Top Rated 10 Cheap Electric Longboards (Ultimate Guide)

Initially, motor-operated longboards were introduced in the 1970’s and the market was overwhelmed with the idea. Moreover, make it clear that the consumers are very much ready to update their skateboard to something mechanical and motor operated.

But one downside that brings it down for a while was its unbearable noise and pollution. They were even banned in the state of California for the same reasons. But once when in 2000 the relaunch of a motor-operated electric skateboard hit the market it made a blasting entry.

Since the time is passing the quality and operative motors are getting better in Electric Skateboards. With the advancement in technology, the braking system, speed management, and battery timing of these electric skateboards are getting better.

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The next barrier in the availability of these electric skateboards was high pricing, which makes it less available. But the time and evolution have enabled the manufacturers to produce better products at lesser prices. Now even purchase of Cheap Electric Longboard you can get all those luxuries which were once not even available in expansive ones a decade ago.

So for better features and lower prices in cheap electric longboards, this article is going to assist you in the best regard. So set your seat belts, as in this article we are going to disclose from top to bottom list of cheap electric skateboards, now decide your range and order your desire. In 2020 you are ridding a simple skateboard as you are low in budget no way… here we have low price skateboards made with most affordable motors.

So let’s jump to least expansive yet highly amazing electric longboards. I am sure these all options from 100$ to 300 $ (few above) will get you your desired features like Flash’s top speed, tech deck grip skates, and even light up skateboards. Moreover, the fun thing is you can get motorized skateboard kits and evolve your simple longboard into a perfect zoom zoom cheapest electric longboard.

Electric Longboard RazorX


  • 125-Watt Single Motor
  • High-Speed Of 10 mph
  • 10.5 lbs Weight (Easy Carriage)
  • 40 Min Go On One Charge
  • Deck Made Of Maplewood

Facts & Features

If you want to have all the fun of hoverboard without a hoverboard this Razor X is going to be your perfect choice at a real low price. So have all your hovering with this Cheap electric skateboard. With 125 watt motor, this skateboard is not at all meant to betray you on any flat terrains. But if you are planning to hike some hills and steeps you need to invest somewhere else.

This skateboard is perfect to carry wherever you go wit hits mart design, but being smart makes it a bit different than a regular longboard. You will love it once you master it, 5 ply maple wood deck make it a sturdy and durable skateboard to ride. Maple wood is famous for high-quality skateboard production, but definitely abusing not allowed or it will snap.

With its custom trucks and wheels that grip the roads, a perfection that makes it an awesome street rider. Riding it is quite fun and easy as you can ride it with ease and comfort without losing balance at the speed of up to 10 miles per hour. Moreover, if you are just a beginner its stability will help you to learn to stand steadily and ride perfectly.

If you have to walk a lot on campus you need to buy this skateboard to add comfort and swag to your movement. If you are going to buy the best electric skateboard then must check the best longboard for beginners first.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

If you are a beginner in skateboarding and slightly low in budget, this buy will suit you the most, so hurry up get your swag board. You can easily carry it with you in your office or campus.

Electric SkateBoard H2S 28’ By Jizmo


  • 7 Layers Of Maple Wood Deck
  • Only 8.2 Lbs Weight
  • Samsung Lithium Battery
  • 40 Min Go On One Charge
  • 12mph speed
  • Easy To Drive & Balance


Facts & Features

If you are looking for something that is good to ride and best to carry along with its 8.2 lbs weight that is actually light enough to carry along. You can carry it easily where ever you go as you can easily keep it in your bag pack.

Mostly when coming back home or going to campus there are few tough miles without public convenience which are hard to cover on foot. But having this cheap skateboard in hand will make those extra miles fun, instead of stress.

Like any other high quality and expansive skateboard or longboard, its deck is made up of Maplewood.

Moreover, the extra 7 layers of maple wood make it extra durable and extra sturdy, so it can be used as a professional skateboard.

This electric longboard and skateboard are one of those few models which have lithium battery to power up your skating fun. When a big name like Samsung is responsible for power management you need to worry not the long life and perfect working.

In a single charge, you are ready to go for 6 to 10 miles depending upon your speed and for one charge 2-hour charging time is just enough. If you are a speed lover this longboard with a top speed of 12mph is more too good to enjoy the wind.

Moreover, the fun is doubled when the speed can be controlled with remote, so you just adjust your speed according to your skill level. This ride is equally good for both steeps and straights and the making and durability will never let you down. Use it, have all fun, and it assures a life long friendship without even a loose screw with its perfect seal.

In the end, let me update you about its powerful hub motor that is strong enough to carry and support weight up to 222 Lbs. So enjoy this cheap electric longboard that is 28 inches long and studded with an affordable motor.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This electric longboard is best to buy for those with a low budget and high hopes, as you will get 12 mph speed, Samsung lithium battery, and a powerful hub motor. Moreover if carrying your carriage is your concern this shot is perfect for you with its 8.2 Lbs weight.

SwagSkate By Swagtron NG3


  • Powerful Responsive sensors
  • 9.3 Mph max speed
  • Responsive Sensors
  • Polypropylene Deck
  • Polyurethane Wheels

Facts & Features

If you want to skate more but with minimum stress, you need to grab this swagtron swag board. That might look too small but the feature list is quite big yes it offers you 9.3 mph max speed. Moreover, this board is very intelligent as it can judge when you are ridding. Its sensors detect and act accordingly and as you dismount it stops automatically.

The material used for this board is highly appropriate to manage all the shocks and stress when you are on roads. Polypropylene deck and polyurethane wheels are a perfect combination to deal with all stress that pavement has to offer. Moreover, the strength and stability provided to this 8.9-inch longboard make it a perfect selection from your very first to thousandth ride. As with Polypropylene no craking no fading.

And if you are in any trouble you don’t need to worry at all. Because this product as manufactured by swagtron the quality products along with the best customer service are a must to have in the deal.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This skateboard is the best buy for kids, if you are looking for the best cheapest electric skateboard for kids, Swaboard by swagtron is the safest and most classic choice the market has to offer.


  • Small In Size & High in Features
  • Max speed of 20 mph
  • Swiftly climbs the steeps
  • Cheapest boosted boards
  • Three Speeding Boards
  • Highly efficient Braking


Facts & Features

If you want to see the real justification of Small packet’s Big blast this boosted board will definitely do the compliance. Yes, this one is a piece of power-packed machinery that boosts your skating experience. This one is a revolutionary boosted board that will change your mind that big is better, As this skateboard has a portable size still have all the desired features which you can just wish with any longboard at a high price.

This One like the best-boosted boards offers a top speed of 20 mph as it has the same powerful motor that is the charm of expensive boards.

Moreover, you don’t need to overthink about the slopes and hill-climbing hazard. As with this board under your feet, you can climb them up with a 20 percent gradient.

Besides motor and battery boosted team is really efficient in providing great software solutions for smooth rides. This board might be mini in size but it’s deep concave make it perfect for all your turns and twists, moreover provides better stability and grip to your feet.

It’s a classic when it comes to its durability stability and speeding modes, it provides three speeding modes. Moreover, the boosted lunar wheels are highly co-operative to make your ride memorable.

So make your ride mind-blowing with this mega wonderful mini boosted board.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This is the cheapest boosted board with the highest specs, it’s a lovely ride option for those who wish to carry a powerful Carriage in their bag pack. If you need to hike the hills without any sweat and stress this buy will come up to your hopes.

Electric SkateBoard By SkateBolt


  • Portable & Lightweight design
  • Awesome Remote Control with Display Screen
  • Durable Construction
  • High-Quality Manufacturing & machinery
  • Wheel Replacement Option
  • 9.3 Kilometer coverage in one charge

Facts & Features

This skateboard is a real joy for experienced ridders, all your tricks & flips that you have already learned are going to be even more fun. Skateboard by Skatebolt is a small wonder, it’s is light in weight and adequate in the size you can carry it along where ever you go.

When you need a powerful motor of 500 watts that is brushless and highly capable of carrying you swiftly wherever you want. Moreover, a Samsung battery that is 6600 mah and powerful enough to power up your ride. With the brilliant combination of this motor and Samsung battery. This skateboard is going to be your best to go in both forward and backward drives.

Skatebolt skateboard provides you comfort, with its ultimate riding experience and remote provides you perfect control and display. You can check the battery capacity and speed both on your remote control display. Can you imagine a cruise control with a skateboard? yes of course when the brand name is Skatebolt imagination is your limit…

You just switch to cruising mode and go zoom zoom at the desired speed. With this skateboard, you are going to have endless fun. This skateboard is made up of a 7 ply of maple wood that makes it cool, flexible, durable, and sturdy enough to be a good partner on roads. You will love the fact that it always doesn’t need power to run, if you are in the mode of a conventional joy ride kick-off and moves on.

Unlike other motors operated skateboard for refreshing your board. You don’t need to install a whole new motor only tire replacement can make it as new as ever. So now with low maintenance, you can enjoy high performance, definitely, this one is going to be your best choice in the cheapest electric skateboards.

Here this luxury board is actually powered with a 250-watt hub motor and best stylized and effective quality design. Buying this e-skateboard will make you a star with is its eye-catching design and ease of tricks.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

If you are looking for something that can be a true help in your nearby travels, and make it fun instead of stress this board is for you. This funky piece of efficient technology I going to be a great help for you to make you an eye character and a star on roads. Moreover, this is your cheapest yet sturdiest electric skateboard with minimum maintenance.

Diy Electric Skate Board Kit By Loaded Boards


  • Wheels & Liners By Orangatang
  • Maximum 23 Mph speed
  • Light Weight Machine
  • Strong Battery


Facts & Features

If you have ever been wondering how these super wonderful skateboards running on machine power are made, let’s disclose the trick. Yes, now you can convert any skateboard to a powerful machine with this electric skateboard kit. This kit provides you with one motor and one battery along with other required accessories that help you to DIY the lightest motor-operated Skateboard.

With this kit, imagination is your limit you can make it as powerful as you want as the option of adding more than one kit makes it more fun. When you are installing this kit to power up your longboard you can enjoy a maximum speed of 23 mph. And with such speed, you definitely need regenerative braking so don’t worry that is also in hand with this setup.

Its powerful battery lithium-ion battery also gives it a boost to cover 7 plus miles in one charge. Moreover, as this kit weight only 4.4 lbs your board will remain portable and easy to carry as well. So buy this kit and make your own fun carriage that is carryable too. If you are thinking it to be something tricky to instal forget it, it’s easy to install and easy to upgrade.

Don’t think that this one will be a DIY electric skateboard and it might lack in any quality and facility like app control and or speeding modes. You will get it all in your DIY skateboard three riding modes one for beginners, one for professionals, and one for moderate ridders. Moreover, you can control it with mobile all, and all from acceleration, braking, and speed are perfectly under control.

Besides motor and battery rest of the components which you get along this skit are no lesser in quality in any regard. You will get the best wheels by Oragnatang Cauguama, for longer life and durability this kit offers a carbon baseplate. So this electric skateboard kit makes you fully capable of making your smoothest and nicest electric skateboard.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This kit is best for those who are in love with DIY activities and want to make their own electric skateboard but still want it to be the best. So this DIY electric skateboard will be the fastest coolest and High tech in your collection still a self-made board. So buy this electric kit and give your imagination nice wings to fly.

Electric Skateboard H5 By Team Jee


  • UL Certified
  • Hold weight up to 200lbs
  • 10 ply Canadian wood and 1 ply fiberglass strong deck
  • Remote control with Led Screen Display


Facts & Features

This can be your safest version of your cheapest electric skateboard, with its UL certification all the safety measures are surely made intact. This electric skateboard is the thinnest version in its kind. Designed to perfection, to provide you maximum thrill and cham loaded with desired safety and stability.

While you are looking for the best electric skateboard this Team jee Electric Skateboard can be your best choice. With its sleek design and 14.5 lbs weight it’s capable of carrying almost 200 lbs weight that makes it a good choice for adults. Moreover, when it has two instead of one motor of 350 watts each, the better function is just guaranteed.

In one charge you can enjoy 7 to 9-mile uninterrupted ride at the max speed of 22 mph. As far as its durability is concerned let’s check its construction, which is 10 ply Canadian maple with a boost of 1 ply fiberglass. Still, you will find it flexible enough to enjoy a smooth ride.

The whole action and thrill of this electric skateboard are fully controllable with its ultra-tech remote control that has a screen display too. Now are the facts and figures on your E- board are fully accessible through this handy remote control.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This sleek miracle can be the best buy for adults who wish to ride a powerful electric skateboard under budget. Moreover, its high efficiency and high torque are also impressive. For those who want to ride their thrill across the hills, this board will support them in climbing as well.

E- Skateboard With Remote Control By Hiboy


  • Best in for youngsters
  • Light Weight & Super Solid
  • Good Speed & Super Milage
  • 4 brake Modes and 4 Speeding Modes
  • Fully Remote Control

Facts & Features

This perfect ride is the latest trend and heartthrob of youngsters and best E-Skateboard for in campus traveling. Hiboy E-Skateboard is easy to ride and easy to balance, So assures you a joyful ride to resolve all your campus travel stress. This teen swag will surely fill your heart with joy and will suit your swag.

Being light in weight makes it carriable and easy to pack while you are ready for school or college. But being lightweight doesn’t make it any low quality or clumsy thing. As the materials used in its making and manufacturing are highly reliable and a result of modern research. Only 7.94 lbs in weight still perfectly stable while turning or accelerating isn’t amazing.

All the manufacturing from body parts to the motor is durable and reliable. Besides the body, the powerful hub motor is also unique and best for powering a smooth ride. With this E-board under your feet, you can claim a maximum speed of 12mph and with its powerful battery you can cover up to 6 miles in a single charge.

Moreover, with Hiboy under your feet, you will get 4 exclusive braking and speed modes that are just awesome to have. All that speed and acceleration is easily handled with a nice remote control to make your experience more fun and more memorable.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This skateboard with its awesome swag and features is very much appropriate for the teenagers. So buying this is going to add uncountable fun and swag to your campus life.

DLX Razor X E-Skateboard


  • Kick Start Option
  • 150 Watt powerful Hub Motor
  • Lithium-Ion Battery 22 Watts
  • Battery Indication Display
  • Can Support Ridder Up To 100 kg
  • Remote Control Operated
  • 40 Min Ride Time In One Charge
  • Urethane Wheels & Reverse Kingpin Trucks


Facts & Features

While you want to stay on a safer budget still want to carry the swag of electric longboard, this option is going to be your best option indeed. You just need a kick to start this fun machine and its power Hub motor will support you to enjoy speed up to 12 Mph that is cool enough. And in one charge you can enjoy its riding fun for continuous 40 minutes that can cover a good distance for you.

With its twin-tip, it’s long enough for a convenient ride (34.25 inches long). Moreover, like an ideally durable deck, this one is also made of 7 ply maple wood which makes it easy to cruise and very responsive. To enhance your cruising fun this electric skateboard can be controlled with wireless remote control. And for ease of use, this remote control has a wrist strap so you don’t need about handling your remote.

While you are cruising on this perfect ride you don’t need to worry about crashing as this board with its urethane wheels provides perfect griping. Moreover, its hub motor is free from all chain, belt, or alignment issues. This eco-friendly mode of transportation can carry the weight up to 220 lbs with ease but recommended for no one less than 10.

This Skateboard Is Best Buy For

This is your best buy when you are searching for the cheapest electric longboard. That has all the features that are available in one of the most expensive versions only. Equally good for teenagers and even kids more than nine.

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Check List/ Buying Guide For Good But Cheap Electric Skateboard

When you have just seen an electric skateboard and been a fan you need to grab some knowledge before buying your gadget to avoid the trash. Here in this article, we have presented you with a detailed description of the top products in the market of electric skateboards. All these are best in the field and still not a budget shaker.

Yes, one not might suits you due to any reason, but sure that you will get one here that is perfectly your type and fits in your budget. But still, We feel that a well aware customer is a happy consumer, so before investing make sure that your buy is the right buy… let’s check a few factors that assure you a good deal while you close it!

Fun Riding & Safe Braking

The first thing to check with a skateboard is its feel and riding comfort. Moreover, most of all how easy it’s handling is. Your judgment is always going to be dependent upon the fact that how good its brakes work, how far the trucks and motor are competent. Because without these basic components you definitely can’t judge compatibility, durability, and functionality of any electric skateboard.

While you are checking the quality and riding experience of your board you need to make sure that the board doesn’t jerk while accelerating and the deck should be flexible enough for turns and twists.

A smoother ride of a board is also depending upon the kind of firmware it owns. Some brands provide generic firmware that leads to a rough ride in comparison to those skateboards which own proprietary firmware.

Now you might be confused that these are quite tricky things to test and while you are ordering online how you can check it al? so don’t worry check the forums and the reviews of the users, or you can rely on our reviews as well. Because when we are suggesting something to our readers we have already investigated the cons and pros of each product for you. It can also be a good help for intelligent consumers, but Be vigilant and BUy Best!

Powerful Motor

The other important factor which you need to check is the motor type, when it comes to electric skateboards they offer two kinds of motors. One is wheel hub motor and the other is motor with the drive.

A wheel hub motor is generally small in size and doesn’t easily get contaminated with rubbish and debris stuck in them. That makes it safe from blocking, but when it comes to belt-drive motors they definitely produce better torque for your electric skateboard.

With better torque, they are more prone to get contaminated with debris or any such substance that can jam it and cause trouble to you. But on the contrary, hub wheel motors are small in size and the lining needs frequent replacement so both have the cons and pros. So choose the option according to your riding environment.

Well-done Wheels

When we are talking about a ride wheels are definitely going to be of immense importance. Most electric skateboards have polyurethane wheels, few are 70 mm in diameter and few are 100 mm in diameter. Now definitely the larger the diameter is the smoother ride is expected.

As you might have experienced, Hoverboards that have bigger wheels are better with All- terrains. But definitely bigger wheels are going to consume more battery so if you want to save some battery for long drives 70mm is also not a bad choice. Moreover, wheels are the most easily replaceable part of an electric skateboard, so you can easily replace them whenever you feel it’s required.

You also need to check the lining quality, it’s not a thin polyurethane lining around the Hub motor but actually a good full PU wheel lining. As the lining supports and protects the wheel and hub motor. Moreover, if the lining is thin you need to replace it frequently and that will definitely affect the maintenance cost.

Always give priority to the motor, battery, deck, and other mechanical components as compared to the wheels. Because if you are getting a good bargain and a good skateboard at a low price you have always an option to replace the wheels.

Hill Climbing Capacity

The next thing which you need to check is the gradient capacity of your board. That is proportional to how steep hills and mountains or slopes it can cover for you. If you want your board to ride and climb the hills smoothly you should be looking for a higher gradient percentage. For instance, a city like San Francisco has slopes and steeps up to 31% gradient but in most of the urban, 7 or 10% gradient is more than enough.

Speed Limit

Now let’s come to the next phase that is the speed limit. Mostly when we are looking for an electric skateboard the fast freaks try to find out the highest speed option. That is 25 mph but be careful that might be a mistake because that much speed under some unexperienced feet can lead to severe disasters.

Moreover, in commercial areas and highly urban societies you don’t have such open spaces where you can use that much high speed. So while getting your electric skateboard, choose one with an adequate speed which is almost 15 MPh. That is a good speed easy to control and easy to move in urban areas. Moreover, save a few bugs as well because for higher speed you need to invest an amount.

Suitable Weight & Desirable Size

The other important thing to judge is what is the weight of your skateboard, which might don’t affect the functionality and speed of your skateboard. But yes while traveling that matters a lot.

If you are going to use your skateboard on campus or in your office or you are going out on some destination and want to carry it along on your plane. Definitely weight matters as you need to carry it and I suggest you prefer one that is light in weight and high in quality.

Value Of Money

For pricing check, I always have one tip don’t rely on the fact that more expensive is more battery in the quality. You need to check the reviews you need to figure out which board is working well with the consumer. Don’t judge the quality of a board with its pricing. Furthermore,  need to check that whatever money you are paying for your skateboard you’re getting is complete value back or not.

Best Connectivity 

While we are buying an electric skateboard we don’t bother much about the connectivity but that is something to be addressed on priority.  If the connection between the remote control and the motherboard is weak. Definitely the skateboard is not going to behave as you intend it to be. Any delayed communication due to weaker signals can lead to disastrous accidents. So make sure that the connectivity of remote with the motherboard is perfect and it is transmitting the information real soon. For that again go to forums and check the reviews, your internet family is loyal to guide you.

Long Time Warranty 

Getting a product covered under a good brand’s warranty is always a good and secure way to buy a nice product. Because whatever the fault is there is a satisfaction that you are covered under warranty. So if you are looking for a very safe investment with your electric skateboard or any gadget. Buy one that offers a good time warranty with a good customer care service.


I think by now you have realized all that glitters is not gold, and all the quality doesn’t need to be expansive. So select one from the cheapest options for your electric skateboards and enjoy the quality in Budget.

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