How Long Does it Take to Charge a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are gaining popularity, especially among young riders. The reasons are excitement, comfort, safety, and the economy this brings to life. Like every ride, it has its own maintenance and driving problem and comforts.

The most common problems are related to charging. Charging is something you need to do regularly in order to use your hoverboard continuously. Here we have covered the most frequent questions asked about Hoverboard charging. While addressing these issues we have tried to clear the common misconception about charging.

The First-Ever Charging

Congratulations! You get your own new hoverboard. First thing first check it thoroughly, it is important as you will ride on it. Ok, fine no problem found apparently, this is the time to get it ready by putting some energy into it. Should I tell you something you already know, this can’t be used without charging and we have to do it again and again.

Let’s charge it! Conventionally charging plug is located with the on/off button. If you want to see the charging progress then turn on the hoverboard. Otherwise, it is recommended to turn off the hoverboard while charging the indicator on the hoverboard mostly in the form of red and green light will tell you if it is still charging or the battery is fully charged.

Red light usually means that the charging is in the process while green means that you are ready to go as the battery is fully charged. Orange light tells about the physical health of the battery. When we quote physical health it means the ability of the battery to store charge.

The Technical Description of the Charging Process

The charging process has three different components, The energy source, the charger, and the device being charged. The link between the source and the receiver is the charger. The charger must have the capacity to receive the energy from the source convert it according to the specific parameters so that it can be supplied to the device for storage and can be used later as needed.

This technical description in a very simple manner explains well to you that the charger is the important component without an appropriate charger the device may burn out, charging may take too long or the charging may not happen at all.

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Choosing the Best Charger

The best charger for the hoverboard to charge is the ones that come along the hoverboard. In case if it is lost or broken you need a new charger. Buy it as per the specification of the original charger means the output and input should be the same. Don’t be fooled by the videos on youtube and the article describing that you can charge your hoverboard without the charger.

How Long does it take to charge the hoverboard?

This entirely depends on the brand of the hoverboard that how long will it take to charge. The best hoverboards are those that charge in less time but give the ride for a longer period of time. Usually, the best brands charge approximately two hours and the industry average is three hours. Some hoverboards depending on the size, battery quality, and manufacturing quality will give the riding time of as long as six hours.

Apart from this, the hoverboards with big batteries will take longer to charge, and the best hoverboards with relatively small batteries will take less time.

Over Charging of Hoverboards

Is it safe to overcharge the hoverboard? It is one of the most common questions to be asked. The answer is simple and the answer is “NO”. in some extreme cases, the battery may explode and in the common one, this will definitely decrease the battery timings as overcharging reduces the battery charge holding capacity.

Overnight Charging of the Hoverboard

Is this safe to charge the hoverboard overnight? Another common question asked by multiple users. As per the recommendation, this will overcharge the battery. The maximum time needed to charge a hoverboard is 6 hours while most of the hoverboards charged under three hours. So this will definitely overcharge the battery. As described above this will decrease the ability of the battery to store charging resulting in less riding time for you and a more frequent need of the charging for the battery.

Riding time after a full battery charging

Good quality or top brand hoverboards provide more riding time in comparison to inferior quality hoverboards. The riding time varies between 2 to 6 hours, with rising quality the riding time increases and the charging time decreases Minimum riding time provided by some inferior quality hoverboards after full charging is 2 hours and the maximum time is six hours.

Low Battery Use Consequences

Never use the hoverboard after a low battery alert you may get injured due to the sudden stop of the hoverboard. Although some hoverboards give the beep of the low battery relatively early and you may ride on the hoverboard for quite some time if needed. We recommend that don’t make this a habit. Habitual usage of the hoverboard on a low battery will affect the storage capacity of the battery and will reduce the effective operating time of the hoverboard on this battery.

Does Charging Extends The Battery Life

Charging in a proper and appropriate manner can extend your battery life and saves money for you. The first tip is whenever the battery dies plugin the charger and don’t put it off until the battery charges fully. The second is to check the battery from time to time if you put the board in storage and not using it. At least every ninety days. The recommendations are to plug it in and wait till the battery shows a full sign again.

Charging without a charger

Someone asks me a crazy question that how can he charge his hoverboard without a charger. In fact, not one but many people ask this same question again and again. Quite a surprising question for me I told him this is not possible without a power source. You cannot store the power in the battery without a power source.

You need something if you don’t have a hoverboard charger to buy a new one according to the specification or sometimes a computer charger may also work well but do consider input and output voltage.

Your hoverboard manual may have the appropriate information about it too. You may find three or four videos on the internet about charging the hoverboard by moving it with your hand for ten minutes and it will charge. A number of sights reported this too that it is possible to charge the hoverboard in this manner without a charger.

Let me tell you straight this will not work it is entirely not possible to charge the hoverboard without charger and power source. The website that reported this way of charging is reported with the reference of some anonymous users, not by any authentic source.

Charging with a laptop/computer charger

In case you have lost your charger and this is not possible for you to buy a new one at this instance of time. In this case, you may charge your hoverboard with the computer.

laptop charger as described on many websites on the net/ the thongs to consider is first the charger port and the hoverboard port should be adjusted to each other. Secondly, the output and input parameters of the hoverboard charger should be the same otherwise this can bring sewer consequences.

Time to replace the battery

What is the perfect time to replace a battery?

Isn’t this amazing if your hoverboard tells it by himself?

Many hoverboards have a light indication system. If the orange light on your hoverboard turns on or blink it means this is the time to replace the battery it is not recommended to charge the battery on the orange light you will not get anything out of it.

Charging a Broken Battery

If you feel that something is flowing out of the hoverboard be alert this is the battery fluid leakage you may feel a strange smell too, never ever charge the battery in this situation and make it fixed from a service center or repair shop.

What does greet light indicate?

Greenlight on the charger indicates that the hoverboard is not storing the energy anymore. There might be two reasons the charger is not properly plugged into the hoverboard secondly the battery is full or malfunctioning it means needed to be checked. The check is simple. If the battery provides the riding time appropriately then it is fit if not then it is needed to be replaced or checked by an appropriate person

Final Words

Your device may have some additional or different features other than the standard one. so this is always recommended to consult the user manual with the Hoverboard before operating it. Check out the latest guide about How to Spot a Fake VS Real Hoverboard.