Top 5 Bluetooth Hoverboard with Best Features (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

The hoverboard doesn’t this word sound magical just like some widget from Harry potter, just go back in your childhood and recall your wish when you actually wanted your personal little scooter which could swiftly carry you all around your premises from your neighborhood to a nearby market.

And here is an addition to your wish you can wander all-around even without putting a single step ahead, don’t stress yourself and what you need to do is just stand steady on your auto-balancing smart wheels which are equally best for kids and adults and move towards your destination by just applying a little pressure and your smart hoverboard will sense where to go, forward or backward.

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SIMATE Hoverboard with Carrying Bag and Gift Box, 6.5″ Self Balancing Electric Hover Board with Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights for Kids Adults Girls Boys Gifts

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The SIMATE Hoverboard is a 6.5-inch self-balancing electric hover board that comes with a carrying bag and gift box, making it a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. It also features Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, adding fun and excitement to your riding experience.

Specifications Prices

TOMOLOO Hoverboard UL2272 Certified

Let’s introduce to you the Tomoloo, it’s one of the earliest manufacturers of this amazing gadget.


Swagtron App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

Company slogan says a lot about the product and slogan says “Adventure begins with your feet”


XtremepowerUS 6.5″ LBW17 (SGS Certified) for Kids & Adult

It’s a very safe option for beginners and learners as it owns and occupies an ultra-self-balancing technology.


XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of my favorites as being a low priced option still provides with all the luxuries and features which are being offered by its expensive competitors.


A hoverboard is a loved product for all ages, definitely, it’s not at all difficult to ride and looks no less than a science fiction gadget which became accessible with the flourishing technology, and that technology is still working hard and providing improvements in this daily use appliance.

As the battery issues, security issues, and balancing issues of this device have evolved so much since 2013. The competing brands are still working on their entertainment side and now providing many extra features like lights, music options, and blue tooth enabling them to attract the buyer and add on a positive impact on the user’s experience.

But in the overcrowded market, there are only a few brands and options which actually provide what they claim, and here we are to save your time and add new ease to your shopping experience by providing you with the best blue tooth enabled hoverboards that provide a great package from smartly balanced wheels, good battery timing along with the blue tooth operating option.

So let’s hover towards the best Bluetooth-enabled hoverboards.

Important things to consider before buying a Hoverboard

In case you do not like any of our suggested hoverboards. Do not worry we will leave you alone here. So this is the time to still assist you in this situation. Whenever you look for a hoverboard in the market. Please make sure that you should consider these points while looking for the hoverboard.

The Hoverboard Certifications

If it is electric, it can run and it can be charged then it means that it needs the certifications. Otherwise, this is not safe for you to ride. Check that the hoverboard has the proper certifications. The important certifications are about the battery and the water resistance. The battery should be safe. Otherwise, this can create problems for us. 

The Water Resistance

Water-resistance is an important aspect. It depends on your way. Maybe you need to save yourself from the water that may come in your way. Multiple types of water resistance are available in different models and the makes of the hoverboard. 

Some may only provide a slight water resistance while others provide complete water resistance. It depends on your own requirements. If you need to protect your hoverboard completely from the water then look for a hoverboard that is completely waterproof. 

Top Speed

The speed matters a lot. Again it varies from person to person some require a hoverboard that can run fast, the other can be easily managed with the average story. The fast speed may help you reach your destination real fast. But the top speed requires more abilities to handle the top speed. Otherwise, the top speed may bring problems for you. The skills are important to handle the speed of the hoverboard. 

Charging Cycle

This includes two things. One is how much time the hoverboard will take to fully charge. Secondly for how long a single cycle of the full charge can take you away on your hoverboard. Again it depends on your requirements. 

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Guide to use hoverboard with the blue tooth

A hoverboard with Bluetooth does not function differently than the traditional non-Bluetooth hoverboard. Then what is the difference between the traditional simple hoverboard and the hoverboard with Bluetooth? 

Both carry you to your desired destination. Both provide you with a feel of entertainment, adventure, and joy. 

The difference is with the additional functionality of the Bluetooth. This additional functionality of the Bluetooth provides you with many advanced features that cannot be handled without the Bluetooth.

But to use this feature you should know how to operate Bluetooth hoverboards. For this, you should turn on your Bluetooth. Your hoverboard and the phone both are in discoverable mode. if not you will not be able to connect both. If you will not be able to connect then you will not be able to use both. 

Will your phone work with the hoverboard

Generally, all hoverboards with these two qualities can easily be connected and worked with the hoverboard.

  1. The phone should have a Bluetooth device. With this device, you can connect the hoverboard with the cell.
  2. The second is the ability of the handset to stream the music. So that the hoverboard can receive and play the music via the speakers.

Establishing Connection 

The first thing is to establish the connection between the phone and the hoverboard. This is really simple and does not require any special effort. All you need to do is just follow some simple steps. These simple steps will help you to establish the connection. The series of steps are

  1. Turn on the phone
  2. Find settings
  3. Now select Bluetooth
  4. Under devices try to find the hoverboard
  5. Different hoverboards will appear with different names. 
  6. Be sure you know the exact name of the hoverboard Bluetooth device.

As soon as the beep appeared and you heard it. It means that the hoverboard connection has been established and now you can use and control it with your hoverboard device.

1: TOMOLOO Hoverboard UL2272 Certified

Let’s introduce to you the Tomoloo, it’s one of the earliest manufacturers of this amazing gadget. And since their establishment, they are working to provide quality products with maximum safety for its consumers.

Tomoloo is one of the few brands that own a proper research and development unit which actually works hard to accelerate product efficiency, comfort, and safety.


  • Its smart batteries are certified by UL2271, which assure their safety
  • Smart technology for a safe stop option
  • ABS+PC+Flame resistant and fire-retardant materials
  • One of the most innovative mainboard structure
  • 6 months warranty for charger, 1-year service availability for wheel hub, battery, and controller.
  • 5” tires
  • Blue tooth enabled music control
  • 5 different colored led Lightening tires
  • Built-in permanent magnet speakers


  • Blue tooth operated music playback
  • Tires with switching light adding beauty and fun
  • IPX4 Certification assuring water resistance
  • Smart auto-balancing for wheels
  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient to ride
  • Safer battery recommended by UL2272
  • A trustworthy brand
  • Good services within the warranty period
  • Easily attachable to any portable device around
  • Charges in less than three hours


  • Not very good at Water resistance

My Verdict

I reviewed more than twelve-hundred customers and most of them were very happy with its features and performance, majority reviewed that its exceptional Bluetooth range is operative up to100 meters and easily connective to all devices, so you don’t need to read the detailed smart balance wheel Bluetooth instructions and still operate it well. Moreover, its self-balancing is so good that it can be claimed as the best hoverboard for both kids and adults.

Out of 1200+ consumers, 74% were very happy with their purchase, 14 % satisfied 2% were ok whereas only 10 % were having a few issues but always present my view in favor of majority so from my side it’s a great option featured with both lights and Bluetooth availability.

Note: protect your hoverboard from the crash while riding and keep your battery safe from water while charging.

2: Swagtron App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

Company slogan says a lot about the product and slogan says “Adventure begins with your feet”

This is an amazing product allowing blue tooth connectivity and powerful performance as well. This Swagtron is a recommended best hoverboard for both kids and adults as this is a renowned brand, they believe to provide you ultra-excitement with maximum protection it is a normal size hoverboard and comes at a very reasonable price.

It provides multiple features like you can control and monitor your hoverboard with just single tab at your cell phone, you can change modes, use map functions, keep an eye on battery levels and play your favorite beats with the help of app and speakers still you are enjoying your ride.

It is the best all-terrain hoverboard with Bluetooth which means that you don’t need to worry about the kind of surface you are riding on just go zoom zoom.


  • Blue tooth and app enable
  • Travels up to eight miles after a single charge
  • Can carry riders up to 220 lbs.
  • Fast chargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Three modes
  • UL approved
  • Hard rubber tires (6.5” width)
  • Durable fireproof material
  • Dual motor
  • Please refer to the

Note: Please read the smart balance wheel Bluetooth instructions, and user’s manual for troubleshooting to avoid any inconvenience.

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  • Blue tooth allows accessing lots of feature with maximum ease and mobility
  • It’s an all-terrain hoverboard, with its immense power it doesn’t mind what kind of surface you are offering
  • Works smooth
  • Carries weight up to 220 lbs.
  • Can climb inclines as well (up to 30 degrees)
  • Fast charging
  • UL certified
  • Hard rubber durable tires
  • Fireproof and shockproof material
  • Intelligent charging enables fast charging and controls or avoids overcharging


  • 5” tire size not much appropriate for recommended weight and surface

My verdict

In my view which is always based on users reviews that it is a good deal as form 1000+ users 64% were very happy with purchase rest of 16 % were satisfied and the 20 % met few problems but the majority is the authority so I suggest it’s a great product from hoverboard range offering Bluetooth facility.

3: XtremepowerUS 6.5″ LBW17 (SGS Certified) for Kids & Adult

It’s a very safe option for beginners and learners as it owns and occupies an ultra-self-balancing technology. An outclass music system with extraordinary quality speakers.

Its battery is SGS certified and the brand also worked well on the wear and tear or drop-down durability. It’s designed for all the prestigious dedicated riders like you who love thrill and enjoyment at its best as it provides foot fix pads even a kid can easily ride without slipping or losing this is a great option for users of all ages from kids to adults.

Overall Dimension: 23-1/2″(W) x 7-1/2″(L) x 6-1/2″(H),Max Speed Range: 8.6MPH, Charging Time Range: 2~3 Hours and Weight Capacity: 160lbs.


  • Self-balancing technology
  • Easily connectable to phone with Bluetooth enabling
  • Nicely equipped with music system and speakers
  • SGS certified the li-ion battery
  • Electric shook proof and fireproof
  • 30 mints extended lift battery
  • Nonslip and anti-slip foot pads
  • zero-degree turning radius and 360 % rotation
  • LED lights
  • speakers


  • Very easy to balance
  • Bluetooth connectivity is possible and easy
  • Connectable to mobile as well
  • SGS certification assures safety
  • Anti-slip pads are very effective for both kids and adults
  • Extraordinary smooth speed
  • Cost-efficient
  • Available in verity of colors to choose from


  • Charging not last too long
  • Blue tooth range can be a bit better

My Verdict

Again from my 1000+ reviewers 54%recommended it strongly 14 % found this satisfactory moreover only 22 % found few problems with product but still can be a great option I believe as it offers multiple features like a combo of blue tooth and light when it comes to entertainment, moreover several safety measures as described in features mentioned above and all those specs in an economical prize worth considering.

4: XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of my favorites as being a low priced option still provides with all the luxuries and features which are being offered by its expensive competitors. These scooters also own a self-balancing feature and allow you an enjoyable ride of up to twelve miles which is no less than the same of its category.

With the maximum speed of 5mph and a weight capacity of 165 lbs it falls in the category of best hoverboard for kids, teenagers can also use it but the weight capacity will not be supportive for heavyweight persons.

Like all other expensive brands, XPRIT do care of your child safety and is UL2272 certified and this one is easy to ride and easy to learn, moreover for mega excitement this one is equipped with blue tooth and speakers so now your child can enjoy music while enjoying his or her ride. It’s a great hoverboard with both LED lights and Bluetooth and you can use Bluetooth while riding your smart wheels(don’t forget to follow blue tooth instructions)


  • Hoverboard with self-balancing feature
  • Travel up to 12 miles range
  • 165 lbs max weight capacity
  • 5 miles per hour maximum speed
  • UL certification
  • Easy to ride easy to learn
  • Blue tooth
  • Led lights


  • Low price option
  • Your kid can easily balance
  • Kids can easily learn how to ride
  • Offers good battery timings
  • Nice Bluetooth connectivity
  • Beautiful and purposeful LED lights to amaze your child
  • Self-balancing scooters
  • Safety measures checked and approved UL2272


  • Not very efficient customer care service

My Verdict

Out of 260 reviewers, 63% very happy 18 % satisfactory and the rest of 19 % had few issues but its affordability and comparison with others of its kind bound me to calculate in the category of one of the best hoverboards with Bluetooth and lights.

5: TOMOLOO Off-Road Hoverboard

The product is rated 4 out of 5 by customers. The 5-star rating is awarded by  60%, a 4-star rating is awarded by  10%, a 3-star rating is awarded by 13%, a none of the users  mark it as the 2-star and a 1-star rating is awarded by 17%

This Tomoloo Eagle V2 hoverboard with Bluetooth and lights has the design inspiration of an eagle. Naturally, this must and have power, strength, and endurance. The product dimension is ​11.42 X 12.99 X 30.2 inches and its weight is ​35 lbs. The Wheel size is big that is ​8.5 inches. This hoverboard with Bluetooth and lights has a top speed of ​18 mph with a range limit of ​6-12 miles. This is equipped with the dual motors of ​400Watt. The powerful battery has a capacity of ​43000mAh.

This increases the battery charging time to ​2.5 hours. The maximum load capacity and maximum climbing angle are ​264lbs and ​15 degrees respectively. The fitted ​RGB LED Headlights have 16 million colors. The ride control app increases the comfort of riding. This water resistance best Bluetooth hoverboard having  IPX4 Standard​Bluetooth Speakers comes with the warranty of ​1 year

Product Features

  • The design is inspired by the eagle
  • Fire resistance and high temperature bearing material is used in manufacturing
  • Thick rubber sheets in pads to control vibration
  • UL2271 certified Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Equipped with an intelligent battery management system.
  • Maximum speed 18 miles per hour
  • The powerful 400-watt motor
  • Depending on the turf and the weight of the rider and the speed the distance range varies between 6 to 12 miles,
  • Best for off-road with the wheel size of 8.5 inches.


  • The batteries meet the safety and quality standards of UL2271.
  • The product overall meets the safety and quality standards of​ the UL2272 certificate.
  • ​The product has CPSC approval.
  • The product has a 1-year warranty.
  • The battery has more efficient use due to the smart battery management system.
  • The batteries are manufactured by Samsung.
  • Outer and battery shell is constructed with the Fire-resistant material.
  • LED colors can be controlled through Tomoloo APP.
  • Off-road riding is facilitated with big 8.5 inch wheels.
  • Big powerful motors.
  • This best all-terrain hoverboard with Bluetooth has 18 miles per hour top speed.
  • This Hoverboard has Bluetooth speakers


  • Continuous annoying beep sound while riding at top speed.

My Verdict

This is one of the best hoverboards with Bluetooth and lights. This hoverboard manufactured by reputed manufacture is stress-free. The product maintains the highest quality standards because the manufacturing method is CPSC approved. The product and the batteries are certified by UL for safety and quality. This makes it the best hoverboard for kids too.


Here we have presented you with the best available options from the market which can provide you a nice comfortable ride along with the fun of music playing.

The first thing which I considered recommending these hoverboards was UL certifications because we believe and assure your safety first, then came the other features but these all products are surly recommended for the music-loving wanderers so we consciously choose the one which will be very glamorous with their shiny lights and rocking music and will surely provide you unlimited fun and earn you lots of friends.
So what are you waiting for just go ahead and purchase the option which suits you the best.

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