How Much Is A Good Skateboard?

Owning a good skateboard has become the dream of almost every teenager in the United State. The noncommittal ones are the fearful ones. Gradually, skateboarding is also taking a spot in the sport world. As a result, there is a great increase in demand for skateboards all through America.

The desire to get a skateboard is not enough without adequate knowledge about a skateboard. A lot of things should be put into consideration before choosing or buying your skateboard. Understandings those things will aid in getting a good skateboard for yourself. You don’t want to get a problematic skateboard, do you?

If yes, then you must carefully go through this article till the very end. It will enhance your right decision in choosing the best skateboard for yourself. The article contains information on how to budget for your skateboard. Likewise, you will get to know the types of skateboard and their components.

Most importantly,  getting a good skateboard comes with financial implications. As such, this article also addresses costs and factors that affect the price of a skateboard. Nonetheless, you can choose to build your skateboard yourself. Understanding the components can guide you on how to go about that.

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In choosing a skateboard for yourself, the first most important step is to have a budget. Your budget serves as a determinant for your choice. Therefore, a need to carefully analyze how much you can afford to secure a good skateboard. In budgeting for a skateboard, your consideration should go beyond your own assumed price. You must be ready to consider offers by sellers and brands. Your taste in terms of design, features, and brands must also be part of your consideration. This is an indication that your budget is determined by market structure and not your decision. Moreover, as discussed in the introduction aspect of this article. You can choose to build your skateboard yourself. Building a skateboard requires you to get all needed components from the spare part sellers. Here you will get the latest information on the best skateboards in 2021.

However, the cost of this can be expensive compared to getting a new skateboard. Moreso, research conducted has revealed that building a skateboard is better than buying one. This is because you have the opportunity to include any features of your choice. You can as well alter the bearing and choose the length of the deck. Considering the market analysis in the United State of America. The cost of a good skateboard ranges between $70 and $150 according to Market research. The price difference is due to a lot of factors in the market. For more understanding, those factors are discussed below. 

Factors Affecting The Price Of Skateboards
Prices of skateboards vary in the market due to some certain reasons. The answer to the question of how much is a good skateboard is determined by those factors. Having an understanding of these reasons enhances the right decision and good choice. A report carried out by 360 reports states that the key player in the skateboard market is brand. The following factors are discussed follows;

Brand Of Product

One major factor that affects the prices of skateboards and most products is their brand. Over time, some brands have been able to establish a reputable name in the industry. As a result of this,  they leverage their reputation to optimize a great profit. Even when the product is expensive compared to other brands, people are still willing to buy.

Also, products from different brands have different specifications and designs. Some brands have designs that are unique to them and have a patent to that effect. Some times,  the uniqueness might be in the following areas;

  • Material used for the deck
  • The shape and the length of the deck
  • Graphics on and underneath the deck
  • Technological tools like stopwatch and speedometer
  • A shock pad for shock-absorbing.

 Without a doubt,  a good brand will give you nothing but a good product. Therefore, you must take it upon yourself to make findings on the available brands. Ask questions from friends that have owned a couple of skateboards. Compare and contrast the durability and usability of the recommended brands.

According to market analysis and data, this article can recommend a few brands. Brands like Plan B,  Powell Peralta, and Enjoi have been said to be at the forefront of manufacturing the best skateboards. However, their prices cannot be fixed. It can only be said to be within the ranges of $100 and $150.

Seasonal Factor

Another factor that affects the price of skateboards is the season. However,  this only has a slight effect on the price of skateboard. However, you can be assured of paying less if you can carefully analyze the season when the price is low. There are some periods when demand is low and consequently the price of the product also falls.

One of such periods is during the school resumption period. The holiday period seems to come along with a lot of demand for skateboards. Most school guys catch fun during their holiday. One of these fun things is skating, and this makes a skateboard more expensive during the holiday.  However, as soon as school resumes back to work, there is a slight reduction in the demand and price of skateboards.

Another of such periods, when the price of a skateboard falls, is the rainy season. During the rainy season,  there is a major fall in the demand for skateboards. This is because the majority tends to avoid skating this period to avoid accidents. The roads are assumed to be wet and dangerous for skating.

This demand reduction consequently brings about a price reduction. Therefore,  it is a good idea to get your skateboard during this period. This will allow you to buy at a lesser price.

Designs And Components

How Much Is A Good Skateboard?

A major factor that determines the price of a skateboard is the design and component. This has been discussed slightly when talking about brands.  Generally, not all skateboards have the same features and specifications. Based on the brands, some features are unique to some skateboards.

Even products from the same brand might not have the same features. Each brand can produce different skateboards with different features. Therefore, this uniqueness affords the product to attract more prices than others.

Aside from the conventional designs of skateboards. Some manufacturers have invented some specially designed skateboards. This makes it more fascinating for the users and boosts the sales of the brand. Some of these special features are discussed below;

Some specially designed skateboards have a feature called a speedometer. A speedometer is a device that helps you track the speed of your movement. It shows the rate of distance covered with time. In the case of competition, this speedometer can also be used to judge the best skateboarder.

Some skateboards also possess another device called an odometer. Unlike speedometers, odometers can only calculate the distance covered in kilometers. However,  the usage of an odometer alongside a stopwatch can serve as a speedometer. With the aid of the stopwatch,  you will be able to calculate the speed using distance and time.

Some people don't know that it is not every skateboard that is compatible with everybody. Each skateboard has the weight of people they can accommodate. As a result of this,  some manufacturers make use of a Durometer to indicate how hard the wheel is. This gives information on how much weight the skateboard can accommodate.

The implication of the presence of the above devices on your skateboard is the hike in its price. Such skateboards will be more expensive than any other regular skateboards.

Skateboards are always different in designs and specifications. Hence, we have different types of skateboards. Understanding the types of skateboard helps you identify what should be your choice. How much a skateboard costs depends on the type and the quality. Aside from the conventional design that makes use of only wheels and decks. The evolution in the skateboard industry has brought about new designs of skateboards. The varieties are in the styles and sizes of the skateboard. An essential thing to consider in choosing a skateboard is the size. A skateboard according to size can either be a longboard or a shortboard. The sizes also come with their advantages and disadvantages. A shortboard is known to be good for tricks and a longboard for cruising. You might not overthink the sizes of skateboards. However, you must understand that it matters. Aside size of the skateboard, the following are types and categories of skateboard;

The Mini or Small Cruiser Skateboard

The mini-cruiser skateboard is one of the first sets of skateboards in the skating industry. It gained popularity in the years 2010 and 2011. It can serve as a starter's pack for a beginner in skating. This type of skateboard is majorly used by entry-level skateboarders and small children.

Mini-cruiser skateboards are also prominent among high school boys. The majority use this as a means of transportation to school. However, some High Schools have placed a ban on this due to the rate of accidents. Nonetheless, a mini-cruiser skateboard is still the choice of many high school boys during holidays.

As an old fashioned skateboard, mini-cruiser skateboards are made from plastics. The decks are made with plastic and little iron fittings. They are very durable and suitable for performing acrobatic moves and tricks.

The Double-kick Skateboard

This is a lightweight skateboard that can be recommended for a beginner. It is also known as the popsicle design skateboard. It is a very popular and widely used skateboard. This is because it is viable for skating on any type of platform.

The Double-kick skateboard works well for every type of skating. It can be used for street skating, ice skating, and also on skateparks. Due to it being lightweight, it can easily be used to perform all sorts of tricks. Tricks like grinding, airborne trick, and shred curbs can be performed easily using this skateboard.

The Popsicle design skateboard is designed with features like a kick and nose at the tail. Across the width is a concave curve that gives it the ability to fit into the design.  The design makes it versatile, hence it can be used in any type of environment.

The Cruiser Skateboard

The cruiser skateboard is notable for its ruggedness. That is,  the ability to work effectively in a rough environment. It possesses a big and soft wheel that makes it easy to ride over rough platforms. It is mostly used for transportation and city cruising.

The cruiser skateboard is very durable and known to possess long-lasting components. It can be used over 5 years provided it is being serviced regularly. The components can also be replaced if the need arises. It is the best for you if you skate regularly on a rough platform.

Like a mini-cruiser skateboard, they can also be used to perform tricks and stunts. However, amateurs are advised to avoid performing tricks using cruiser skateboards. Experts can easily dodge obstacles using this skateboard. They can also be used to perform tight and fast turns.

Classic Longboard Skateboard

The longboard skateboard is made to help beginners who are yet to master balancing on boards. Classic longboards can give enough space to the legs of the skateboarder. As such,  it is easier to learn how to balance on a skateboard using the longboard. Also, they can be used by skateboarders of any age bracket and experience.

The size and shape of classic longboard skateboards gives it its stability. As a result of this,  it can be used on broad walkways and for steep hill skating. The features include a twin tip design and a pintail.

A classic longboard skateboard can have a length of 33 inches and more. It can accommodate skateboarders of different heights and weights. The size makes it easy for the skateboarder to maneuver over rough surfaces. They are very good at performing turns and wide carves.

The Carve Skateboard

The Carve skateboard is known for its ability to perform either as a cruiser or a longboard. It has a flexible design which gives it the features of both types of skateboard. This feature also makes it the choice of many skateboarders.

The Carve skateboard is a state of the art skateboard due to its unique designs. Through effortless pumping, the skateboard can increase or generate its speed. It can act on the plane surface just like a surfboard on the wave. Therefore, it gives you the feeling of water surfing on flat ground.

The carve skateboard is also notable for its ability to perform sharp turns and deep carves. They can be used to maneuver over a rough surface without stress. The carve skateboard is also the most suitable skateboard for bowl riding. A typical good skateboard.

The Downhill Skateboard

Unlike the classic longboards, the downhill skateboard is a longboard designed for stability and speed. The classic longboard has stability but no speed. The downhill longboards encompass both stability and speed in their features.

This is a skateboard specifically designed for special skating exercises. It is the best skateboard to be used for events like slalom skating and hill steep skating. The nature of its wheels gives room for easy maneuvering over irregular surfaces. It can also be used to make quick and sharp curves, especially in slalom skating.

The wide wheelbase also enables the skateboarder to control speed and to slide more safely.  There are also two major designs of downhill longboard skateboards. They are the standard conclave and the drop-through shape.

The Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard is a modern and the latest edition of the skateboard. The features of this skateboard exclusively contain technological devices. It is a motorized skateboard at a top speed of 15 miles per hour. It can also cover a distance of about 5 miles without much stress on the skateboarder.

Technology and gadget freak guys will take this as their choice of a good skateboard. It is also easy to use and requires less effort from the skateboarder. Some electric skateboards come with remote control or control pads. These pads can be used to reduce or increase speed and also to apply breaks.

Electric skateboards must be fully charged before use. They must as well be properly monitored to avoid technical faults. A little damage to any of the electrical components can result in the inability to control the gadget. This is important to avoid any form of accident in the course of skating.

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Should I Buy A Skateboard Or Assemble One Myself?

How Much Is A Good Skateboard?

As a prospective skateboard buyer, this is another question that confronts you in the face. In your attempt to secure the best skateboards, you will have a choice to either buy one or build one yourself. However, your answers to this are based on so many factors which will be analyzed here.

Buying a skateboard will be the best option if you're not technically inclined. You must have prior knowledge of how to assemble components. However, if you're not technically inclined, you should visit any shop to get your skateboard. How much is a good skateboard is a derivative of the quality and the shop.

However, your budget should be between $100 and $150 if you plan to buy one. The variety in price can be traced to differences in brand,  features, and retailer. It is essential you know that price does not always mean quality. You must be ready to ascertain the quality yourself before making payment.

However,  for people that have the optimal knowledge about skateboarding. Most will like to assemble their skateboard instead of buying a new one. This allows you to have the skateboard of your taste and specifications.

Not only that, building your skateboard affords you the chance to alter a lot of things. You can choose any length and type of deck. Your deck being a cruiser, longboards or shortboard will be yours to decide. The material either wood, plastic, optic fiber, and its layers will also be your decision.

Other advantages you get is your ability to decide the height of the skateboard; The height and the width of the wheel; The sharpness of the bearing; The choice to add a riser pad and shock pad.

However, in your decision to assemble or build the skateboard of your taste. You must be informed that the cost of assembling a skateboard is more expensive than buying a new one. You will be paying almost $50 extra if you choose to do the assembling. This is due to the expensive price of spare parts and tools.

In the next part of this article, you will be informed about the necessary component of a skateboard. The explanation will as well include the prices of each component. This will give you a sneak peek of what to expect in spare part shops.

Features And Components Of A Good Skateboard
A good skateboard must essentially have 8 complete parts. These parts are what determines its effectiveness in giving a smooth ride. As a prospective skateboard buyer, you must Watch out for these parts before buying one. Also, in case you opted to assemble your skateboard by yourself. An estimated worth of the component will also be discussed. This as well aid good budgeting for your skateboard building. The 8 major components are as follows;

The Deck

The deck is a flat platform or board on which the skateboard stands. It is the standing area that serves as the igniting arena for the skateboard. In the past,  decks were made of wood and plastic materials. However, the modern-day skateboard now has a deck made of optic fibers, carbon,  and even slick coating materials.

A deck can be categorized into three parts according to its size and shape. The categories are cruisers,  longboards, and storyboards. The most common and the biggest size of a deck is 8 inches. This is also the advisable size a beginner must start with.

How much is a skateboard deck is a derivative of how the type of material it is made of. However, the average price of a skateboard deck is between $40 and $50. The slight price differences are as a result of quality and material used.

The Grip Tape

The manufacturers of skateboards are so much concerned about the safety of users. As a result of this,  consideration is being given to safety measures and precautions. One of such safety measures is the grip tape. This is an adhesive paper attached to the deck to provide friction to the skateboarder's shoe.

The grip tape allows the skate shoe to stay firmly on the deck without sliding. It provides traction even while skating on rough surfaces. This has been a good measure to avoid sliding accidents in skating.  The average price of a grip tape is $5.

The Truck

The truck is a metallic object that connects the deck and the wheel. It is the axle-shaped object that allows the wheel to turn the board. The width of the truck must match the width of the deck for better movement. This is also one of the parts of skateboarding that must be serviced regularly.

You have the liberty to choose the truck height depending on your choice. However, it is the deck width that must determine the truck width. Consideration must also be given to rubber bushings inside the truck. They help the truck to turn sharply if they are in good condition.

The prices of trucks can vary depending on the height and width of the truck. Nonetheless, a truck will have an average price between $25 and $30.

The Wheels

The wheels serve as the steering for your board on any surface. They are located on the truck and are used to roll the board to and fro on any surface. They determine the acceleration and turns of your skateboard. That is, small wheels are slow and good for street skating whereas big wheels are fast and best for cruising.

Occasionally, your choice of wheel will be determined by the type of skating. The surface also is a determinant of what the wheel will look like. For street skating,  a hard and a small wheel is recommendable. For cruising, mountain skating, and skate parks, a well balanced and soft wheel should be used.

The price of wheels is determined by the size and hardness of the wheel. However, the average price of a good skateboard wheel is $10.


The bearing is a circular metallic object that attached the wheel to the trunk. They consist of small balls that allow the wheel to turn effectively. The bearing of a skateboard must be precise and durable. Bearing must be maintained and lubricated regularly to avoid friction.

The cost of skateboard bearing is not expensive. The estimated average price of a bearing is $5. However, if well maintained, a bearing can last for a long time.

Riser Pad

A riser pad is a plastic but durable pad used in between the deck and the truck. Most times, it is used for raising the height of a skateboard. On another occasion, a riser pad can be used as a preventive measure to avoid wheel bite. Either way, the riser pad is an important part of a good skateboard.

While making usage of a larger wheel,  a riser pad is necessary.  It helps to create enough clearance while skating.  They come in different sizes and the average price is $10.

Shock Pads

Shock pads are usually mistaken for riser pads.  However, there are slight differences between the two. While riser pads are used to raise the height of the skateboard. The shock part is essentially used for shock-absorbing.

The shock pad is rectangular and is fixed in between the deck and the truck also. It is always flexible and possesses the ability to absorb shocks. The average price of shock pads is $10.

Skateboard Hardware

The skateboard hardware consists of screws, nuts, washers, and bolts. They are necessary for holding the components to the deck and where else. They are further categorized into hangers,  bushings, and kingpins. The prices of skateboard hardware depends on the quantity as there are no unit prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Skateboard

Question: How much is a good skateboard?

Answer: The price of a good skateboard varies depending on some factors. The type of the skateboard, the features and components of the skateboard, and the market factors are responsible for the price of a skateboard. However, your budget should be between $100 and $150.

Question: What are the essential components of a good skateboard?

Answer: A good skateboard should essentially have these 6 parts intact; A strong deck,  a truck,  a wheel,  bearing, a riser pad, and a shock pad. All these components are intact only if the hardware is intact.

Question: What type of skateboard is best for a beginner?

Answer: A beginner in skating must-watch Out for the type of skateboard to be used. It is advisable to start with a longboard skateboard. This will allow you to learn balancing effectively. A skateboard with a hard wheel should also be used by a beginner.

Question: What are the categories of skateboard according to size?

Answer: There are various types of skateboard according to brands and designs. However, there are three types of skateboard according to size. They are cruisers, longboards, and shortboard skateboards.

Question: Which one is good?  To buy a skateboard or to build one.

Answer: The answer to this depends on your ability. Assembling a skateboard yourself is the best if you have the needed knowledge. This gives you the ability to incorporate your design and idea. You can as well add features of your own choice.

However,  building a skateboard is more expensive than buying one. This is because the spare parts are costlier in piece compared to buying a new skateboard.


Acquiring a good skateboard requires you to have adequate knowledge about skateboarding. This will afford you the chance to carefully select what is the best. You must understand the types and features of skateboard before making a decision. However, before embarking on the journey of acquiring a skateboard. You must have a clear budget and understanding of your choice skateboard. You must understand that graphic design does not make a good skateboard. [/su_note]

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