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Having fun with your newly bought unicycle but getting obsessed with its wheel? Well, that’s a mess. Unlike other similar transportation modes like skateboarding, unicycle totally and solely relies on single wheel, so that has to be of super cool quality. If your unicycle’s wheel is not of good quality or of small width when compared with your weight or usage, it will certainly spoil your enjoyment.

A unicycle is a perfect for losing weight, staying healthy, practice for cycling, and to improve the body posture, etc. Cyclists and motorcyclists spend millions of dollars in purchasing and practicing for winning competition but practicing on a unicycle, certainly is affordable. Since a unicycle runs through the wheel, the wheel must be of good quality and of required width to fulfill your needs. Unicycle wheel is the most pertinent part that keeps the balance and helps the rider to maintain the posture in the right way.

A unicycle’s strength and sustenance is highly associated with the wheel-alignment. Wheel-alignment depends on the usage and quality of the wheel. Those who use unicycles on plain terrain or indoors are less likely to go for wheel-alignment after every six months. Those who use unicycles on rough, grassy or mountain terrain have to go for wheel-alignment more frequently. Thus it all depends on your usage, and the type of surface on which you are running your unicycle.

Wheel-balancing of unicycles is not self-controlled instead the rider has to control its movements and align the journey the way he wants. The rider has to practice a lot before taking his unicycle to the rough area or in the traffic region.

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Careful usage and care of unicycles prolong the age of different parts of unicycles most importantly the wheel. That is the reason, we recommend using your unicycles very vigilantly and according to their parts’ feasibility so that you may be able to enjoy the benefits of unicycles in the long-run.

For elongation of the age of your unicycles and the maintenance of wheels, here are some key tips that we have covered.

Unicycle wheel-care tips

There is no denying the fact that unicycles’ balance and control solely relies on the wheels on which they are running. Though, there are different sizes and width of the wheels available in the market and you can go for the suitable one as per your requirement but here are some usage tips which can prolong the life of wheels of your unicycles:

  • Use the unicycle on a plain surface in the start instead using it on a rough terrain.
  • Go for wheel-alignment every fourth month ideally but if you are using your unicycle a lot then you must get your wheels aligned sooner than 4 months.
  • Always inspect and check the match of wheels with rims. Rims are the companions with which the wheels find the support and they can run for longer. So do check the compatibility of rims with the wheels.
  • Ride your unicycle on the surface which suits it. For example, 26-30inch wheel unicycle is suitable for mountain riding or rough riding so you can easily run that unicycle on rough, grassy or mountain terrain. You cannot use a wheel with below 20inch width on a rough terrain so always take due care of the compatibility of terrain before starting your journey.
  • Bear one thing in mind that safety is the most important factor in riding a unicycle. If you are a beginner then we especially recommend to carry and use safety stuff including helmets, hand gloves and knee caps, etc.

Types and sizes of unicycles’ wheels

There are different types and sizes of wheels that are available in unicycles. These different unicycles are used for different terrains but you need to check the compatibility of wheels and their widths before starting your journey on the road.

  • 16–20-inch width of wheels in unicycles are among the basic unicycles that are recommended for the newbies. The unicycles with this width can be used on soft and plain terrain.
  • 20–25-inch width of wheels in unicycles are suitable for running through rough and grassy terrain. These types of unicycles are recommended to be used by the medium and high-level experts.
  • Unicycles’ wheels with more than 25 inches are suitable to be used by the experts on mountain or rocky terrains. We advise you to ride such unicycles wheels only if you are an expert in riding unicycles.

This is true that unicycles can be balanced through wheels and rims only so the rider has to play smart while controlling them. Unlike electric scooters, there is no self-balancing feature in a unicycle, therefore, the riders must ride the type of unicycle that suits them instead of using an elite or higher-level of unicycles without any prior experience.

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Which is the best one?

AW 16in Wheel Unicycle

With the average width of about 16-inches, this unicycle comes in different bright colors which will certainly blow the minds of your kids. No matter if you are beginner or an intermediate expert of riding unicycles, this unicycle is the perfect companion for you. The weight of the unicycle is very light, so use it or carry it along with you while travelling outside.

The wheels of the unicycle are made up of steel and alloy in some cases accompanied by sound rims. With extensively good quality of body parts of this unicycle, you need not to go for wheel-alignment or wheel-inflation for up-to 3 months.

Torker Unistar Unicycle

Are you a professional unicycle rider and thinking of changing your unicycle? Here comes the optimum option for you. Durable and adjustable seat helps you to settle your sitting according to your height and comfort. The alloy wheels of the unicycles are made up of good quality material and run for longer period of time.

This unicycle is available in different colors and three sizes. So, if you are planning to purchase a unicycle for your kids, your siblings or for your own riding, pick the size that suits you well.

Diamondback CX Wheel Unicycle

If you are beginner in riding a unicycle, we recommend using this unicycle. Equipped with adjustable seat, lightweight and solid frame, this unicycle has wheels ranging from 16-20-inches. The pedals may be made up of plastic so beware while using them but all in all, this unicycle is the best option for you to take a start.

Don’t use this unicycle on grassy or rough terrain. It is suitable for plain surface.


Should I purchase a unicycle online or by visiting the store?

Since online shopping is in vogue these days to save time and money because many things are now available with amazing online discount offers, that is your will to purchase a unicycle as per your will. There are many authentic websites and online stores like Alibaba and Amazon which have high-quality and reasonable unicycles, you can check these websites or you can directly buy them from company’s websites. Many companies offer money-back warranty and you can save your time in this way. But if you live nearby the central market area, it is always better to buy them by visiting the stores.

Which unicycle wheel width is suitable for an intermediate expert of riding unicycle?

Unicycles with wheels’ width ranging between 20-25inches are suitable for those riders who have intermediate experience of riding unicycles. There are many good companies which are selling unicycles but it is always advised to check online reviews of customers before buying a unicycle for you.

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