Top Big Wheel Hoverboards (Reviews and Buying Guide)

(Best Big Wheel Hoverboards) Kids love to ride a hoverboard, a hoverboard is a great gift for them because this is a flawless combination of skateboarding and e-scooter. Hence, hoverboard gives them a great riding experience.

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FLYING-ANT Hoverboard, 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Hoverboards with Bluetooth and Flashing LED Lights, Hover Board for Kids Teenagers

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The FLYING-ANT Hoverboard is a fun and colorful option for kids and teenagers, with flashing LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity. With a 6.5 inch self balancing design, it’s a safe and easy way to ride around and explore.

However, it is not easy to find a perfect hoverboard for kids since the market is very saturated and there are many types of brands available. The prices are variable accordingly, too. The size affects the whole performance of any hoverboard. Most of the hardboards with big tiers perform well on rough terrain and on pavements.

 1: Swagtron T6 Hoverboard 

The Swagtron T6 is equipped with the latest functionalities, features, and killer-tech. T6 is entirely different from previous models and it can run on any type of terrain.

Swagtron T6 can perform well on mud, grass, sand and even snow, the T6 is specially designed to handle all types of terrains.

The 10 inches gigantic rubber tires give your kids extra power to drive and control this hoverboard easily.

Tires can absorb impact and much compatible as compared to any solid tires.

T6 can gain speed up to 12mph because of 2 motors of 35-watt under the hood, it is one of the fastest hoverboards for your kid’s on the market. T6 comes with sentry shield multi-layer battery protection; this will gives you a peace of mind and safety.

Other features include an impressive weight load capacity up to 420lbs. The loading capacity of T6 is better as compared to close rivals. A bunch of LED lights is also there for extra safety, it is capable of emitting lights up to 7-feets in both directions. Swagtron T6 is equipped with Bluetooth speakers and offers your kid’s louder, clear and better sound quality. The app control features turn your phone into a fully functional computer; it makes your experience with Swagtron even more enjoyable.


  • Super Weight load capacity
  • Serious comfortable ride
  • Price is affordable
  • Good speed
  • Great for ruff inclines and terrains


  • The range is not good on off-road
  • Not fully waterproof

Why do I like it?

Swagtron T6 is a beast and I guarantee you it will surprise you! Price is affordable and good for any age of kids.

 2: SISIGAD Off-Road Hover Board 

SISAGAD hoverboard with big wheels equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The big rubber tires are robust and resist puncturing. Moreover, these big tires come with the textured pattern and offer better traction.

Robust tires work well on all type of terrains without any difficulties.

This hoverboard is equipped with dual-hub powerful motors of 300-watts and give you speed of 15 km/h in one hour. This off-road hoverboard comes with a huge weight loading capacity up to 260lbs. Furthermore, this vehicle has inbuilt wireless speakers to play your kid’s favorite music while riding.

The bright LED headlights help your kid to ride it safely during dark hours. It has powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, with a single charge it will give you long riding capability.

Why do I like it?

I like it because of its easy learning capability, it has an itself-balancing system that will help you maintaining balance and easily learn to ride. Rugged tires work well on all type of terrains. Design is very safe and has 30-degrees climbing.


  • Efficient feature of self-balancing
  • Pulsating, colorful RGB lights
  • Above the average battery life
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Heavy and loud base


  • Misleading load capacity

 3: Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior 

Let me introduce you this great hoverboard right here. This is a good choice for daredevils and thrill-speakers. This warrior beast is covered in a super robust shell. It can run smoothly on any type of terrain and surfaces.

When you ride this beast, you are going to make some happy memories.

The Gyroor’s self-balancing security feature allows you to balance yourself on this beast within 1 minute. Yes, it’s true now you can easily balance yourself without falling down or hurting yourself. It’s just a matter of few seconds and you’ll balance yourself on the sweet spot and start your cruising on this beast.

This hoverboard have two 350W powerful rechargeable batteries with solid rubber tires and it will give you maximum stability and performance. While riding this hoverboard, you can play your kid’s favorite tunes from your phone or Spotify. The quality of sound is just awesome.

This is well-build hoverboard for your kid’s, and it’s going to be one of the sweetest gift for your kid’s. Just buy and allow your kid’s to enjoy the smooth ride.

Why do I like it?

A great choice for all family members including kid’s because it is very easy to use and last for long times.


  • Comes with large, high-thread tires
  • High-torque wheels and motor
  • Perfect balance capability


  • Battery life is short relatively

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 4: CITY CRUISER Hoverboard 

City Cruiser hoverboard is one of the latest hoverboard on the market.

It comes with the battery protection feature when the battery drops to 10% it will reduce the speed and protects the battery from draining out quickly. This is a unique and great feature to avoid any jerks

City Cruiser is equipped with powerful rechargeable dual motors that ensure the speed up to 7.4 mph and covers a distance of 9 miles easily. The actual speed may vary depending on the terrain conditions.

This self-balancing hoverboard is the best and safe gift for your kid’s. It’s a best hoverboard for newbie riders. Now you can buy this cheap and good quality hoverboard for your kid’s, because the colors are attractive and kid’s love colorful hoverboards.

This beast allows your kids to climb up to 30-degrees slope.

Trust me this is a good gift for your kid’s in affordable budget. It’s simple to use and comes at an affordable price so everyone can buy this and gift to their kids to make them happy.

Why do I like it?

The best hoverboard for your kids is equipped with LED light, Hoverboard Bluetooth speaker and UL 2272 Certified. Safe and secure ride for kids.


  • Perfect for kid’s and adults
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and decent design
  • Sturdy and strong hoverboard


  • Low weight limit

 HYPER GOGO scooter 

The HYPER GOGO scooter can bear heavy weights up to 264 pounds. This will allow adults and kids ride this scooter without any fear of breakage. The pads of this hoverboard are good and thiscan give your foots good grip on the hoverboard.

The balance isquite awesome, you can adapt and calibrate quickly by shifting weight and movements of your body.The 8.5 inches broad, wheels help you out with aspects as well; wheels can maintain a center of gravity widely for riders.

This beast can work well on all terrains including wet, grass, mud, gravelly rocks filled road, etc. This scooter is equipped with the latest Bluetooth speakers and the sound quality is blasting.

LED lights are available on the front, kids love these beautiful LED lights.

Why do I like it?

This hoverboard is an all-rounder and kid’s love to ride this military aesthetic hoverboard. It has a lot of good stuff for any age of kids and adults.


  • Fastest hoverboard
  • Robust and durable body
  • Safety is 100% guaranteed
  • It can bear heavy riders


  • Not work on all terrain
  • English user manual is not available

Why And Why Not Buy A Big Wheel Hoverboard?

Nowadays the hoverboard community is falling for a hot debate about which kind of wheels are better for a hoverboard. Whether you should go for small wheels or big wheels are better options. Here I am offering a few pros and cons of your big wheel hoverboard that might help you to make your decision according to your needs and budget.

Benefits of a big wheel hoverboard

While you are going to get a big wheel hoverboard you don’t need to worry about your weight limit, as most of them support a minimum of 265lbs if you are going for a true big wheeler with 10-inch wheels.

You don’t need to worry about being on-road or off-road with big wheelers whatever the surface is your big wheel hoverboard will be your partner to be on track. yes, a big wheel hoverboard will not betray you whatever the ground is and can keep you get going even on grass, mud or slippery sand.

If you are a mountain lover and inclines and hills are what you need to ride with your hoverboard. you should not think of any other hoverboard as your only choice should be a no less than 10inch broad wheel for your hoverboard.

If you want true power and high swag under your feet, believe me, nothing less than a big wheel hoverboard will fit in your expectations. As it has all the power and balance that you will need to move enviously in front of your friends.

If you are afraid of riding a self-balancing scooter and you wanna get something safer with a  better balance. Definitely you want a big wheel hoverboard as it will keep you safe from falling off easily with its better grip on the surface and they are easy to balance as well

A Few Downsides of Big Wheel Hoverboards

As it’s not sunny every day big wheel hoverboards do have some downsides and as here in this blog, we try to provide you all sorts of guidance about hoverboards. Let me tell you the only few cons which can stop you from buying an All-Terrain or Big Wheel hoverboard.

The first concern might be the budget! Yes, the big wheelers are a bit high on budget and if you are going for a good brand the price might be a bit heavy on our pocket. So if budget is your concern don’t worry you will get one that suits your pocket and dreams but a big wheeler is not the one. But still, you will get a few good ones to go check our low budget hoverboards.

The other concern can be your carrying capacity, yes if you want a lightweight hoverboard that is easy to carry around even then I don’t recommend big wheel their minimum weight start from 26 lbs and the majority of them weigh nearly 30 lbs. Yes, they are big and strong so having a heavyweight is justified.

If you are buying the hoverboard for your kids even then, they maybe not a good option due to their power and speed. As it might be a bit high for a kid to handle.

So we have presented you with a true picture of your big wheel hoverboard and hope it will help you to make your choice. As my choice is a big wheeler so you can check a few of my favorite big wheelers in this article.

Final Words

All the latest models of big wheels self-balancing scooter are competing hard in terms of technology advancement. If you want to buy one for your kid, you must know the preferences of your kid. For some folks, the extra features and the appearance could important; some may give attention to battery life and size of wheels. It depends on your choice and personal preference. A well thought and smart decision is very important before you buy a hoverboard for your beloved kids, so it can match the needs of the rider.

FAQs about best Hoverboard with big wheels for kids

Now it’s time to discuss some of the common FAQs about the hoverboard with big wheels for kids.

Are hoverboards are safe for kids?

Yes, they are safe and secure for kids.

Can we ride a hoverboard in wet conditions?

Yes, it is safe to ride in wet conditions because hoverboards come with sealed packed and water cannot enter inside the body.

Should we use a hoverboard without full charge?

Yes, but if you need better performance it is advisable to charge it fully before you ride.

What is the purpose of Bluetooth technology in hoverboard?

To make the riding experience more joy able and entertaining with music.

Can we bring hoverboard with us on the flight?

Yes, you can bring it with you in the luggage compartment.