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Looking for an electric scooter…? Want to buy the best…? 

If you are a speed lover and want to fly your scooter like the wind you must buy the best dual-motor electric scooter. Because when you don’t want to get slow while riding you need some power to give a boost to your electric scooter. That spirit, power, and boost your scooter get from a powerful or dual-motor.

If you want to buy the fastest electric scooter. Then you must choose one that is equipped with the right power and accessories that can hold speed and fun for you. The good news is with the advancement of technology now the market is fully copycat to providing you with the speed you can just wish for.

So now when you can get your desired speed even in the electric scooters, you just need to be vigilant while making the choice. And if you want to save yourself from the struggle of wandering from place to place you have clicked the right link.

Here you will get the list of best dual-motor fastest electric scooters inline. Those are presented to you after good research and personal experiences. In general, while making a choice sometimes you get flattered by the high speed or good looks and miss the details. But here that is not the chance as you will get a damn detailed review for your best electric scooter 

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Electric Scooter Adults, Kick Scooter with 5600W Powerful Dual Motor, 60V 38.4AH Battery, 60 Miles Travel Range, Top Speed 43.5Mph, 11″ Inner Tubeless Tire Foldable Escooters

The Electric Scooter for Adults is a powerful and high-performance kick scooter featuring dual motors with a total power output of 5600W, and a 60V 38.4AH battery, providing a top speed of 43.5 mph and a travel range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. With 11″ tubeless tires and a foldable design, this scooter is both practical and convenient for everyday use.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

To save the hard work we have technically chosen simply the best Electric scooters for you. These scooters are not only super fast but also super-efficient by all means. Besides the quality check, we have tried over level best to enlist different scooters according to different purchase powers. As on every budget you simply need to buy the best!

 Best Fastest Electric Scooter In Market  

Detailed Review Of Fastest Electric Scooters

 Off Road Electric Scooter Qiewa Q Power 

If you are looking for an electric scooter that can offer you great speed along with rocky looks and executive features and a fair price. This electric scooter can serve you the purpose. So if you wish to buy a speedster scooter, yet want it to be in a budget saver this is the choice.

Favorite Features 

  • A thrill ride with 50 miles per hour Top speed
  • 1600 watts dual power motor total power of 3200 watts
  • Broad 11 inches pneumatic tires are best for off roads
  • Covers 50 miles in a single charge
  • Scooter weight 35 kgs
  • Weight limit up to 300 kilograms

Detailed Review

Being low in price it’s no less than any expensive scooter in its working and with its amazing 50mph speed, it might break the records. And when it comes to power that is the source of generating that energy it’s a booster with 3200 watts dual motor (1600 watts each). Along with its motor, its speed is simply awesome.

Its powerful motor makes it ideal to work like an off-road electric scooter as well. And its pneumatic tires that are 11 inches broad lock the deal with damn good scores. Moreover, its tires are air-filled so you just don’t need to worry about off-road jerks, they offer perfect shock absorbing quality.

My favorite feature is obviously its fastest speed and dual motor that makes me fly on the road. If you simply love speed you will love the speedster. Whenever looking for a speed monster you should never skip the brake features. And here this scooter provides you with a hydraulic and double braking system that makes it perfectly safe to ride. Moreover, it offers brake lights as well, so when you want to stop you certainly can do it fast and safely.

Its battery is also strong enough to sustain the power and supply you with a single charge range of 50 miles with even top speed. But the weight of the rider and road state can affect that mileage. It offers two modes power-saving and cruise mode so choose one as per your skill and need. Moreover, this scooter is fast to charge you don’t need to wait for ages to get a start. 

When it comes to mobility its weight is also quite moderate and as it’s easily foldable you can carry it along easily. With all the above features it’s a fair deal and as it is not very explored in the market you can get it at a nominal price. (Buy Original Beware From Fakes)

Well, when I check its price tag I don’t feel like complaining much, but if I still have to consider a con … I will say its brakes are pretty tight and when applied at high speed you are at risk of losing balance. So it’s better to apply brakes from a distance after lowering down the speed. And this is a kind of plus as well that brakes are very efficient.It’s fast, powerful, it’s comfortable to ride and it’s safe. That’s what an electric scooter can offer you.  But the thing which makes it best to buy is its economical purchasing. Being one of the best, it’s very much affordable.


 Powerful NanRobot D4+ 

NanRobot is no doubt a reliable name when it comes to quality electric scooters. Here again, it has brought another quality product by the name of D4. 

Favorite Features

  • Offers top speed up to 40 miles per hour
  • A powerful dual motor of 2000 watts
  • Broad 10 inches pneumatic tires
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery 23.4 ah 52 volts
  • Takes 8 to 10 hours for full charging
  • Covers 45 miles in a single charge
  • A moderate weight of 31 kg
  • Weight limit 150 kilograms.

Detailed Review

If you are a speech lover NanRobot D4 plus can be a great choice for you with a top speed of 40 miles per hour. To provide that mega speed it is fully equipped with a powerful dual-motor of 2000 watts 1000 watts each. Moreover, to support the powerful motor you need a strong lithium-ion battery. 

So it provides you with a nice battery that can offer you 45 Mile coverage in a single charge. Moreover, you can fully charge it in no more than 8 to 10 hours. Its mileage and charging time are both pretty decent. But definitely, riders’ weight and track variation can affect the mileage.

It can work pretty well in off-road situations as it owns everything you need for an off-road ride. The powerful motor of 2000 watt check… The strong battery of 52 volts check…. Pneumatic air-filled tires that are 10 inches wide check… So with these, all features NanRobot D4 is not only one of the fastest electric scooters. But also one of the best off-road electric scooters as well.

Its shock absorbers are also a great deal which can make even the roughest ride really comfortable and smooth. Again you should never miss checking the braking system of any two-wheeler when you are checking it for safety and a smooth ride. When we checked its braking system we found it fully efficient and really steady to stop. 

Another impressive feature that made me fall in love with this electric scooter is its detachable seat. It offers extra ease and comfort when a rider is tired of standing. So you can cover those 45 miles sitting on your scooter still feeling like flying. Moreover, if you are a bit afraid of heights the seat and the handle grips give you a secure feeling while you are riding at the highest speed of 40 miles per hour. 31 kg weight is quite moderate and with its sleek looks, this thing is quite cool to right.

The thing which bothered me a bit while its performance test was its incline climbing capacity. I didn’t find it very effective to go smooth at the uphills. But for normal rough and terrain, it was really good. It was taking good action on bumps and jumps but was not acting equally good on steeps and uphill. Moreover, I will suggest you tighten its brakes before riding at full speed.When it comes to the best part of NanRobot D4+ I really like the brand which is quite reliable. Its top speed is also great, dual motors make it powerful enough to reach its targets. Charging time is also good and mileage is also fair. But its best feature is its detachable seat which makes it super cool and super convenient to use. Overall a good deal if you are not going to take it uphill’s.


 Powerful Electric Scooter NanRobot D5+  

Nanrobots is definitely one of the reliable brands in the electric scooter market. So like Nanrobot the D4 and D5 is also a good choice. But if you are looking for a speed of 40 miles per hour then both are going to be the same for you. More or less the majority of the features are the same so I will not like to waste your time describing its features again. I would just jump Straight to the differences:

Favourite Features

  • Owns maximum speed up to 40 miles
  • The powerful dual motor of 2000 watts
  • Strong lithium-ion battery 26 ah 52Volts
  • Get fully charged in only 3 hours
  • Cover arrange 50 miles in a single charge
  • Limited weight of 31 kilograms
  • Can carry up to 150 kilograms.

Detailed Review

As told you earlier the D4+ and D5+ are not very much different from each other. Both have the same maximum speed that is 40 miles per hour. It’s wheels and motor are also the same yet. There is a difference that can seduce you to buy D5 instead of D4, which is its battery and additional range coverage of 50 miles. Instead of 45 miles that is the limit with D4 plus.

Both of the models D4 and D5 are foldable so both are easily carriable wherever you like. Both Offers detachable seat features. But yes with mileage difference there is a big price difference as well. D5 is a bit more expensive than D4. Personally, I like D5 more than D4. As when it comes to its looks D5 is cooler than D4. Moreover, if you are a look lover like me you might consider D5 instead of D4.

D5 plus offers beautiful rear LED lights and a nice LED display which makes it a bit better choice as per safety and riding comfort. Its lithium-ion battery is also more powerful than the D4 battery. Moreover, its charging time is also less than its earlier version.

I feel it is a bit overpriced as the same qualities are available in NanRobot D4 with low pricing. I didn’t find it very different in mileage as well. And its charging time is also a little more than 3 hours.Its Pros are also more or less the same as D4, beside are rear LED lights which not only make it better in looks. But also makes you safe on roads after dusk. Its charging time is also better than its earlier version.


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 QMini Scooter By Qiewa 

As you can guess from its name this is a pretty compact and small scooter presented by Qiewa. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating it due to its compatibility. Because it is a big wonder in small size with its top speed of 37 miles per hour.

Favorite Features

  • It offers a top speed of 37 miles per hour
  • Equipped with a 500 watts brushless motor
  • 8 inches wide solid tires
  • The powerful lithium-ion battery that is 16 Ah 48 volts
  • Can cover more than 36 miles in a single charge
  • Very compact and lightweight of 22 kgs
  • Can carry an adult off up to 150 kg

Detailed Review

If you are looking for a powerful but compact electric scooter. Definitely, the Qeiwa Qmini scooter is going to fill all your demands. If you are a Speed lover you can definitely enjoy this compact scooter offering 37 miles per hour top speed. That is rough enough to drive you crazy. With its size and weight, it is no less than a wonder in its functioning and performance.

The secret of its perfect performance lies behind its brushless motor which is a powerful 500 watts machine. Another great thing about its motor is, it is easily replaceable so if you want to boost your scooter with some more power. You can replace it with some more powerful motor or can add one more motor and make it a dual-motor electric scooter.

Its cost is very nominal so even after adding one more motor or replacing it with a powerful one will not cost you much. Now let’s come to its range. Its battery is good enough to support an even more powerful battery, but that might affect its range. Right now this scooter can cover up to 37 miles for you (obviously rider weight and track-type can alter the mileage).

Its tires are not too fat and not too thin. 8 inches is quite a good thing to roar on roads. Moreover, as they are made of solid rubber there is no fear of getting flat or lowering air pressure during a ride. 

With its power and its built, its weight is only 22 kg which is really tremendous. The best thing about this scooter is its compatibility and ease of carrying around. Even on camping or any other trip, you can keep it along and it will be no extra weight for you for your car’s back seat. Another great thing that makes the scooter lovely is it’s foldable you can even take it to inclines. And it can support you over there as well you can easily fold it and carry it along on your trips. I think this is the best electric scooter you can get for your vacation.

The only con that I observed during the performance test is that its top speed can vary with the weight of the rider and track quality. Moreover, the top speed was seldom 37 mph it kept on the lower side. Though the top speed is not as high as the manufacturer claims, still it’s not too slow, and overall performance is also not bad.It’s a great choice to buy because as a whole package with its has comfortability, lightweight, foldability, powerful motor, nice speed, and performance. I think it is a fair deal!


The best thing which I love a lot about this mini electric scooter is that it’s the best scooter to carry out for vacations. And its tires are fully deflatable so you are on a safer side while riding on rough tracks. With all these pros it’s a yes from my side.



  Qeiwa Q1 Electric Scooter Q1

Hummer This electric scooter is one of the best dual-motor scooters Qiewa has ever introduced in the market. It’s making, its performance, and everything show the precision of the manufacturer. Its durability is amazing, so a lifetime investment, you buy it and enjoy it forever.

Favorite Features

  • Good top speed of 35 miles per hour
  • Powerful 800 Watts dual motor
  • 10 inch wide Pneumatic tires
  • Lithium-ion battery 26Ah 48 volts
  • Mega range of 62 miles per charge
  • Carrying capacity of 250 kilograms

Detailed Review

If you don’t want to break your bank again and again in buying a scooter this one is a great buy for you. Its build is so strong that, even after fair beating and rough use it will be by your side for a long time. It’s built is something that will make you fall in love with it. Moreover, it will pop out as your best choice and this thing you can see even just after looking at it.

It is not the fastest electric scooter in the market at 35 miles per hour and is not too slow as well. Moreover, the price it offers is so economical with the rest of its features that not buying this temptation might get hard for you. Another amazing thing is its 800 Watts dual motor which is supported by a powerful lithium-ion battery. That can cover a range of 62 miles for you in a single charge.

Its Pneumatic tires are another plus point because when they are 10 inches wide they can cover rough tracks for you. Moreover, with their air pressure, it can sustain lots of bumps and jumps on your behalf.

The most exclusive selling edge of this electric scooter besides its sturdy built is its mileage. 62 miles is really a pretty handsome distance to cover in a single charge. So this electric scooter can help you with your university or office route and can save you lots of dollars spent on transportation.

Another important thing to check is always the braking system. With its double-disc braking system, it is cool enough to make you stop immediately even from a high speed. With all these features and with such an economical price this deal is not worth missing.

When I need to tell you some downsides of this brilliant electric scooter. It only disappointed me on uphill tracks otherwise it was a great deal. Moreover, I found it a bit heavy as well but when I am expecting it to provide me 62 miles in a single charge being heavy is quite fair. But if you are concerned about weight and you want it for uphill  tracks this might not be a good choice for youThe feature which makes this electric scooter Best buy is its long-distance coverage with adequate speed. Q1 Hummer is great in its built and sturdy. As I am a rough rider I really wanted something that can tackle and bear quite a beating so it is doing good for me. I am very happy with It fully recommended.


 Dual Mo tor Mercane Wide Electric Scooter 

Mercane is a renowned Brand for producing sexy, sleek, and stylish electric scooters. Their views are almost one of the best in the breed for cruising on the roads. So if you want a short intro, I would like to share that Mercane produces quality products with exclusive performance and premium built.

Favorite Feature

  • Top speed of 28 miles per hour
  • Strong 1000 watts hub motor
  • Sleek tires 3.9 inches wide
  • Strong lithium-ion battery
  • Covers 19 miles in one charge
  • Scooter weight only 23 Kilograms

Detailed Review

It might not be the fastest electric scooter available in the market but yes it can be the sexiest one. It is a good thing to get with its powerful 1000 watts hub motor which performs well on medium and smooth Terrains. 

Its battery is also lithium-ion which is mostly used in electric scooters, but might not be too powerful. But still good enough to take you 19 miles in a single charge. The best feature which I love about this electric scooter is its lightweight and executive sleek looks.It is very easy to carry around.

 Besides adults, even kids after 12 to 13 years can use them so it can be the best teenager electric scooter. Not too speedy and yet not super slow!

It is not very expensive as well so buying it for a teenager is a very good option.

Its tires are also sleek like its body, 3.9 or almost 4 inches wide. But they are made of solid urethane and good quality rubber. So they are durable and free from the risk of lighting and functioning. It can accompany you on stony paths as well and the tires will support you without losing any air pressure or getting flat. These wheels are also great in providing stability to the scooter so it offers a smooth and bump-free ride.

Well, when it comes to its downsides I think its mileage of 19 miles per charge is not super cool. It also lacks a display of speed and other info so it’s not very good at keeping track. I don’t suggest it to be the best commuter Scooter for long routes. But if you are buying it for having some cruising fun around. It’s not a very bad option with an economical price so it’s kind of the best electric Scooter for teenagers.The best thing about this electric scooter is its sexy sleek looks and if you’re looking for a good Scooter for teenagers this can be a great choice. But for adults and long route commuters, I don’t recommend it.


Take Away

All the above-mentioned electric scooters are one of the best available fastest scooters in the market. But while making your choice keep in mind that the one you are choosing is providing you your required mileage and speed. Moreover, dual motors are also a great source to provide power to your E-scooter. But checking the braking system and wheel quality is also very important. If you want to know about the electric scooter reviews 2021, then check out the 7 best electric scooters.

Note: If you are not buying from our selected list even then don’t miss to check the above mentioned features so you don’t regret your choice.

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