Knee Scooter Walker for Broken Leg


If you have recently undergone a foot or ankle surgery or have sustained an injury that requires you to be non-weight bearing, then you might be familiar with the struggles of using crutches. Not only can crutches be painful, but they can also be difficult to navigate, especially if you have stairs in your home or office. Fortunately, there is an alternative to crutches that can make your recovery process a lot easier: the knee scooter walker. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to knee scooter walkers, including their benefits, types, and how to use them.

For those who have one leg or have broken one leg, we have compiled sound information which will certainly make traveling easier for them. Leg scooters or knee-scooters are specifically meant for those who don’t have two legs working in the proper way. People who can’t walk properly or have issues with their both legs, always look for some better option to make their walking and traveling easier.

Normally, those with broken legs or those who are knee walkers, use crutches, walkers and wheelchairs, etc. These mobility ornaments allow them to move freely but have some limitations. That is the reason, leg scooters are becoming common among knee walkers. Leg scooters are easy to use, and most of the designs are foldable so if you are traveling with a knee walker, you can carry along these transportation commutes for any knee walker.

If you got your leg injured or have got some surgery on one of your legs, your leg might need rest but what about going somewhere for work or even to visit your doctor? Certainly, you won’t be looking for someone every time to take you somewhere. To give you ease and provide freedom of movement, broken-leg scooters have been introduced. These scooters provide you not only ease of movement but also provide much-needed comfort for your broken or injured leg. You can also use them if you have got your knee hurt and your doctor has prescribed you rest besides taking medicines.

Numerous key benefits of Knee Scooter Walker

Knee Scooter Walker for Broken Leg

You cannot drive your car or even use any public transportation means for going somewhere with your broken leg. But you don’t need to worry much in this regard. If your leg is broken or your knee is injured and you can’t walk, you can use leg scooters which will be perfect for your daily commute.

If you haven’t used leg scooters before then you might be worried about their usage. You might be searching for suitable tools that you can use to walk at least to do your daily tasks. We have compiled sound information regarding the usage and compatibility of leg scooters.

If you have got your leg broken or cannot walk properly, you will not be able to use normal electric scooters. For your ease of commute and travel using your personal commute, broken leg scooters have been developed. By using crutches or wheelchairs, you might be experiencing issues while walking.

If you are getting fed up with using wheelchairs or crutches, we have compiled this article for your help. For those who face issues with walking with two legs, have recently got surgery in one leg or feel pain in one leg to walk normally with both of your legs, you can use broken leg scooters.


Knee Scooter Walker has a lot of benefits that you can enjoy while using broken leg scooters.


  • You can go freely by using the broken-leg scooters. Put your leg on the leg pad and just start the scooter, it will take you anywhere you want.
  • Broken-leg scooters have three legs which allow the rider to ride freely and move anywhere.
  • Broken-leg scooters are easy to operate and foldable. If you are traveling with someone who has recently got his leg surgery or got his leg broken, you can fold the broken leg scooter and fold it to take it with you while traveling.
  • Broken-leg scooters are backed by electric energy and you can use them after charging them.
  • It is very easy to stop the scooters. There are speed brakes installed on both sides of scooters and you can easily apply the brakes if the speed goes high or if you want to stop somewhere.


Editor’s Pick

Drive Medical 796 Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket, Knee Scooter

Drive Medical’s knee scooter with basket provides a more reliable and comfortable alternative to crutches for patients needing an effective mobility solution. The knee walker can be steered and maneuvered easily and is equipped with a deluxe braking system which provides you with extra safety. The knee scooter comes with a removable front basket and is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot. Do not operate on inclines above 15 degrees, slight inclines or on loose gravel or uneven surfaces. Do not travel over drops or barriers such as curbs or parking stops. The 8-inch casters make it ideal for indoor/outdoor usage. The leg scooter is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime warranty on brake cable by Drive Medical so you can purchase with confidence.

Short-comings of using knee walkers

Knee Scooter Walker for Broken Leg

Apart from a lot of benefits, there are a lot of cons that knee walkers have and you need to know them too while buying one for you or for someone else:


  • Knee walkers cannot be used on stairs. You can fall down stairs if you want to move forward by using these scooters.
  • Compared with other knee-walking scooters like wheelchairs and crutches, etc. buying a knee walker can cost you much higher than of other means.
  • There are no insurance coverages to back your purchase of knee walkers.


Here are some key benefits that you can attain through leg scooters if you are willing to use one:


  • leg scooters are considered among the modern crutch substitute and can be your companion in case you need rest for your leg or knee. These scooters are stable, easy to use, and very lightweight to be carried along anywhere.
  • Leg scooters are light e weight and you can easily fold them to carry with you anywhere you want.
  • They are simple in design and very easy to clean. So, don’t worry if you have used your leg scooter in bad weather conditions, in dust or grassy terrain during your leg or knee rest, you can easily wash them, fold them and use them again if needed.
  • There are very simple functions in leg scooters. You need no prior expertise to use them. Their control and balance are automatically controlled by the artificial intelligence features inside the scooters. You just need to push the start button and your journey will be started.
  • Unlike other scooters, leg scooters are all-terrain supportive. You can take your scooter anywhere and in any terrain without any fear of being fallen. The wheels of the scooter have automatic alignment functions and you can easily control them or frame a direction for them, they will lead you the way you want.



Best leg scooters

Finding out the best leg scooter is a tough job. There are so many companies manufacturing leg scooters that one can get easily confused among them pick and choose between them. Nobody would have the time to search and find the best leg scooter for their usage as per their requirements. For your ease, we have compiled a brief list of leg scooters that are the best in quality and features.


  • Swivelmate Knee Walker

A real freedom for all those knee walkers who really want to move ahead without any support, the Swivelmate knee walker is the ultimate solution for them. With this personal commute, don’t worry of your free movements because this knee walker will take you on a smooth ride and you will also be able to turn around by a 90-degree angle.

Keeping in view the ease of usage and the traveling with, this broken leg scooter enables you to take it with you anywhere you want by folding it easily. The wheels attached with it, are strong and flexible enough to take you everywhere and you can use it on all terrains.

The strong wheels of this commute are equally usable for indoors and outdoors. You can easily park it where you want and you don’t have to jumble between the right and left sides for pressing the brakes, because this leg-broken scooter has brakes on both sides and you can use whichever you want.

  • Free Spirit Steerable Knee Walker

Tired of the same archaic-styled knee walker and want to have something more to commute freely and more comfortably? If yes, try free spirit, you will love it. With a foldable body and simple design, you can travel anywhere and stop anywhere by pressing the dual-side brake which work equally well on both rights and left sides.

The body of free spirit knee walker is specifically designed to provide more comfort to the leg broken people. Keeping in view the needs of knee walkers, a knee pad has been developed for providing comfort to them while walking. If you feel tired, you can stop anywhere by pressing the brakes from any side either the right or left handle.

  • Automate All-Terrain Knee Scooter

If you have got your leg broken or got recently some surgery in one of your legs, this knee scooter is all that you need. A tightly packed seat and strong tires, allow you to move in an aligned way.

You can travel very easily by using this knee scooter. This knee scooter is suitable to be used for all kinds of terrains whether grassy, rocky or plain. Another useful feature that this leg scooter has is that there is a lockable hand brake facility which you can press while standing somewhere or doing any task.

We hope that we have answered all your concerns regarding broken-leg scooters. You can buy a leg scooter for satisfying your walk and liberty to move anywhere you want. Broken leg scooters have a lot of benefits that will provide you comfort and ease of travelling without help of anyone else.


In conclusion, using knee scooter walkers can provide a more comfortable and convenient alternative to crutches for people who have undergone foot or ankle surgery or have sustained an injury that requires them to be non-weight bearing. Knee scooters are easy to use, foldable, and backed by electric energy, which allows individuals to move freely and comfortably while giving their injured leg the rest it needs. However, knee walkers cannot be used on stairs and can be more expensive than other mobility aids such as wheelchairs or crutches. Overall, knee scooter walkers are a useful and practical tool for individuals who require non-weight bearing mobility solutions.


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