Different Types Of Hoverboard For Easy Use

Hoverboard fever is getting hype and as much as its demand is increasing. The manufacturers are motivated to add-on variations and more accessories, to this every one hot favorite personal convenience. Now if you are going to get your new hoverboard, and you search the market. Chances are high you might get confused, As so many Types of hoverboards for easy use has been introduced, but which one is the true delight?

You might get nervous about your choice, don’t worry at all we are here to guide you in detail about all the market availabilities. Moreover, I assure you that reading this article on hoverboard types will make you an expert in the field(ok at least you will know them all in detail ). You will not only be capable of making your best choice but also will be able to save the others from any wrong buying.

Let me tell you any product when not appropriate according to the consumer’s need might be useless for him or her. So before falling for anything that’s looking attractive to you keep in mind. If it’s actually not your type of hoverboard that can lead you to a heavy investment loss and disappointment.

Hoverboard wheel types

There are lots of factors that are very influential while you are deciding your type of hoverboard lets start with its wheel sizes. The market is offering a huge range of wheel sizes as three to four sizes are even available in one brand. Let’s check the details and differences in various types of hoverboard wheel.

Broad Wheel Hoverboard (10 inches )

Broad wheel hoverboards are actually beast of the breeds, these broad wheels have multiple advantages like this type of hoverboards have inflatable tires. Moreover, these wheels have the ultimate power to make you feel like hovering on the roads. They offer a ride that is so smooth that you feel it like falling in love with them.

With this 10 inches, broad wheel type you can conquer it all, grass sand or mud. This type has a downside as well, as it is observed that big wheels reduce the climbing capacity due to low torque.

Broad Wheel Hoverboard (10 inches )
Broad Wheel Hoverboard (10 inches )
Mostly 10” wheel hoverboards have a better balance on the road as compared to the others. So keep in mind that if you want an outstanding comfortable ride. Or you are a beginner and want some self-balancing scooter that is best in self-balancing. These broad wheel hoverboards are the best to fulfill said requirements. Now when you are well aware of broad wheel type lets step to our level two, medium wheel hoverboards.

Medium Wheel Hoverboard (8 inches)

This is another category or type that falls in the middle range of being adequate instead of being big or small. They are big enough to travel smoothly on most of the terrains and small enough to climb the steeps and hikes. This type of hoverboard is also easy to balance and you can drive this type with a little practice and patience.
Medium Wheel Hoverboard (8 inches)
Medium Wheel Hoverboard (8 inches)
If you want some recommendations in this 8 inches broad hoverboard, EPIKGO 8.5” is your best option. This hoverboard has it all to offer you from great looks to amazing functionality. This hoverboard is famous for climbing slopes and never let you down no matter how tough the surface is.

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Small Wheel Hoverboard (6.5 inches)

If you want something that is best in mobility and is so lightweight that even a child can carry it along. This type Of hoverboard with 6 to 6.5 inches wheel can be your better choice. If we look at its best side it includes its affordability and mobility. This is your best choice for kids as an adult this is not very recommended as this wheel type will be too delicate to handle an adult ride.
But yes they are good to buy as a gizmo for your kids, some sellers claim this type to be a fit for adults as well but I assure be aware this is not going to work well with adults.
Small Wheel Hoverboard (6.5 inches)
Small Wheel Hoverboard (6.5 inches)

The best recommendation in this category is TOMOLOO 6.5 inches. As I already said this type of hoverboard is best for kids I recommend Tomoloo as the best choice in this category. This Tomoloo hoverboard has all the fun and shine which attracts the kids and makes it a perfectly fun device to ride and enjoy.


One wheel hoverboards

This one wheel hoverboard is not as popular as others in their genre, but when I started figuring them out I came across a few that are highly classic. These one wheel hoverboards are exceptional, the feel of surfing is simply amazing. Yes, this one wheeler works in a different way as compared to the two-wheeler hoverboards.
As this hoverboard doesn’t move like forth and back but actually it spins side to side like you are surfing on the tides or like to are snowboarding.this one is quite easy to drive and you can easily control its acceleration or de-acceleration by your leaning pressure.
One wheel hoverboards
One wheel hoverboards
This type of hoverboard can offer you good speed if used with the required skill and the speed limit can exceed up to 15 mph. One wheel hoverboards are also known as unicycles and are quite sturdy so they are good to go on roads. They are also battery operated and can cross a distance of about eight miles in one go. Choose one that has good battery timing so you can use them for a longer duration without break.  

Hoverboard Accessory Types

The other category that can help you in determining the hoverboard type is according to its accessory addition. So let’s check the category which you might wish the most. So check the details from here onwards.

Best Tip To Decide Which Hoverboard Type Suits You Most

When you are deciding a hoverboard type from the crowded variety of market. You might get confused with glare and glamour but the best tip is to mark your needs and make your decision keeping them in mind and view. 

Never miss checking your required speed, Range, and safety level. Because you need to buy one that is perfectly able to cover your desired and required distance. Secondly, it should provide you your desired speed with the safest possibility.

Yes, when you look for your type of hoverboard you need to check your type of comfort and luxuries as well. A few prefer bombastic music and few want to tune their favorite music to it with the most impressive speakers. Or few want to attract the masses with visual amusements those can be gathered from the some glittering and shinning Led or flashlights.

You also need to check the surroundings you want to ride in. Do you want one that smoothly tackles the inclines or just need a smooth campus ride. You want to have some extra fun by ridding it on grass and mud and want a hoverboard that is courageous enough to deal with the rough? You need to make your choice according to your required ride type.

You can also make a check on its waterproofing qualities… as if you want a ride in the rain a simple one will not suit you. And when you can afford a waterproof hoverboard believe me you better get that. 

Also, check for the tire type as per your need and mastery before buying a hoverboard. Because for better balancing you need to choose broader wheels that are more stable and more fun. Battery timing is also a consideration that you should never miss and how long it takes to charge completely is also worth taking note of.

Best Brands of hoverboard

As now you are well aware of different types of hoverboards types and features. I think you better come to know about the different brands of hoverboard as well because once you are aware of the types of a hoverboard. The next category which you need to encounter and you need to know is different brands of hoverboard and their specialties. Once you are aware of different hoverboard brand specialties it will definitely help you to make the right choice and the choice which is exactly as per your requirements.

Swagtron hoverboard

Swagtron is another big name in the world of Electronic Hoverboard markets. Swagtron is known for its affordable and budget-friendly price and still providing one of the best quality wood boards
Swagtron hoverboards are always added in the top seller list of any seller, Definitely, Swagtron has earned this name with its highest quality, durability, and safety assurance. Swagtron is also a UL Certified brand like other famous renowned and reputable brands. Moreover, its customer care service is very vigilant if you have any issues with the product that will be handled and taken care of properly. So you are at the minimum risk of losing your precious bucks.
Swagtron hoverboard
Swagtron hoverboard

Jetson hoverboard reviews

Jetson is a new emerging brand in the hoverboard market but with its good quality and superb features has earned a good name for itself.  
Jetson also offers UL certified hoverboards so safety is not at all an issue, while you are using Jetson as your brand. When it comes to its motor and battery quality Samsung battery installed in these hoverboards is actually one of the best in their kind. Mostly Jetson is well known for the durability and for capturing all-terrain surfaces really well.
Jetson hoverboard reviews
Jetson hoverboard

Razor hoverboard

The reasons Razor Hoverboards ranks high in the community are several. The very first plus point associated with Razer hoverboards is that the manufacturer is working in the field for long, one of the earliest. This made them a trustworthy and reputed brand. A few critics rank this brand as the best brand as well. So with this brand chances are high you get your perfect hoverboard.
The other reason that makes it a good choice as a brand is they are UL Certified, So as far as the safety is concerned you are fully e in safe hands. If you are not professional and just a beginner. Even then Razor hoverboards with their two modes one for the beginners and other for the professionals is a great choice.

Segway hoverboards

Segway is again a great brand that is known for its long-lasting durability and battery timing. This brand is great with innovations it offers products like to segway mini pro and it introduces some accessories which are not only mind-blowing but amazing to use as well.  
With a segway under your feet, you can easily attain a speed of 14 mph and can feel the true hover. Segway is also famous for its high quality and high Watt dual engines. Segway is a luxury brand of hoverboard so it also offers fully equipped hoverboards like Led lights, Built-In Bluetooth, and Speakers.
Segway hoverboards
Segway hoverboards


I hope after reading this article you are well aware of all the types of hoverboards and all the features which you can look for while purchasing your eco-friendly personal ride. Definitely, when you will visit the market you will find several distractions but this article will help you to stay on track.


So buy one that belongs to a reputed brand, having the best features and exactly your type of hoverboard which can be your companion on the road and fun life. I hope this article will keep you on track and will not get you to mislead by the fancy and trendy features. As some cheap manufacturers try to envelop the malfunctioning and poor quality of their products under these decorations.


A well-aware customer is always a wise customer, so be aware and but the best, Happy Shopping!

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