Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard Review

Skateboarding has come a long way from its humble beginnings, evolving into various forms and styles. In recent years, electric skateboards have gained popularity, offering a thrilling and efficient way to commute and explore the city. One such remarkable electric skateboard is the Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the design, performance, user experience, and more, to help you determine if the Backfire Ranger X2 is the right choice for your skateboarding needs.

It offers a great deal with a powerful motor, efficient battery, high quality built, brilliant wheels along with a super cool remote control. This whole package makes it function as the best all-terrain skateboard. Now if you are interested to have a detailed review you need to read this article till the end.

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Backfire X2 Black Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Electric Longboard for Adults & Teens, 23 MPH Top Speed,400W Singal Motor 240Lbs Max Load, 6 Months Warranty

The Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard is a powerful and high-performance option for adults and teens, boasting a top speed of 23 MPH and a 400W single motor. With a maximum load capacity of 240 lbs and a convenient remote control, this skateboard offers a smooth and customizable ride, backed by a 6-month warranty.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

 Backfire Ranger X2 Review 

  • Offers You With Top Speed Of 35 Kilometre Per Hour
  • Covers A Distance Of 24 to 30 km In A Single Charge
  • Equipped With a Powerful 50.4 volt Battery ( lithium-ion)
  • Dual Hub Motors 1200 Watts Each
  • Curved And Flexible Deck
  • 6.4 inches Broad Solid Airless Rubber Tires
  • High-Quality Double Kingpin Trucks
  • Easily Conquer 30% Inclines
  • Get Fully Charged In Only 5 hours
  • Brand New R2 Wireless Remote With OLED Display.


  • Powerful Hub Motors! 200 Watts Each
  • Water Resistance & Dust Protection
  • Specially Designed Airless Tires
  • Effective Braking System
  • Fast Charging & Good Range
  • Fast Charging & Good Range
  • Bright And Effective Led Lights Are Added
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Convenient Remote Control 
  • Provides With Turbo Mode


  • A Bit Expensive

Motor Power

When we are talking about an all-terrain electric skateboard the most considerable factor is its motor. The power it needs to cope with rough roaring tracks lies within its motor. If it is supportive enough then the board can conquer any track. 

They have equipped this skateboard with a hub motor that makes it more effective for running on sand. As the belt motors can’t make it on sands for a long. Because the belt throughs sand towards the operating parts and blocks them in no time. So in such circumstances, you can get that belt motors are not the best for off-road electric skateboards.

To keep the system safe and protected against dirt, dust, and water, making it stays better for longer. It is equipped with two mega motors of 1200 watts. These motors are marvelous enough to go smoothly and far on any kind of terrain.

Battery Range

Now after getting acquainted with the powerful hub motor, you must be curious about the mega battery that supports these dual 1200 watts motors. Its battery is a super powerful 12S 50.4 Volt power supply. Another thing worth mentioning here is that this battery operates at a very low temperature. So saves energy to keep your skateboard running for longer and provides a better battery range.

It provides a battery range of 25.74 -29.77 kilometers at a high speed of 22 miles per hour. it can easily tackle inclines of almost 30 % with ease and no effort. It takes 5 hours to get fully charged. In comparison to X1, you might find the battery range a little less, but when the motor is so powerful this shortcoming seems justified.

High-Quality Built For Off Road Rides

Backfire Ranger X2 is properly designed for off-road expeditions. That’s why its deck is designed with a special curve that helps the rider to stand safely and steadily on the Deck during his rough rides.

Moreover, the springy nature of the deck makes it very absorbent to unwanted vibrations and reduces the stress of rough tracks. While riding on all terrains you definitely would want to avoid the stress from the surface to approach your legs. As it can be truly frustrating so this skateboard is perfect to save you from getting exhausted.

Another important part of skateboards is trucks. This skateboard is equipped with high-quality trucks. Those offer you a low turning radius of no more than 2 meters. Besides bearing the toughness and roughness of all terrains. 

This super sexy skateboard is tough enough to carry heavy-weight riders, as the weight limit of 245 pounds is more than enough. Now you will be amazed to know that where it supports 245 LBS it weighs only 23.8 lbs. 

This miraculous output is the result of its high-quality build which makes it a really durable and extraordinarily lightweight off-road skateboard. In comparison with its previous model X1, X2 is almost 4 kg lighter than that.

Off-road scooter besides being durable and strong you need to make sure that it’s well protected against water and dust as well. So here is the great news: all-terrain terrific off-road skateboards resist water and are fully dustproof. This feature makes all the operative parts safe and lets them work smoothly for longer.

Super Strong Wheels

While reviewing an electric skateboard we can never miss the importance of wheels. And when it comes to off-road skateboard wheels are going to bear a lot. And if the wheels are weaker the powerful battery, the strong motor nothing can make your Skateboard get going
So in Backfire X2 the manufacturer has used specially designed wheels that are solid, airless, and equipped with a beautiful honeycomb structure. All these features make you stay stable on the roads without the fear of puncturing. During rough rides, flat tires are the fairest fear of a rider but with X2 it’s no more the case.

as we know that solid rubber tires cannot absorb road vibrations, but the rubber they have used in Backfire X2 is specially designed with improved friction. So these tires don’t have the fear of puncturing but still can absorb shocks to keep you safe from unwanted jerks and jumps. Another tremendous feature about these rubber Tyres is: When ruptured, you can replace them independently instead of replacing the whole unit.

Its 6.5 inches broad, solid, and specially honeycombed structured wheels contribute a lot in ranking it as the best off-road electric scooter.

 Brand New Remote Control 

Besides other improvements, Backfire X2 provides you with a better improved remote control. As compared to its previous version X1 was operative with old hobby wing technology. But in Backfire X2 the remote has not only the R2 wireless system.

But also provides you with a clear OLED screen display. So now with controlling your skateboard with the remote, you can also check your stats. Now you can see which speed you are traveling, how much different distance you have covered, and how much battery you are left with.


This electric skateboard has a great facility of a bright Led light that is very easy to install and uninstall. So for better vision at night, you can install them for a safe night expedition. Besides the LED light support, Your safety is also monitored by providing you with three-speed modes with which you can limit your speed as per your controlling ability. 

As if you are just a beginner you should choose the low-speed mode until you happen to be a Pro and can tackle the highest speed. Eco mode is the most recommended mode to avoid falling off and injury risks.

Braking System 

When the tracks are tough the braking system should also be smooth and efficient. The braking system they have used here is very predictable and powerful. So the rider can ride it with full confidence.

Another great plus point of its braking system is they are regenerative so whenever you apply brakes your battery time is boosted. While downhill rides this braking system is of great help.

Deck Design 

The double-drop design of the Deck is very supportive during high-speed rides. As the deck is designed in a way that it stays near to the ground and this feature adds more stability to this electric skateboard. Its deck has a slight curve which keeps the ridders perfectly stable and locked on the surface. And eventually, the control on the board becomes more exact and ultimate.

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After Buy Services 

Backfire is no doubt a reliable brand, it trusts its manufacturing and that’s why they offer almost a 5 months warranty with every product. The same is the case with X2 which comes with a 180 days warranty. In those 180 days if your board needs a repair the support team is here to provide the services.

The warranty claim system is also quite simple, you just need to non-contacts the team as per the areas you live in. Then tell them your problem along with your purchase details like the order number. For Europe and US customers, they need to contact Richmond and Hamburg offices and for all others, you need to contact the China office.

Note: For full refund of Backfire X2 you need to pack back the skateboard in perfect and new condition in no more delay than 7 days. And the customer will have to bear the shipping charges. 

What Can Stop You From Getting Backfire Ranger X2 

Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard Review

The only thing that can stop you from getting Backfire X2 as your Off-road skateboard is your low budget. As this skateboard is a delight that needs you to spend some money.  The pricing is not unfair as the features and power they provide you in this package make its price very justified. But if the budget blocks you from buying this you can go with some simple electric scooter maybe not meant for all terrains.

Note: If you are a backfire fan I suggest you check in a few more models that might fit into your budget and still be good to buy!

Why Backfire Ranger X2 Is Best & Must Buy? 

If you are a rough Rider and want your skateboard to spill its magic on different terrains. No matter if it is dirt, or grass, or its sticky sand. You can cross it all!

Then certainly, you don’t need to buy any other than this creation by Backfire. This electric skateboard is equipped with the most intelligent design and most appropriate features to help you run on the rocks.

This model by Backfire is designed keeping in mind all the troubles that you can go through while riding on rough tracks. Its unit is fully sealed so that no intruder like dust, dirt, and water can go and intervene in its proper functioning.

Its motor is powerful enough to give you a great ride and cross all the hurdles within your way. Its deck is properly designed in such a way that it can absorb shocks and its curve structure provides the rider support to stay steady on difficult tracks.

Its wheels are also appropriately designed for rough riders. With a honeycomb structure and a special rubber that makes them less bumpy and more stable on uneven tracks. you can use it as your daily commuter or for your thrilling expectations it is never going to let you down.

If you are a speed lover and a speedster this thing is definitely for you and with the ride it provides on all terrains you are not going to get it with any other. So if you wish for thrill, excitement, and adventure you don’t need anything less than Backfire Ranger X2.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

To ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience with the Backfire Ranger X2, consider the following tips:

Safety Precautions

  1. Always wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the skateboard’s controls and riding modes before venturing into high-speed or off-road rides.
  3. Observe traffic rules and ride defensively when sharing the road with pedestrians and vehicles.
  4. Regularly inspect the skateboard for any signs of wear or damage, especially the wheels, trucks, and bearings.
  5. Avoid riding in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, as it can affect the skateboard’s performance and safety.

Maintenance Recommendations

  1. Keep the skateboard clean by regularly wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Check the tire pressure periodically and adjust it according to the recommended range for optimal performance.
  3. Ensure the battery is charged correctly and avoid overcharging or completely depleting it, as it can affect its lifespan.
  4. Regularly inspect and tighten the trucks, as they may loosen over time with extensive use.
  5. Store the skateboard in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to prevent any damage to the electronic components.


Wrap-Up Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard

The Backfire Ranger X2 is a great off-road model presented by the manufacturer. Its previous version X1 had several setbacks which are all successfully upgraded and properly sorted in its X2 version.

Backfire Ranger X2 is far lighter and far more efficient than its previous X1 version. Its hub motor is super powerful and super-efficient to accompany you on rough rides and all sorts of terrains. This model is superbly efficient to cover grassy Sandy or even muddy tracks. 

On smooth pavements it is fun and on rough tracks it’s excitement. Its speed and battery power are also impressive. It might be on a higher shelf of budget but still, the features and strong build it provides are certainly worth your money. 

Its high-quality build and marvelous potential to cover the all-terrain make this deal worth recommending. So Backfire X2 review off-road is fully positive.


  1. How fast can the Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard go?
    • The Backfire Ranger X2 has a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h), allowing for thrilling rides and quick commutes.
  2. Can the skateboard handle steep hills?
    • Yes, the powerful dual hub motors enable the Backfire Ranger X2 to tackle steep hills and incline with ease.

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