Best Cheap Electric Skateboards of 2022

Best Cheap and Budget Electric Skateboards in 2022

In recent times, technology has made it possible for us to arrive at our various destinations using several mediums of transportation. One of such mediums of transportation is a skateboard/ drift board. The use of a skateboard helps you arrive at your destination while cruising or having fun in style and more importantly, in time. … Read more

Hoverboards, Skateboards & Swagtron Skins in 2022

Hoverboards, Skateboards & Swagtron Skins in 2021

Let your hoverboard describe your personality. Install it with a beautiful skin that is according to your own Desire. Multiple types of things available in the market you can choose the one that suits you the best. The most popular themes of the hoverboards are Swagtron hoverboard skins, Gucci hoverboard skin, hover 1 hoverboard skins, … Read more

Best Types of Skateboards In 2021

Types of skateboards

It took years for a product to get mature and ready to be launched in the market, the same is the case with the best hoverboards. During its evolution, it took many shapes. Some of these shapes became mature and took the shape of a kind. This kind may be developed as the type of … Read more

Best Skateboards Tricks for Beginners In 2021

Best skateboards tricks for beginners In 2021

This is difficult for beginners to perform the tricks on the skateboard. This is the reason that we have arranged here a list of easy tricks on skateboards for beginners. These are the best skateboards for beginners tricks but to perform these tricks first you know how to do tricks on skateboards for beginners. All … Read more

Best Skateboard Trucks In 2021

Best Skateboard Trucks In 2021

The best skateboard truck brands can not be contained in a single list. For this, you have to make multiple lists containing different heads. These may be like the best skateboard trucks for the street, best skateboard trucks for beginners, and best skateboard trucks for cruising.  Weight plays an important role in this regard. This … Read more

Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding in 2021

Best wrist guards for skateboarding in 2021

One of the most common in this is due to falling down while getting wrist injuries. This is due to the natural mechanism. This is the basic human instinct that the human tries to save their vital but relatively weak parts during fall down. This is the reason that when we talk down especially during … Read more

How Much Is A Good Skateboard?

How Much Is A Good Skateboard?

Owning a good skateboard has become the dream of almost every teenager in the United State. The noncommittal ones are the fearful ones. Gradually, skateboarding is also taking a spot in the sport world. As a result, there is a great increase in demand for skateboards all through America. The desire to get a skateboard … Read more

The13 Best Cheap Longboards

The13 Best Cheap Longboards

Looking for the best cheap longboards? You’re at the right place, here you will see longboards prices, reviews, pros & cons, and features. Longboards are similar to skateboards but as indicated in the name, they are only longer. However, due to their smaller wheel size, construction materials tend to be faster and more convenient to … Read more