes
  • Very durable build
  • Very lightweight
  • Motion-powered lights
  • Adjustable Height
  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled
  • Missing a kickstand

2. Jetson Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter




This gorgeous-looking scooter caught our eyes the moment we saw its ad. With its 100 lights and purple glow, this is a perfect scooter for a girlBoys can also use this scooter, but its design makes it prominent that it was built considering a girl. Let’s look at its simple specifications: 

Recommended Ages: 4+ 

Weight Limit: 140 lbs 

Ease of Use 

This is the best scooter for 5-year-old girlsIt’s built of an extra durability solid frame. The adjustable handles are amazing as they can be adjusted as your child grows. Your kids will love the foam grip on the handle, which ensures a secure and comfortable grip. The scooter is easy to carry and transport because of the lightweight plastic and steel frame. 

Its unique purple color and lights make it so catchy and aesthetically pleasing. The only downside is that the light required AA batteries to power up.  


It has extra-large wheels to give comfortable rides and extra stability. This would make it easier for your child to travel over uneven surfaces. Thanks to its excellent built quality, the scooter avoids heavy damages, so you don’t have to think about its replacement—except for the wheels that seem to tear way faster than any other component of the scooter.  

This scooter uses a springless impact absorber, metallic layers to give a comfortable ride even on bumpy floors. Your rear- brake is strong enough to stop the scooter exactly when it is pressed. 

Additional Features 

This scooter quickly slips into little space when it comes to storage.  It needs no mounting, which saves you much time. 


The lightweight Jetson Jupiter scooter is incredibly compact. The handlebar is easy to change and is made for kids. The wide wheels and the metal rollers make it a perfect scooter that reaches the humpy roads. These things make it the best scooter for 5-year-old girls.

  • Folds easily and can be stored away
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Comfortable on bumpy terrain
  • Does not require assembling
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • The wheels wear out over time

3. Micro Kickboard Micro Mini Scooter 



The Micro Kickboard Mini scooter provides a fast, fun, and adventurous lean-to-steer feature that makes it the perfect scooter for a kid from age 2 to 5. The balance provided by the three wheels in tandem with the low deck provides your child with support as they learn to ride. 

Recommended Ages: 2-5 years 

Weight Limit: 110 lbs 

Ease of Use 

With its low deck and healthy steering, the Micro Kickboard Mini is one of the best scooters for 5 years old and younger – although the handle bear seems a little bit big for a young child, this is no mistake. It is done to provide extra grip while learning to turn. 

This scooter can be used both inside and outside because of its double-duty wheels. This is extremely beneficial for your kid, so they can learn to scoot in your home comfortably. The T-bar handlebars and two massive front wheels help us with stability and a smooth driving. 


This scooter is fitted with three wheels and an extra-wide deck for your kid. The scooter’s deck is mounted on the ground to make getting on and off the scooter easier. The wheels are also of high quality and have a flexible fiberglass deck, which allows a smooth and quiet ride on the sidewalk.  

As your child leans right and left to drive this scooter with his body weight, he is well balanced, and the ride is enjoyable. Scooters can be stopped using the rear brakes. 

Additional Features 

The Micro Kickboard Mini scooter comes in various exciting colors so that your range is not restricted. It is incredibly compact and easy to move and carry.  


Thanks to its low deck and steering system, the Micro Kickboard Mini scooter is ideal for firsttime passengers. Your child will even learn to ride while in the house with unmarked wheels. This is also one of the best 3 wheel scooters for kids because of its lean steering features. 

  • the best scooter for girls and boys under the age of five
  • Lightweight
  • Very Durable
  • Can be ridden both outdoors and indoors
  • Strong rear breaks for safety
  • The handlebars are a little high

4. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter 


With a top speed of 10 miles per hour, this scooter is perfect for kids who want to ride the breeze. Its fast speed and design beat every motorized scooter in the lineup.  

Recommended Ages: 5+ 

Weight Limit: 120 lbs 

Ease of Use 

The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is one of the most thrilling scooter choices on our list and runs between charges for 40 minutes. The top speed of 10-mile per hour feels very fast and very enjoyable, and it is not too fast that it gets dangerous. Kids can control it’s speed thanks to the twistgrip throttle and hand-operated brake.  gortax-scooter-with-light

 It came assembled, but the scooter must be charged for around 10 hours before initial use.  


Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is very receptive and quickly reaches the top speed when the throttle is fully pushed. Although the top speed doesn’t smash records, children at any age under parental supervision can enjoy the sense of there roaring. When in use, the scooter is often incredibly silent. The main downside of the scooter is that the battery only lasts between charges for about 40 minutes. 

Additional Features 

The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter has several additional features. The blues LED is the line that gives the scooter deck a fantastic appearance and makes it safe for riders to see even in low light. The has a spring-loaded retractable stand, which makes it easy to get on and off.  


It has everything that a kid could wish for; Its great design makes it very pleasing. The experience that this thing gives cannot be felt by other scooters. 

  • Great Motorized Engine 
  • Luminated LEDs 
  • Easy-to-use twist throttle  
  • Heavyweight makes it easier to balance
  • Only 40 minutes of battery life between charges

5. Mongoose Expo Scooter 


The 12-inch inflated hydraulic Mongoose Expo scooter is suitable for both smooth and bumpy surfaces. Its breaks are just like that of a bike; they are hand-operated to ensure easy safety stopping. The tubular shape and the axle mounts to each wheel, making this the perfect scooter for stunts and tricks. Recommended Ages: 5+ years 

Weight Limit: 220 lbs 

Ease of Use 

The Mongoose Expo scooter features 12-inch hydraulic tires, which guarantee perfect rides even on rough ground. The bigfoot deck provides a sound and safe ride for your kids. Its steering mechanism makes maneuvering quick and relaxed and can reach incredible speeds with efficient kicking 


What about a scooter that can render stunts and tricks for your child? Both the front and rear wheels have axle pins for stunting performances. Its tube shape makes it a stylish scooter for stunts.  

Thanks to the brakes on the handlebar that are quick to initiate, you don’t have to think about safety with this scooter. There is no longer any difficulty on sidewalks because of the dense air-filled tires. The performance is great on both even and uneven grounds.  Mongoose-Trace-180-Adult-Kick-Scooter

Additional Features 

The Mongoose Expo’s scooter is not folding; nevertheless, it is the perfect size for bike parking. The scooter can be used for a long time, and its overall weight carrying capacity is 220 pounds. It has been designed for reliability and great performance using quality materials. Both kids and adults can use it with an equal level of performance. It has the best off-road travel in all of this lineup. It’s not pre-assembled, but it has proper instructions to assemble it.  


It has axle fittings, a BMX handlebar, and handbrakes to make this a perfect scooter for stunts and tricks. Its simple control also makes this the best scooter for a 5-year-old. Its deck is steady, and its dense air-filled pneumatics makes this the best way to go across hully land. 

  • Wide foot deck 
  • Stylish design 
  • Hand brakes for more excellent safety  
  • Very durable and fast design 
  • Axle pings for stunt performance 
  • Does not come assembled 


Finding a perfect scooter for a 5-year-old is a tedious task; there is a lot of things to be worried about. Child protection, the scooter should be easy to use, and it should be durable. The list of the scooter we presented has all the information you as a parent need to get your child the perfect scooter he deserves.  

The best scooter for girls and boys is the one they feel comfortable spending their time in; your kid’s scooter should be perfect. Remember that this will be their childhood memory. Once you have selected the ideal fit for your child, you will be surprised how quickly he learned to start zapping around the street.  

Don’t forget to teach your child when to apply breaks and how hard the breaks should be applied, and lastly, always wear a helmet and protective gear. Scooters will help your child develop balancing skills, and later in the future, these scooters will be changed with the bicycle.  

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