How to Customize a Hoverboard in just 20$

If this is the time for you to introduce your self let your ride speaks for you. The customized rides whether cars, skateboards, surfboards, or hoverboards show the personality of the owner. Some of us want to show our uniqueness through the customization of the ride. If you are a hoverboard owner and do-it-yourself type of guy then you are at the perfect place to explore some easy yet efficient ideas to convert your hoverboard into your signature mark. Here we will try to figure out how to customize a hoverboard for just 20$.

Cost to Customize the hoverboard

It is not expensive you may invest 20 $ and customize your own hoverboard to make your hoverboard completely yours. All you need to know is how to customize a hoverboard. The question is will twenty dollars will do the job for you? The answer is yes certainly if you know how to customize a hoverboard. The hoverboard customization is both an art and science. All you need is a good imagination and the will to customize your own hoverboard.

The Stuff Needed

The stuff you need to customize your own hoverboard can be found even at the local superstore duct tape, stickers, and a knife it doesn’t matter if your hoverboard is an off-road hoverboard or the regular one.  

The Knife:

The knife to cut an easy-to-use a recommended knife is Easy Reload Utility Knife. The ergonomic rubber grip not allow facilitates cutting but also increases its life. The three razor length helps you to work smoothly. The razors can be replaced easily even three extra blades are included in the pouch if you buy them from Amazon.

Although the Reload Utility Knife is very reasonably priced even then another economical alternative is WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife This extremely safe and easy to carry product comes with a warranty of one year. A difference is that although this also has an ergonomic curve grip and the human hand fits easily on it even then the grip is not as good as of the last described product is.


The second item is the stickers. Many types of pattern stickers are available in the market. The stickers are classified in different categories to serve the purpose of different segments like boys, girls, and adults. 

The stickers make the hoverboard more catchy and attractive. You can choose from the different available patterns or make your own by selecting different stickers.

Some available choices can be found here with the liberty to choose The 500-Pcs Featured Stickers(50~500 Pcs/Pack), Suitable for children and adults of all ages. These stickers are 35% bigger than the regularly available stickers and will be the perfect tool to customize your own hoverboard. You may choose as to your choice and the make of your hoverboard even some very good choices are available for the off-road hoverboard too.

Duct Tape:

The next item in how to customize a hoverboard for just 20$ is the duct tape. The duct tape can cover all the curves very easily. If applied properly and neatly this will give your hoverboard a clean, nice, and smart look.

Some areas of the hoverboard need extra care like where the body and wheel cover meets. The knife will work for you there and you can easily wrap the tape here.

If you chose the design of the tape carefully then this will be the visually appealing element. This will provide your hoverboard extra protection especially when you are using an off-road hoverboard.

This will not only save the surface of the hoverboard but will hide the scratches on the body of the hoverboard.

Top 6 Hoverboard Tricks 

Simple & Swaggy Stork

That is one of the most simple and stunning hoverboard tricks that you can ever know. You might have heard that you are not ready to perform any trick on a hoverboard until you are a pro. But this trick is an exception as you can perform it instantly as you feel confident in maintaining the balance of your ride.

You just need to make a start with some practice. First of all, stabilize yourself, and when you feel perfectly balanced now slightly and Swifty take off your foot. Now keep off your foot for ten seconds. Now your hoverboard will start spinning a bit, this is the time you need to balance your foot by placing it nicely and setting it somewhere.

Now you need to relax and concentrate to maintain balance. Now keep your balance maintained while your left foot is on the right side and your right foot is resting on the side bumper of the hoverboard. Now enjoy your spin and have fun with your simplest yet coolest spin stunt.

Caution: Don’t divert your whole weight to the bumper that might cause the crash of the bumper. As it is not as strong as the footpad which is meant for the purpose of carrying your weight.

The butterfly Stunt

This trick is quite more interesting and a bit more technical. So you need to be kind of pro to perform that stunt. For that, we need to sit on the hoverboard in such a position that your hips are resting on one side of the board, and at the same time your both feet are settled on the other end.

you need to sit like a butterfly with its relaxed and loose wings. In this posture, your knees will be facing upside. While both feet will be settled in such a position on the footpad. that you’re heels be the footpad and your toes are swinging in the air. Now with a slight movement and a little pressure with your heels and leaning on another side, you can swing like a butterfly with ease and excellence.

It’s a very easy, yet very interesting position. you are just going to apply some pressure on your heels and going to lean a bit forward and backward and you can move with the rhythm back and forth.

Landing off from this position can also be a bit technical. Be careful as you need to coordinate two to three movements at once. First of all, you are going to put your hands behind you on the floor and immediately lift your feet and hips off the board .it will save you from any kind of spinning or falling and speeding off.

1. Duct Tape

In designed printed duct tape many different brands are available in the market. A good choice is Duck Brand 241784 Printed Duct Tape. This product is an excellent choice to bring your imagination into reality. The tape can be used easily and can be torn easily with hand after application. Multiple layers of the tape create a pleasant effect due to the design layered on each other. 

Be Alert!

Make sure that the tape is properly stuck and torn off no open edges are left especially near the wheels the open tape can stick into the wheels and cause unwanted and unpleasant incidents.

Use the knife to properly cover the edges near the LED lights. Be sure not to damage the lights.    

Other Alternatives

Now you know well that how to customize a hoverboard by yourself. There are some other options in case you want to experiment with something different.

2. Paint the Hoverboard

If you don’t want to use the tape and the stickers the other option is to paint the hoverboard. This process requires a lot more hard work and skill. You may not be able to hide the scratches of your hoverboard too.

Ready-Made Skins

You may enjoy customizing your own hoverboard but if you are a ready-made type of guy then you may apply already available customize skins available for the best hoverboards

A popular one is Gucci hoverboard skin some other available and popular ready-made skins are MightySkins Skin, Kglobal Silicone Cove, a popular one is MightySkins Skin and a popular skin for girls are Mighty Skins Skin in you may also like Unspecific Hoverboard Skins even the silicon protective covers are available like Lunar Silicone Protective Cover. 

Final Words

It is completely your choice that how to customize a hoverboard just remember that this is your style signature and you have all the liberty to customize your own hoverboard in your own way. Happy boarding.

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