Best Cheap Skateboards under 30$ in 2020

There was a time when skateboarding had a charm. And that time passed away. Although the time has passed away the charm is there. Even though the electric hoverboards are introduced in the market. But the stake board did not lose its charm. 

These stake boards are usually less priced. If you look in the market you will find many price segments. The general thought among the people is that the less the quality the less will be the price. This is something that is not always true. Sometimes our choice is the lowest priced product. Because we need it for specific reasons. Usually, the cheap steak boards are good for beginners. The board you need to learn may not be of very high quality. Usually, the guys change the board after they become an expert. 

This is the reason that a lightweight low price steak board is best in the beginning.

Best Cheap Skateboards under 30$ in 2020

The product is full of cheap skateboards. The problem is not available. The problem is how to choose the best among the available boards. 

We have collected some of the best available cheap skateboards in the market. Some of these are even less than $30. Some of these are even slightly highly-priced. Even then these value your money.

Maple Skateboard of 32inch by MINORITY

Product Description and Features

The Product is a deck made of 100% maple.  

The board has the capacity to sport weight of 220 pounds.Although the board is priced around $60. But buying through our link will save you 14%.

You can perform various tricks due to the medial concave. The board has been tested on various surfaces. This is a perfect gift to give especially because of its wonderful graphics.This body is ideal for all the types of riders if the rider is a beginner or an expert. If you are a beginner then this is the best board for you to practice the basic skills. If you are an expert. Then you can perform some expert-level tricks with it. This is an environmentally friendly product. It does not disturb the environment by any means. This does not require any source of energy. This is truly an art piece. The deck is really comfortable to ride. The trucks are made of aluminum and the length of 8 is 5 inches. This state board is designed to reach the top speed really very soon.


  • Board is classic, very smart, and really versatile in terms of tricks performed.
  • This is really an art piece.
  • Best for all type of riders
  • The beginners can learn through it for riding
  • The expert can use it to perform high skilled tricks


  • The product is not very durable

Skateboard for Girls Pro Cruiser by Landwalker

Product Description and Features

 Maple wood is the base material for this stake board. The wood boards are more durable in comparison with the plastic boards. 

The board is designed double-sized. This is the reason that you can easily place the feet on the board. 

If your weight is a hundred kilograms you can easily ride on it.


  • The deck is a non slip
  • This stake board is a double kick
  • It can support the weight of 100 kg
  • This comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • The wood is wrapped this is the reason that it is difficult to maintain the balance on the board

Checker Rookie Skateboard by Krown

Product Description and Features

This was 1996 when Krown first made its appearance in the market. When Krown comes into the market this has the experience of more than 20 years. 

This experience of 20 years enables them to bring the best to the market by sourcing the best available parts. The good news is that all of these are available at the best economical price. The long, long industry experience and the dedication with the purpose to provide the market with the best possible skateboard at the most affordable price enable them to hit the market trucks are made of Aluminum Alloy and the skateboard itself is made of Maple wood. The wheels are fitted with the perfect bearings. The wheels are fitted with the 52 mm of the wheels for the smooth ride. 

This is the perfect board to perform the tricks. The fun is all your way to go and enjoy it.


  • The board is made of the maple wood
  • Perfect sized wheels of the 52mm
  • The trucks are made of the Aluminum
  • This ready to go skateboard is all set for the fun


  • This is a beginners board

The Beginners Skateboard by BELIEVE

Product Description and Features

The good thing about this product is that buying it from our link will save you 20%. This means you are directly saving the $12. 

The product is fully loaded and assembled. No need to put in the screws and tight those. Just start riding. These hoverboards are specially designed for carefree and shockproof riding.

This is the time to say goodbye to the old gloomy colors.

This particular skateboard is available in 6 different color combinations. These color combinations provide you with a great choice to choose as per your own choice.

If you are a new user then this will be your first choice to ride. It is really easy to transport this skateboard. This is because this hoverboard is really lightweight. This doesn’t mean that this hoverboard is not very durable. At the same time, this skateboard is also very durable. This heavy-duty skateboard can be used to perform various tricks.


  • Pre-assembled skateboard 
  • 7 Ply Maple Canadian Skateboard
  • Easy to ride and easy to drive 
  • Smooth ride and high speed
  • Adorable Printing and the permanent one too
  • The lightweight board is really easy to carry
  • This is easy to perform different tricks with this skateboard


  • The hoverboard is a bit right aligned.

Final Words

This article is written with the purpose to provide the first time buyer with the necessary information regarding the stake boards. Please do remember that the market has expanded so much. This provides you the opportunity to buy a cheap and durable product. This article has a collection of many. For our new skateboard riders, we have some useful tips here to conclude with this article. Read these and enjoy your ride. Do remember you can only enjoy the ride continuously if you remain safe by yourself

Tips to use the stake board

  1. Avoid hitting different surfaces especially the wall
  2. If the water remains on your skateboard for a longer period of time. This really destroys the board. Avoid water as much as possible. 
  3. If you ride the skateboard without the proper safety gadgets this will really be a problem for you.
  4. If you are a beginner do not practice the master skills.

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