How to Ride a Skateboard?

Do you have a skateboard and love skating but don’t have much knowledge of riding a skateboard? If yes, this article is going to be a great help to you.

Skating has always been a fun especially for the youngsters. It is a good way to utilize your energy and enjoy the spare moments. Keeping in view the traffic and commute problems, even some students in some of the developed countries use skateboards for approaching their institutions or somewhere else. But skating isn’t that much simple that it seems.

For skating smoothly, some factors must be kept in mind including the balancing techniques, your weight, height, dimensions of skateboards and the condition of the skateboards, etc. Learning skating is not that much difficult, you just need to have a clear vision and dedication for this amazing activity.

In this article, we will guide you for learning and using the skateboard in the right way so that you may enjoy your sport in an enthusiastic way instead of being in some fear.

Things to ponder before buying a skateboard

If you are a lover of skating and want to take up this activity as a hobby or just for fun, you must open your mind before buying the right skateboard for you. It is not pertinent to purchase a brand-new skateboard after every six months or year. You can enjoy skating with your re-purchase also but only if it is in a good condition.

Always make sure of the maintenance of your skateboard. Always search for the markets and if buying online do check the reviews about the best skateboards before buying one for you. Anti-hero and real are some of the best companies which can provide you the optimum quality skateboard for long-term usage.

Another important point is to consider your weight and height before buying a suitable skateboard for riding. Of course, your height and weight can affect your riding capacity and the mode of riding the skateboard. So, choose a skateboard that has stable and good dimensions as per your weight and height. In this way, you can balance your position and ride smoothly while skating.

For skating on ice, use a skateboard with durable tires, frames, and body so that you may skate smoothly. For skating on road, avoid buying a skateboard with a steel frame because they cause speed wobbles.

Riding guidelines

Buying a skateboard takes a lot of efforts but starting your riding journey on skateboard is also not that much easy. If you have an avid lover of skating and now thinking of riding a skateboard. Here, we are going to provide you some minute guidelines about how to ride a skateboard?

Balancing a ride is always very important while skating. If you are just at the beginning level then beware before taking the start because increasing speed unsteadily and using the skateboard without proper balancing, you can meet accidents.

Always start with a smooth and steady start so that you may have an injury-free ride. Watch carefully especially when skating on a road with other transportations.

Use comfortable shoes and easy apparel before skating so that you may have the real joy of interruption-free skating ride. If you are going to have your first ride, it is always better to have some instructor with you so that you start and land safely.

Practice as much as you can but on a carpet road or on an easy patch of ice so that you may learn to balance your skateboard. It is not recommended to start bouncing or jumping in the start, you can go for creating more thrill in your ride but after learning the balancing techniques.

Take small trips at first to avoid learning frustrations or to experience smooth skating. For starting your ride on a skateboard, first start using it on a plain carpet surface instead of difficult roads or tunnels. Be confident and positive to enjoy your ride so that you may not get struck in somewhere.

Another useful step is to watch live skating of experts to learn skating smoothly. You can also watch on television for your guidance but practical watching is more worthy than of watching it on the record.

If possible, take some skating trainer’s tips and try utilizing them in an easy yet practical way so that you may learn skating quickly.

What to avoid while riding a skateboard?

Here are some few points that you must consider important while skating especially for the first time:

  • Avoid going on a high speed in the start instead go for a steady speed in the start so that you may learn as quickly as you can and in a safe manner
  • Try balancing your ride at first, and then think of the speed. Balancing is very much important because without proper balancing, you cannot enjoy your ride either on ice or on the road.
  • As a beginner, always try to ride on a smooth surface instead of road with complex turns and tunnels. It will raise your confidence level and you will be able to prolong your journey without any fear of being fallen.
  • Get your skateboard wheel balancing soon if you are using it frequently and make sure to check the wheel-alignment before leaving for skating.

Should I always buy a brand-new skateboard?

No, it is not necessary to always go for the first-hand purchase of your skateboard. You can re-purchase the skateboard if it belongs to a good company and is in good condition. Certainly, if you would buy a new skateboard, it will cost you higher but you will not spend much on its maintenance. On the other hand, if you would buy a second-hand skateboard, you will have to spend money in its maintenance. So, that is totally your choice depending on your budget and likeness.

After how much time should I align my skateboard’s wheels?

That depends on the condition of your skateboard. If you have purchased a brand-new skateboard, you can align your wheels after about a year or according to your usage. But if you have purchased a second-hand skateboard, you should align your wheels, after six months. Your usage duration and the types of roads on which you ride your skateboard, also matter a lot in this regard.

We hope that we have satisfied all your queries related to skating in this article. You can learn skating by yourself but in a steady manner because nothing can be learnt fast without dedication.

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