Longboard vs. Skateboard: what is best for You?

Longboard vs. Skateboard: what is best for You?

For a common person, all the skateboards are the same. But if you are a knowledgeable person regarding the boards you know that there are many types of boards

Some boards are smart while some boards are long. Some are made of some specific type of material.

The board can change your riding experience completely. Some may find a specific type of board easier than others to ride. The preference of the people may differ to choose the board. But the skateboard and longboard have a very slight difference.  

For some of the readers, the title of the article may be confusing as the skateboard is a very generic term. But if you dig out further you will find that there are really some significant differences. That made these two different identities. Let’s discuss some attributes that distinguish both of them from each other


  • Both the skateboard and the longboard differ in size.
  • The length of the skateboard is standard. The length of the skateboard is 36inches.
  • The longboard varies in terms of the length.
  • The usual length of the skateboard is 51 inches. Still, it varies in length a lot. The minimum length of the longboard can be 28 inches. While the maximum length of the board is 59 inches.

Nose and Tail

  • The other feature that distinguished the n=both boards with each other is the shape of the nose and the tail.
  • The skateboard has a curved tail and nose. These curved tailed and noose make this possible for you to perform different tricks with this.

Types of Longboard

As far as the tail and the nose of the longboard are concerned. The longboard comes in a variety of them. Some of them are really popular. We have picked four of these popular longboards. These are Top Mount, Cruiser, Freeride, and Pintail.

These are also known as Speedboard. The Nose and the tail are in the shape of the pointer in this type of the longboard. This means that this type of the longboard has a sharp edge at both ends.

Like the cars of the same shape. These have a rounded nose and the tail. This means that this type of longboard has a rounded end on both sides. 

Freestyle is the other name given to this type of longboard. These longboards as indicated by the name come in a variety of the boards. These boards have multiple types of beginning and end.  This is the reason that these types of longboards are known as Freeride and Freestyle. 

This longboard has a unique feature in terms of the beginning and the end. The nose is blunt and the tail has a pony.  Some other choices that are offered to you in case you want to buy a longboard are multiple. Two of these are Flexibility and the wheel shape

The longboards are available with multiple flexibilities. You can easily choose between different instantaneous flexibility. You may choose between more and less flexibility.

There are two different kinds of wheel shape choices available. These two are square and round wheels. The square wheels are made for straight cruising. If you want to move fast then the good choice is the rounded wheels.  

Advantages of longboard

  • Love is available in many shapes and lengths.
  • You can perform a number of tasks with the long coat that includes Cruise, Carve, perform tricks, commute, and racing.
  • As a longboard can be long if your feet are big you can easily adjust with it.

Disadvantages of longboards

  • As longboards are long this is really difficult to handle due to size and weight.
  • In the comparison of the price you need to pay more in case you buy a longboard.

Advantages of a skateboard

  • The skateboards are available in a variety of material
  • If you need to buy it in good condition it is available in high quality bamboo and even in Canadian maple.
  • Aishwarya as other materials is concerned other than wood. This is also available in aluminum and fiberglass.
  • A special kind of skateboard is made of plastic. These kinds of skateboards are known as penny boards.
  • Look for the trucks. This is the part that connects the tire with the board. Preferably this should be made of the metal. The tracks are made of plastic or not so durable.
  • Tires are available in two different materials. One is plastic and the other is the rubber.
  • Whenever Buying boards do remember to check the ABEC rating of the bearing. Bearing Helps the tire to move smoothly. The ABEC rating determines less pain and smooths the softness of the bearing. Our recommendation is 7 or 5.
  • While buying the skateboard avoid plastic as much as possible.
  • Check the condition and the working of the wheels. Spin it with your hand and listen to the sound. The movement of the wheels should be smooth and less noisy.
  • if you are a beginner then it is preferably the right decision to buy a readymade board.
  • For the most advanced users, it is recommended to prepare their own board. In this way, they will be able to choose the different parts of the board as per their own choice.
  • Skateboards are lightweight at small. This is the reason you can easily carry them and store them. Big lightweight and small size itself brings many advantages.
  • If you ride it to school. You can easily put it in your bag or even in your locker.
  • The economic affordability of the skateboard is better than the longboards. The price of the skateboard is relatively less than the longboards.

Disadvantages of a skateboard

  • You need to carry your skateboard with you. As no option of lock is available with it. In the case of a bike or scooter, you can easily park it and lock it.
  • The damage to the shoes is more in the case of the skateboard. There are 2 reasons behind it. The first is the shoe damage due to the kicking. The second is the tape on the skateboard. The grip tape used on the longboard is more friendly for the shoes than the grip tape used on the skateboard.

Buyers guide to buy the board

This is sometimes tricky to buy the board which you need. The reason is that the expert level of every individual is different from others. As well as the boards are concerned the driver of these entirely based on the expertise of the driver.

so the main concern in deciding any criteria about buying a board is associated with the expert level of the user.

Buying recommendation for adult beginner

If you are an adult beginner then the right choice for you is the longboard. This provides you more space to settle with your feet. As it is heavier the chances are low that it will spot up. Third and most important condition is that it is difficult to perform tricks on it. Either you will wait to become an expert user or you will buy a skateboard. Both cases will save you from taking unnecessary risks.

Buying recommendation for the young beginner

Longboard as a beginner board for the young beginner is not suitable. There are two important reasons for it. The first one is that it is heavier. It is heavier so it will not be controlled easily by a young adult. As it is longer the chances are high that it will be difficult for the rider to adjust with its length especially if the rider is young. 


So if you are buying for a young beginner, buy a skateboard instead of a longboard. In skateboarding, it is recommended to buy the standard skateboard.

A quick practical guide

If you do not want to read the complete description. We have some really few checkpoints for you that can help you to select between longboarding and skateboarding.


You must prefer skateboard in case

  • Most of the time you do skating in the skate park
  • Your preference is to perform tricks.
  • Ramps and rails are the areas where you want to perform the tricks.
  • You need to take the titans while you are riding on the board.
  • Compact and rishi areas are in your way.

You may need to prefer the longboard if

  • You are intended to ride on the board for longer distances.
  • You want to Cruise around sidewalks and in the parks.
  • You want to run your board on top speed.
  • You do not know how to balance but still, you want to write on the board.

Final Words

Choosing between the long and the skateboard is somehow a tricky choice. Both have their own merits and demerits.


What assists you most in your choice is the skill level, the style of skating, and the purpose of skating. 


The main difference between a skateboard and longboard is the length, the shape of the nose and tail of the board. 


On the basis of your skillset, your skating activities, and the distance you attended to cover you may choose now the best portfolio as the information provided in this article.

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