Turbowheel Swift Scooter

The bad news is that this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The good news is that this product is still in demand. The reason is that this scooter can serve multiple purposes. Moreover, these are easy to drive as they are smart scooters and can be self-balanced. Both of these benefits make these scooters really convenient to drive.

Not only convenience this also provides you with comfort in the way. This is due to the installation of the suspension in the scooter. It really goes a long way. In the compact form, the size is considerably reduced and you can store it at the place of your choice.

Turbowheel Swift scooter Review

Let us review this product in detail so that we may be familiar with the Turbowheel Swift scooter. So let us start the review.

Speed of the Turbowheel Swift scooter

This depends on several factors. Therefore this is difficult to provide a definite number that can remain true in all conditions. The reason is that with the change in conditions the ability of the scooter to run also changed automatically.

The conditions that play an important role in it are the Atmospheric conditions, the condition of the road, weight, and skill of the rider. These multiple factors can completely alter things. This is the reason that the speed which is provided as the top speed by the manufacturer is not the same that has been obtained originally. Usually, the manufacturer tests the machine in the ideal conditions and provides you with the result. The top speed this machine can obtain in the ideal conditions is not more than 40 km/h.

Range of the Turbowheel Swift scooter

As far as the range of the Turbowheel Swift scooter is concerned the same remains true as was discussed in the case of the top speed. Therefore it is highly informed that the range that is mentioned on the product package may be different from the range that you get in the original in the actual consequences. Anyhow the maximum range this scooter can provide is not more than 40 km/h no matter whatever the conditions will be.

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Key Features

  • Folding Design
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  • 152 MM Ruber Wheels


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The Braking mechanism of the Turbowheel swift hoverboard

This is truly important to have an efficient braking system in the Turbowheel swift hoverboard. Without an efficient braking system, none can guarantee a safe ride on any bike. For the Turbowheel swift hoverboard, a dual braking system has been installed. This dual braking system works in combination to provide you with the best electric bike riding experience.


These two systems are the drum breaks and the electric brakes. Breaks are available both in the front as well as in the rare tire. The application of `both simultaneously really helps to slow down the bike and stop it as soon as you apply the brakes. This will be really effective even on roads that are full of bumps and jumps.

The Tires of the Turbowheel swift hoverboard

Two different types of wheels are installed on the front and the rear side. This has been done to provide the ultimate experience of riding to the person who is riding the bike. The front wheel is slid while the rear is not solid.

This means you can get the benefit of both tires simultaneously. As a rider, this is really a great advantage for you to have

Both tires provide different advantages on the roads. The tires that are not solid are good absorbent as the road is full of jumps. Moreover, it provides a better grip on the wet surface while the solid Tires make you free from the worry of riding on a flat tire.

Kickstand in Turbowheel swift hoverboard

These days it is really very common for electric scooters to have kickstands. This is a necessity to have in every electric bike. The difference is how much difference it has with the other electric scooter in terms of convenience. In the case of the Turbowheel swift hoverboard. You are really provided with one of the most convenient designs and the make. So this is the best bike in terms of the kickstand along with the other features.

Turbowheel Swift scooter price

Although this scooter is not available directly from the manufacturer yet you can have it on the market. This is available for around $800. This really makes it a good choice to have in this price breaker.

Hill Climbing ability of the Turbowheel Swift scooter

Not all roads are smooth and sometimes you need to climb on a road that has an inclined angle. This is the reason that the scooter has the ability to carry you on the surface that makes an inclined angle. If the person who is rigid on the scooter has a weight of 74kgs and the surface has the inclined step of the 10% it means that this Turbowheel Swift scooter has the ability to carry you through.

The Ride of the Turbowheel Swift scooter

It really provides a comfortable price especially in the price breaker it is called. The combinations of the tires are more than excellent. This tire combination makes it work in the multiple conditions of the road and the environment. This is the reason that even on wet roads this can perform better.

Similarly, the combination of the break provides it with more solid breaks that can work well again in different conditions. This really makes it a perfect bike to work in different conditions.

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Final Words

This is one of the hassle free electric scooters that you have. You don’t need to assemble it as it comes in the pre-assembled form. The brakes, the tires, the deck all are in the best combination to provide you with the best experience that you ever have on any electric bike. Despite this drawback that you need to improve your riding skill for the electric scooter, this is still a must have an electric scooter.


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