Best Longboards for Beginners (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Longboarding is fun, and that’s why it is a hobby and source of entertainment for lots of riders. Any beginner with the right longboard enjoys longboarding pretty well.

Who wants to be a victim of tripping and stumbling and end up with bruised knees and elbows just because their board isn’t suitable for beginners? The board you begin with plays a significant role in your success as a learner. So you need to get the right board model. Our choices of the best longboards for beginners in this article are based on flexibility, weight, size, quality, durability, affordability, and how easy you can learn with them in a short time.

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Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards Skateboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing | Kicktails Tricks Carver Drop Through | Great for Teens Adults Men Women

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard Skateboard is a versatile and durable option for riders who enjoy cruising, carving, free-style, downhill, and dancing. With a range of styles and sizes designed for teens, adults, men, and women, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their ride.

1: Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down is a suitable all-rounder for those who want to begin cruising and perhaps proceed to downhill runs even earlier.

With 9 ply Canadian Maple deck, the board has concave alongside little flex. That renders the longboard highly stable and safe even during high-speed rides.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down also has industry standard heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks consisting of 18mm hangers.

The wheels have a hardness level of 78 A., and it’s worth noting that the board also consists of 80 A black grip tape which comes with exceptional grip alongside chrome bearings Abec 7. Also, the rider rides pretty nearby the floor.

More stable at speed
Lack of graphics keeps down costs
Comes with grip tape for safety reasons
Smooth and durable wheels will require replacing last

Why do I like it?

The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down is a longboard with high stability and safety even during the most top speed levels. With a grip tape that ensures ample safety, the board is a simple great choice for beginners.

2: YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Complete

The YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Complete is one of the best Longboards for beginners to grab.

The board has a unique shape that prevents the connection between the wheel and the board while offering sufficient space for the riders’ feet. This board comes with 180 mm large trucks that measure an 8 mm,diameter, making it pretty handy. Each of the wheels comprises a one-speed ring per and functions as a barrier between the larger axle and its bearing.

The ABEC 7 bearings each with 8 mm hole make sure the ride is stable and smooth.

Why do I like it?

This uniquely shaped board is worth anyone’s money if they need a ride with ample foot space for a board that is also quite handy. Everyone wants a stable and smooth ride, and this YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Complete doesn’t disappoint.

Broad and dense longboard with secure handling
Comes with large trucks
Uniquely shaped design
Each wheel comprising one-speed ring per
Enables stable and smooth rides

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3: Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite

As a beginner, selecting the Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite means getting the drop-through truck design with a short length that freestyle riders particularly like.

It’s not all about freestyling though, and that’s why even beginners like you will rock it just well for commuting.

The Krown Rasta features consist of an 8-ply maple deck alongside cutouts for the trucks. With black-painted aluminum and 7-inch hangers, there are also reverse kingpins for reducing the predisposition to vibrate when on speed. You also get soft bushings, and they work well for adjustability.

With 71mm and 78a durometer wheels, you are sure of a smooth ride though they can slide when coarse.

Why do I like it?

It’s a drop-through truck design with multifunctional features as it is also the preferred longboard for freestyle riders. Besides, with quality trucks that don’t need replacing a few dollars from your budget isn’t bad for this beginner’s board.

Shortish length enables maneuverability in tight spots
Quality trucks; will not need replacing
Smooth and relatively fast wheels

4: Atom Drop-Through Longboard

The Atom drop-through is the Longboard model is an extra-wide option that has a variety of length and color combinations which is among the best longboards suitable for beginners.

It is excellent for beginners who would like to have a bit of more handle on long straightaways. Also, it consists of a cambered profile with modest concave. Being 36 inches (short and excellent for free-styling) and a length of 41 inches, the Atom’s drop-through longboard is a high-level multitasker.

The board is 9-ply, all-laminate maple. It is cambered, quite flex to help in carving and the concave is subtle but quite potent and long-lasting.

The Atom aluminum trucks are 245mm wide, which is quite extra for more room and use substandard bushings which are sturdy and brittle. Installing high-quality hardware on this board is an easy fix.

Why do I like it?

We don’t regularly lay hands on a beginner longboard that strays farther outside its usual dimension that much. This board offers us a wide setup we hardly find in the market. The Atom Pintail longboard can be a great alternative if you don’t find this exceptional Atom Drop Deck Longboard.

Navigator Drone trucks offer premium upgrade quality
Well-made maple decks
Wheels are long-lived and smooth
sturdy and brittle bushings
Concave is subtle but quite potent and durable.
Ultra-wide and dense longboard with, handling
Equipped with quality and smooth ride ABEC 9 longboard bearings


Having had an idea about what you should be looking for in the best longboards for beginners, you can now cut out that additional research you might have had as a plan.

The bottom line is riding a longboard all about movement and fun. As a newbie, if you start with the right longboard, you’ll progress easily and earlier.

Check out these questions and answers for more understanding.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

Which wood is the best for a longboard?

Maple is terrific since it is long-lasting, but it is not the lightest wood though. Bamboo is quite lightweight, flexible, and reasonably durable which makes it a great choice.

Then there’s carbon fiber and fiberglass which are flexible and prevent splintering. Note that the higher the plywood, the longer the lifespan but it is heavier in weight.

What makes a longboard different from a skateboard?

Whether you’re speeding on flat ground or downhill, longboards provide a much comfortable ride due to their larger and softer wheels. With skateboards which are much narrower; around 7 inches wide, comfort in such a situation is less unlike longboards with 9 inches.

Are longboards safe?

Yes, they are! However, it’s left for the rider to ensure that they ride safely while taking precautions to not go out of line and trip or tumble. So, the longboard is safe enough for every beginner who is doing it right.

Are white wave longboards good?

The White Wave Bamboo Longboards are incredible and very eye-catching. They also have an excellent quality that is quite long-lasting. We regularly see good looking longboard that does not quite feel good.

What is sliding on a longboard?

Practice how to slide on a longboard and turn it sideways! The struggle in learning this sliding technique on the longboard while having to force your longboard wheels to lose traction as you maintain your balance at the same time.

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