Gyroor F1 Hoverboard Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)


Are you ready for a thrilling adventure that will make you feel like you’re flying? Look no further than the Gyroor F1 Hoverboard! This cutting-edge self-balancing scooter is revolutionizing the way we move, offering an exhilarating and eco-friendly transportation option for people of all ages. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of the Gyroor F1 Hoverboard, exploring its features, benefits, and how to ride it safely. Get ready to discover a new level of excitement!

What is a Gyroor F1 Hoverboard?

Gyroor F1 Hoverboard Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

The Gyroor F1 Hoverboard is a state-of-the-art electric scooter that combines innovative technology with a sleek design. It features a self-balancing system that allows riders to maintain stability while cruising at various speeds. With its powerful motor and robust build, the Gyroor F1 can effortlessly glide over different terrains, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Editor’s Pick

Gyroor 8.5″ Off Road All Terrain Hoverboards, 10mph Speed & Max 12.5 Miles by 700W Motor, F1 Fastest Racing Hoverboard for Adults with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights, Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Gyroor 8.5″ Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard is a high-speed and durable option, with a 700W motor that can reach speeds of up to 10mph and travel up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. It features a Bluetooth speaker and LED lights, making it a fun and exciting choice for both kids and adults.

1: Gyroor F1 Hoverboard

Owning a hoverboard is pretty much everyone’s dream. Experience with this self-balancing scooter or hoverboard is quite a unique feel. You can use a hoverboard to the gym, work, shop, or ride for leisure. Self-balancing bikes are versatile and becoming a must-have item for a modern person. Do you want it? It is challenging to pick the best with several hundred products on the market, all with comparable features, but I hope the following would add help you.

Gyroor is one of the leading brands When it comes to hoverboards. The design and speed of this will delight you.  Formula 1 racing cars inspired the style and structure designing of the hoverboard, and they modeled it to look like a racing car. Thus Gyroor all-terrain hoverboard introduced the F1 hoverboard with high speed.

Key Features:

  • Removable and portable battery
  • Solid 8.5 inches all-terrain tires
  • With built-in speakers, you can enjoy high-quality stereo music
  • Make an anti-theft alarm to avoid stealing
  • Smart app control over different features of the bike
  • Rare design and racing sound
  • Powerful 350W dual motor
  • IP54 water-resistant
  • Can lift 265lbs weight
  • 12MPH is the top speed
  • Can climb 15 to 30 degrees
  • Colorful LED lights
  • With UL2272, CE, RoH, and FCC certification
  • 12 months extended the warranty


  • It’s all rubber tires do not deflate
  • The portable design makes it convenient to handle
  • Faster than any other hoverboard in the market
  • Easy to handle
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Suitable for kids above 17 and adults
  • Can maneuver easily and speedily


  • Heavier in weight of about 33lbs
  • Slightly expensive

Why buy it?

These tires are adaptive to all pavements. It is so masterfully designed with 85% aluminum outer casing and ABS parts. It has a 25% larger wheelbase as compared to other competitors in the market. 8.5-inch rubber tires do not deflate are adaptive to all types of pavements. Whether it is grassy or gravel land or there is sand, mud, or dust, it can go over all smoothly. This hoverboard weighs 33 lbs and is IP 54 water-resistant. G-F1 is featured with racing sound, rugged structure, fast speed, strong power, and unique shape. Its ABS braking parts and racing sound will make you obsessed with this hoverboard.

It has a powerful lithium-ion (LG/Samsung cells) removable battery, which takes 100-240V and recharges within 1.5 to 2 hours. You have no need to carry the whole product near the electricity board. What you need is to remove the battery out and take it to recharge, unlike the other hoverboard in the market.

High Quality

Its powerful 350 Watts dual-motor helps you ascend 15-30 degrees. You can enjoy a piece of high-quality music through its integrated pro-speakers inside. An app will help you to control sound over speakers; change LED light colors; see battery life; control the bike’s speed. It will also help to switch you between the riding modes. You can turn racing sound on or off too, with this app. Moreover, you can make an anti-theft alarm for safety and avoid stealing this mesmerizing item. And you can get access to troubleshooting videos on this app. It can accommodate 265 lbs weight on its non-slip pedals.

It is the first hoverboard that has a portable handle design, which is quite simple and stylish. A rider can easily carry it when going outside than other hoverboards. This fastest and convenient hoverboard will give you an excellent riding experience. It has passed all the safety procedures and has UL2272, CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications. G-F1 comes with 12 months of the extended warranty period that starts from the date your product is delivered, and it covers the parts and labor of the bike. If there is an issue with the vehicle, you can request a repair. The company will provide you aftersale services within the warranty period.

Product Specifications:

  1. Tires: 8.5-inch rubber tires
  2. Product Weight: 33lbs
  3. Frame Material: Aluminium
  4. Battery: Removable lithium-ion battery
  5. Battery Charging Time: Maximum 2 hours
  6. Safety: UL2272, CE, RoHS and FCC certified
  7. Water Resistant: IP54
  8. Motor: 350 Watts dual motor
  9. Climbing Angle: 15-30 degree
  10. Speakers: Pro Bluetooth speakers
  11. Maximum Load: 265lbs
  12. Top Speed: 10-12MPH
  13. Milage: 8-10 miles with one charge
  14. LED Lights: Adjustable
  15. Product Dimensions: 29.6 Inch * 9.9 Inch * 8.8 Inch
  16. Handle: With portable handle

Consumer Reviews 

A mother of a 13-year-old girl shared her experience in the following words:

Lovely Experience:

“I bought it for my little Sparrow who is 13 years old. She loves the app, downloaded it on my phone, and used the self-balancing mode, and was actually impressed with it. Even a few times I used it on adult mode and set a speed limit that was really delightful. I was even able to change the LED light colors with this app. Another amazing thing about this app that person can synchronize his phone with this hoverboard. With its app control shutdown function, I can control how far my daughter will go. Its tires are actually far better than others which I have tried. My daughter is so in love with this hoverboard that she often brings it inside the home and clean the tires. So she can also enjoy indoor hoverboarding on my hardwood floors. These tires make no damage to my wooden floor and we both enjoy its music as well because the speakers are also mind-blowing.Another young man shared his experience after rating it 5 stars

Another young man shared his experience after rating it 5 stars

Life Time Choice:

“I simply love this absolutely amazing hoverboard. Nearly best in the market. it’s super fast and perfectly sturdy. Its material and build quality are also amazing. The only thing that bothers me is its price, which is a bit higher as compared to others. But the others are also not such quality which I can like to try. So when I am getting what I am paying for I am definitely going with it recommended to others and for me, it’s a lifetime choice.”

Another grandfather gift it to his grandson to explain his joy in the form following words

My Grandson loves it:

“I purchased it for my 9-year-old Little Master. I love my grandson as he is my friend as well. As I live in the countryside and on my premises, I usually have lots of uneven gravel surface. Even in such un-leveled grounds, he is not facing any problem to ride it. He loves this hoverboard and I love him. So grateful for your amazing products.”

Mostly the consumers submitted their happiness and pleasure after experiencing this product. So their happiness makes it a good option to get for hovering around for both adults kids.

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Final Words:

G-F1 can be your dream hoverboard. You shall experience the fastest racing speed with the original sound. The Gyroor F1 hoverboard is one of the best off-road in the list of best hoverboards of 2019. It is the fastest and safest vehicle with a sturdy structure, automotive, and water-resistant. G-F1 is undoubtedly one of the best self-balancing bikes and will make you excited to have it. It’s an original sound, and the speed synchronization system shall give you feel like you are on a racing track. It is a perfect gift choice both for kids and adults, a joyful experience of playing and riding at the same time. Enjoy quality time with your family and friends and make more memories.

What do you think hoverboard is a toy for boys only? Well, you are completely mistaken, my friend! Hoverboards are being excessively used by both the boys and the girls. Regardless of the genders, hoverboards have become a piece of technology that is totally loved!

So, today we have compiled a list of the best hoverboards that perfectly suit the girls. Therefore, if you are a girl and if you have a craze for testing out the beautiful pieces of technology, then you must check out this blog!

Hence, without further ado, let’s dig in!

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