The13 Best Cheap Longboards

Looking for the best cheap longboards? You’re at the right place, here you will see longboards prices, reviews, pros & cons, and features.

Longboards are similar to skateboards but as indicated in the name, they are only longer. However, due to their smaller wheel size, construction materials tend to be faster and more convenient to use.

On the streets of almost every neighborhood today, you find people of different age range riding or waiting in line for their turn to ride the longboards.

Though most longboards are expensive, the unending desire of riding on longboards among people inspired some more buoyant people to buy some and lease it out to people. You would have to pay a certain amount for a period of time.

However, you must know that there are cheap longboards. Indeed, you don’t have to break a bank to buy one. So, if you have been patronizing such businesses, it is high time you stopped and bought yours!

In this article, I would be reviewing with you the best cheap longboards, and the things to look out for when purchasing one. Grab a drink and read on!

Reviews of the Best Cheap Longboards

Magneto Bamboo Longboards

As indicated in the name, this Magneto longboard is made from fine bamboo wood. It is 9 inches wide and 38.5 inches long. This size makes it excellent for making tight curves and fun carving at home, on campus, in the neighborhood, or any place of your choice.

Similar to Paris Style trucks, this inexpensive longboard has a 7-inch hanger and a kingpin angle of 50 degrees.

The materials of this board are designed not just for durability and beauty but to give you an ecstatic experience while riding. The bamboo comes in 3 plies and makes the board really flexible while the fiberglass gives an untainted strength and durability to the deck.

After riding some longboards, sometimes, you may experience foot aches or while riding your legs might not be stable. However, with this Magneto longboard, all that story is long gone. It is designed in such a way that it has a shallow concave that gives your feet comfortability and the nicely arched chamber increases the fun and responsivity of the board.

For beginners, this board can curve and cut in the twinkle of an eye so you have to be careful. If you have to go downhill, ensure you tighten the trucks to make it more stable so that you don’t fall.

I’m sure you are amazed at how much benefit you’re getting from this very cheap longboard.

Key Features

  • 3 ply bamboo
  • Concave board
  • Drop through truck design
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy tight turns
  • Fast cuts and carves
  • Wheels and bearings don’t roll for long

VOLADOR Drop Through Freeride Longboard

Looking for the perfect birthday present for your friend or family member? This beautiful VOLADOR longboard would leave a striking impression.

It is made with super quality materials that make it durable and provide a comfortable ride. The drop-through chamber deck measures 42 inches and this gives it a very flexible and shock absorbing feature.

You can conveniently take this longboard on a cruise or for rough and bumpy roads without being afraid of damaging it because of it 8 ply natural hard rock maple and very strong epoxy glue.

The VOLADOR longboard has 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks that are adjustable to 50 or 45 degrees. This adjustable kingpin gives room for great maneuvering.

Experience a smooth ride like no other with this VOLADOR’s 70 X 51mm 78A PU wheels. These wheels work with ABEC-9 precision bearings.

Despite the fact that this is a cheap longboard, it is made with top-notch materials. For example, the trucks are made with real aluminum alloys, chrome steel bearings, carbon steel bolts, and several others like that.

This guarantees you that the manufacturers have you in mind and you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price.

Key Features

  • Adjustable kingpin trucks
  • Shock absorbing feature
  • 8-ply hard maple
  • Can carry as much as 220lbs
  • 34-inch wheelbase and 9-inch width deck
  • Quick cuts and curves
  • Speed racing
  • Suitable for long rides
  • Aesthetic design on top and bottom
  • Trucks don’t tighten well

Kryptonics SpongeBob Complete Longboard

Is your child a fan of the nickelodeon cartoon star SpongeBob? Yaay! This is the perfect time to gift him/her with one of its animated objects.

The Kryptonics SpongeBob is the perfect cheap longboard for beginners. It measures 36 inches in total, 8.75 inches wide, thick and durable 8 ply maple wood deck.

No doubt, this longboard gives you a smooth and easy ride with its 65mm X 40mm poured polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings of carbon steel material.

Though it is designed and named after SpongeBob, the children’s star, it doesn’t mean it is made only for children. It is suitable for all ages 8 and above. It is constructed with 6 inches’ heavy-duty aluminum trucks, riser pads that have a 12mm angle, and soft 88A urethane bushings. These riser pads and heavy-duty aluminum trucks make them suitable for carrying heavier weights and accentuated speed.

As beautiful as it looks, you may be curious to know which material it is made of, actually, it is made of high-quality wood and in combination with all other features that I have discussed, it would definitely last the test of time.

If all these properties at this jaw-opening price would not make you order for this longboard, I don’t know what will!

Key Features

  • Round shaped pintail
  • 88A durometer hardness
  • Wood material
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very inexpensive
  • Awesome arcing turns
  • Suitable for large weights
  • Animation design may peel off quickly

Magneto Hana Pintail Bamboo Longboard

The Hana series is a result of inspiration from the dark sand beaches on the road to Hana in Maul. This particular model is laminated with stained bamboo in an eye-catching design.

The beauty of this Magneto Hana longboard is definitely going to earn you a lot of friends! Asides from its attention-drawing beauty, it has a lot of mind-blowing features for its ridiculous price.

To give you a wide, yet, comfortable riding experience, the deck is about 9.5 inches wide, it has a little “W” curve that allows your leg to sit in comfortably but not too deeply.

Another amazing feature of this pintail longboard is that the truck is mounted in Paris style which gives it a broader platform that you can actually dance on. Yes! I said it right! The trucks are made of kingpin angle of 50 degrees, a 7-inch hanger,s and mildly stiff bushings. These provide stability for the board, therefore, you don’t have to be scared of falling when riding your longboard.

I consider this longboard one of the best cheap longboards, especially for beginners in the skating game.

Cruise and dance elegantly in different riding styles with this inexpensive 42-inch longboard.

Key Features

  • Sand grift finishing
  • Short deck for smaller riders
  • Dancing wheels
  • Well cut wheel
  • Designed to prevent wheel bites.
  • Beautiful design
  • Detailed curve for feet comfort
  • Suitable for multiple riding styles
  • Loose lock nuts

VOLADOR Maple Longboard

Behold another beauty of the VOLADOR brand!

If you have the notion that things that are cheap and attractive do not last long, this VOLODOR longboard is going to prove you wrong!

The truck is made of 100% maple, its drop-through cruiser designed to meet basic requirements for beginners measures 40 inches.

The materials used in constructing this longboard are unbeatably unique and of high quality. Talk of the adjustable 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks that are made with genuine aluminum, (note that they can be reversible as 45 or 50m degrees), the quality 70mm PU wheels that work in conjunction with ABEC-7 precision bearings, the durometer hardness of 80A amongst others.

If you think you are too big and your weight might break a longboard, you are mistaken! In fact, this longboard is built with an 8 ply hard rock maple and strong glue that makes it strong enough for most riders.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and if you are one of those that think that beautiful and cheap things are not of high quality, it is time to give it a second thought.

Place that order right away and amaze yourself with the wonders of this longboard!

Key Features

  • Slight concave for powerful paddling
  • Designed to sustain long hour riding
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for heavy riders
  • Unique design
  • Cost effective
  • Not suitable for many riding tricks

Seething Pintail Longboard

Beginners in the skating game may not be bold or fit enough to go downhill or on rough and bumpy rides. If you are a beginner or want to gift a beginner with a longboard, this 10 inches wide Seething longboard is the best cheap longboard for beginners.

It is designed particularly for cruising. So, you can save yourself some extra dollars and get it since it has the basic beginner requirements.

The deck, made with high-quality Canadian maple, is very durable and sturdy. It is strong enough to carry riders of up to 330lbs thanks to the 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks. Asides from that, it offers a perfect equilibrium between durability and weight.

Its’ full length measures about 42 inches with smooth gliding reverse kingpin trucks that have ABEC precision of 11 bearings. In addition, it comes with a PU cast bushing and a durometer hardness value of 95A.

With this longboard, medium and lightweight riders can perform the slalom freestyle and dance conveniently without losing balance.

It would be unbefitting to talk about this Seething longboard without mentioning how beautiful it is. The beautiful streamline boosts your level of confidence and makes you the spotlight anytime, any day!

Key Features

  • High density waterproof anti-skidding diamond paper
  • Reactive reverse kingpin trucks
  • 9 ply Canadian maple
  • High traction
  • Suitable for large weights
  • Very affordable
  • Already assembled by manufacturer
  • Beginner friendly
  • Cannot allow for multiple riding styles

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard

The JUCKER HAWAII brand is a long operating brand and has received multiple awards. In 2015, the brand was awarded as the most popular international brand for making high-quality and durable boards and their accessories.

This original longboard from the international award-winning brand made it to my inexpensive longboard review because it is below $200.

The freeride cruiser is 40 inches long and its lowered deck keeps the center of gravity closer to the ground. This makes it more stable and comfortable for you to ride on.

Its designs and twin shape give room for riding the MANA in an opposite direction. The mini kicks at the end also allow you to perform some riding tricks.

Whether you are a beginner or professional rider, this JUCKER longboard is just what you need. It is set up for any skill whatsoever and gives you a perfect balance right back!

The deck is 40 inches long and made of top-notch materials. All the accessories that are used in making the longboard are produced singlehandedly by the JUCKER HAWAII brand so you can be guaranteed that they are going to last the test of time.

Enjoy the feel of the breeze and a comfortable cruise with this super HAWAII longboard.

Key Features

  • 78A Cruiser wheels
  • Lowered deck for gravity stability
  • High quality maple material
  • Beginner and professional friendly
  • Worth the price
  • Approved for multiple riding styles
  • Assembled by manufacturer
  • Not so good bearings

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

If you are a lover of speed rides, you’ve just come across the best cheap longboard for you!

The longboard measures up to 40 inches in length and as indicated in the name, is built with the class downhill drop model. This low gravity buildup is what makes it awesome and ideal for speed rides.

The 10 inches wide deck is constructed with a very strong 8 ply cold-pressed hard rock maple.

For the guaranteed safe and stable downhill ride, it is designed with a wheelbase of 37 inches, and a wide deck. So, you can relax and enjoy a smooth and easy ride down the hill.

The MINORITY board is built with strong and durable materials that contribute to its longevity.

The reverse kingpin trucks (equipped with carbon steel axles) are made with real aluminum and measure about 7 inches. These trucks can be maneuvered as they give room for 45 or 50 degrees’ adjustments. In other words, it allows you to ride in several riding tricks.

Likewise, the wheel is made with durable material and is about 70 X 51mm with a durometer hardness value of 78A. This PU wheel works with an ABEC-9 precision bearing that allows you to have an ecstatic ride all the way!

Key Features

  • 100% maple deck
  • Personalized adjustments
  • Stable cruiser
  • Suitable for as much as 220lbs
  • Beautiful design
  • Great curves
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • High speed
  • Slow turns

INNOWEIGH Freestyle Longboard

Asides from the fact that this INNOWEIGH longboard is extremely cheap, it also gives you about the same features and durability you get from the more expensive counterparts.

It has a very sturdy deck that is 41 inches long and 9 inches wide. This deck is made of an 8 ply cold-pressed Natural maple from the Northeast region.

The truck, however, is made of aluminum alloy that is 7 inches long, supported by a superelastic PU. This PU has a shock-absorbing ring that works with ABEC-11 bearings. With an ABEC bearing as high as that, you should know that the speed capacity of this longboard is on the high side!

Now that you know that this board can provide you with high speed, for a beginner, this might be scary and be a turn-off for you. Nonetheless, you need to relax, for stability, the manufacturers have designed it with some special features.

The wheels come with a shock-absorbing feature and measure 70 X 51mm with a durometer hardness of 80A.

Another important property that aids your stability and gives you a gracious experience while riding is the reverse design of the board plate. What this does, is that it reduces the center of gravity hence making you more stable on it.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional longboard
  • 8-layer maple desk
  • High density grip
  • Weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Wide turning radius
  • Waterproof grip
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Multiple styles support
  • Assembled by manufacturer
  • May be too small

WHOME Small Longboard

The California-based skateboard designing and manufacturing company WHOME is known for employing technical professionals for the production of high-quality longboards. This process is carried out with the optimization of top-notch materials to ensure durability and customer satisfaction.

The deck of this special WHOME longboard measures 8.25 inches in width and 31 inches in height. This deck is very durable and sturdy. As it is constructed with an 8-layer alpine hard rock maple wood.

It is very versatile and gives room for multiple riding styles like freeriding, cruising, carving, freestyle, dancing, and many more! I’m sure you are pretty excited right now. To ensure that you’re secured while trying out these multiple tricks the designers have included in its features PU soft wheels and a durometer thickness of 80A. This durometer and padded wheels give you better support on the ground.

Another mind-blowing feature of this WHOME longboard is that its’ steel is coined from high precision chrome. This steelworks along sides the ABEC of 9 bearings.

Attached to the deck, is the grip tape that gives your feet stronger and firmer support. In the real sense, this grip tape provides maximum traction to your feet.

The unique design and beauty of this board would no doubt, make you the spotlight whenever you use it.

With these features, you must agree with me, that this WHOME longboard is the best cheap longboard you can get.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy truck
  • 198lbs weight capacity
  • Elevated rebound PU bushing
  • Awesome turning ability
  • Increased control at high speed
  • Versatility
  • Less than 200lbs weight capacity

Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

Perhaps as a board rider, you might have experienced a situation where, when riding, as you wanted to make a turn, the wheel somehow comes in contact with the deck and the next thing you knew was that you were on the floor! Well, when that happens, it is called a wheel bite.

Many people, because they dread wheel bites, opt-out totally from riding skate or longboards. However, this Quest Rorshack longboard can bring you back into the game.

It is designed with special features that prevent wheel bites and keep you balanced while performing any style of your choice.

The deck is built with high-quality multi-ply hardwood maple bamboo and measures 34 inches in length.

Furthermore, this longboard is accompanied by tough aluminum trucks, these trucks measure 6 inches and are supported by strong 65mm PU wheels. The bearings are good enough for an average speed as it comes with ABEC 7 bearings.

If you’re looking for a longboard that is unique and different from every other one you see around, this Quest board is perfect for you! They make a large variety of designs and models with a special and professional touch.

For these multiple features and at this price, you would totally be in consensus with me that this Quest longboard should top any inexpensive longboard review list.

So, what are you still waiting for? Place your order right away, get your head back in the game, and be sure that your safety is guaranteed with this Quest Rorshack longboard!

Key Features

  • Kick tail
  • 100% polyurethane wheel material
  • All age compatibility (not less than 24 months)
  • Beginner friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Very cheap
  • Squeaking trucks

Playshion Drop Through Longboard

Here we are, with the best cheap longboard for beginners!

The super-strong, yet, flexible 8 ply maple deck measures 39 inches in length and 9.1 inches in width.

The strong deck is supported by strong and durable wheels. These PU wheels are big, strong, and measure 70 X 50mm. Of course, like several others, the wheels work in combination with bearings. In this case, the board comes with ABEC- 9 bearing which is good enough for optimum speed and balance.

One reason this longboard is considered to be perfect for beginners is that it is designed with Drop through mounting technology. Simply put, it is made in such a way that it is low to the ground so as a beginner, you don’t get freaked out and lose balance due to high heights alongside semi self-controlled movement.

Due to the fact that it is low to the ground, if you’re are learning all by yourself, it is easy for you to push and control at your own pace.

Another feature of this Playshion board is that it comes with a firm and durable trucks. For this particular model, the truck is about 7 inches and made with genuine aluminum material.

All these features altogether, make it perfect for a starter in the riding game. Plus, with this board, you are going to learn faster even if you are learning on your own because it is easy to use.

Be it child, adult, or as a beginner, you shouldn’t let this boardslide!

Key Features

  • Polyurethane wheel material
  • Heavy duty deck
  • Concave deck design for feet comfort
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Easy to push
  • Adjustable riding styles
  • Not suitable for many styles

Fish Downhill Longboard

It doesn’t matter what level you are in with board riding, this Fish longboard is going to suit you perfectly well.

The total size is 41 inches X 9 inches (L/W). The deck is made with premium Canadian maple wood with a non-slip emery surface. The essence of this emery surface is to provide you with a firm and strong grip while skating.

Anchoring the deck beneath is the excellently smooth PU shock-absorbing wheels. The wheels measure 70 X 51 mm and have a durometer hardness of 82A. It would be impossible to talk about the wheels without mentioning the steel embedded in them. The wheel of this Fish longboard works with super cozy and smooth ABEC- 9 degrees’ chrome steel plus SHR95A soft bushings.

Though this longboard comes already assembled from the manufacturer, it still comes with the All-in-One Skate T-Tool and every other thing you would need to fix it or to make adjustments to the longboard.

Despite the ridiculously cheap price, it is made of high quality 7 inches’ aluminum alloy truck and steel axle.

In all, all the properties of this board are designed to give you a smooth and unsurpassed experience while skating. Thanks to these features, the board is really sturdy and durable.

There are several colors of this longboard but this particular model is finished in white bear color!

Key Features

  • Special shape for improved balance
  • Reactive truck
  • Heavy duty deck
  • Abrasive grip tape
  • Supports basic stunts
  • Weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Cheap longboard
  • Aesthetic design
  • Not flexible
Guide to Buying a Good Longboard
There is a lot more to a good longboard than meets the eye. Even though you may want to get a longboard that is relatively cheap, it doesn’t mean to have to compromise quality for the price. There are certain things to look out for and factors to consider before purchasing your longboard. In this section, I would be sharing with you some of these factors. Stay with me.

Riding style

You, already know that there are several styles to riding, for example, cruising, freeride, downhill and lots more. For a beginner, I recommend you settle for one that has just cruised and some other beginner basic features. On the other hand, a professional cannot explore their styles with that kind of a board. So, depending on your skill, you determine which to go for.

Shape of the deck

Generally, longboards fall into two shape categories. It is either symmetrical or directional. What does that even mean?

The directional longboard only goes in the forward direction, usually carves, downhill and curves fall to this category however, there might be exceptions.

The symmetrical or twin category feels and looks the same way irrespective of the direction it is facing. If is more preferable for freestyles and free rides.


When referring to the length, the major factor to consider is stability.

Longer boards would provide you with firmer stability but may not be able to turn as swiftly as you wish. Whereas, the shorter longboards on the other hand can perform very swift turns. It doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t stable, but in comparison to the longer ones, their stability isn’t as good.


Many times in the review, I mentioned bearing. The significance of the bearing is in the speed of the longboard. Bearings are also the brain behind spinning and are rated by the ABEC standard. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster the spinning of the wheel.

A longboard with ABEC 3 bearing is good for cruising, 5 bearing is good for freeride and anything above 5 bearings is perfect for downhill and maximum speed racing.


Though there are several expensive and good longboards to choose from, even with a low budget you could get the best inexpensive longboards that would have if not the same but close features as the more expensive counterparts.


In all, there are well better and best longboards for beginners. However, in this article, I have reviewed with you the best cheap longboards available to you. I strongly recommend that you save yourself some extra dollars and get one of the best cheap longboards from this review.

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