Top 5 Best Hoverboard Accessories

Hoverboard craze is increasing day by day so is the market options, offering more and more into it to enlace comfort, add glamour or higher up ease.Every new model is enriched with a pinch of new flavor and a new version is enhanced with some new features.

Now what should we do to remain the most trendy and most loaded in the race of hoverboard we are left with two options one to discard the old one and buy a new version or… upgrade the already serving hoverboard.
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mingto Go Kart,Hoverboard Accessories,Hoverboard Seat Attachment-Adjustable for All Ages

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The mingto Go Kart is an adjustable hoverboard seat attachment that is suitable for all ages. It’s a great way to turn your hoverboard into a fun and exciting go-kart, perfect for outdoor adventures with family and friends.

Key Features

  • Full Control
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Adjustable leg pedals lengths
  • Easy to master & install
  • Suitable for 6.5, 8, 10 inch hoverboard

How it’s possible ? let me tell you now the market has a lot to serve the purpose, yes actually a big list of options fromhoverboard accessories seat, hoverboard accessories lights, best hoverboard go kart attachment, hoverboard with handlebars and wheels, hoverboard cart front wheel and hoverboard buggy attachment all is here in the market to serve you and upgrade any feature which you like about the latest version of your friends Hoverboard so don’t feel jealous and upgrade.

1: Cosmos Portable Waterproof Carrying Bag Handbag for 6.5 inches

After purchasing a hoverboard you definitely want to carry it all around for your convenience, and for that you definitely need to be perfectly equipped with a nice and easy to carry hand bag and here it is your Cosmos Portable waterproof bag, as it is a perfect selection for that purpose and the best accessory you can purchase as an add to your hovering experience.


  • Durable oxford material
  • Easily washable and convenient to carry
  • Double zipper closure
  • Dimension: 24.5″x7.5″.
  • Suitable for 6.5 “wide wheel
pros Cons
A durable material assures long term services Fits up bit tightly.
Add wise mobility to your hoverboard
Easy to wash
Easy to carry
Double zipper


This is a nice product to buy and good accessory to add on, almost 80% of the consumers presented very positive review of the said product and almost 20% had few complaints about its tight fittings but on the contrary few said that this feature was very helpful for the perfect fit in of their hoverboard.

2: Eyourlife 6.5” Waterproof Oxford Material Hoverboard Backpack Bag

The customers rated this product as 3.9 out of 5. The 64% rank it as 5 stars 9% 4 stars 3% 3 -star and the same number of people 3 % as 2-star ad 21% awarded it as 1 star. The majority of the population resides either too good or too bad. But the majority vote lies with too good.

The bag is made with the environment-friendly material and yet the product is durable. The unisex design increases the acceptability of the product by making it suitable for both male and both genders material. The smaller things can also be placed easily with the hover board due to extra compartments.

Product Features

  • The waterproof oxford material makes the bag durable. The bottom has a thick coating this will save the carrying object from damage.
  • The used fabric is breathable this feature enhances the protection of the carrying object.
  • The extra compartments in the bag make its use multi-purpose.
  • Unisex bag design fulfills the requirements of both gender groups. Anyone in the family can use
  • The easy-to-carry design gives the liberty to either carry the bag in hand or hang it with your shoulder.
  • The material used in the manufacturing of the bag is environment-friendly
pros Cons
The manufacturing material is Oxford material Some customers reported durability issues. Although very few, the majority is happy with the decision to buy this bag.
The bag is waterproof and abrasion resistance
The bag is lightweight and can be carried easily
The room to carry the hoverboard is sufficient.
The backpack straps make it easy to carry
Designed with padded backpack straps
The stitching quality is best so it lasts for a longer period of time
The smaller items can be adjusted in the extra compartment of the bag
The space allotted to carry the hoverboard is more than enough

My Verdict

This hoverboard bag is one of the best hoverboard accessories. This hoverboard bag is manufactured by the reputed manufacturer so you can use it stress-free. The product maintains the highest quality standards. And its unisex design and waterproof feature increase its usage in different conditions and among different customer groups.

3: Shangyuan Self-Balancing Scooter Carrying Handle with Adjustable Strap – Adjustable

Few products are so interesting that it’s actually fun reviewing them, this definitely is one those said products I actually like it versatility and multi-use can be referred as one of the best accessories for hover board, it is not only useful to carry your personal hoverboard but also a good deal to buy for any of your heavy article that you want to carry around as its manufacturers has assure its multipurpose use through its adjustable straps.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty, so no need to worry about its quality.
  • An adjustable handle strap that can support the carriage of your hoverboard or drifting board and self-balancing scooter.
  • Its multipurpose and strong at the same time, as the material used in handle manufacturing, is heavy nylon.
  • This is an awesome product for your hoverboard at this accessory not only provides you comfort to carry your hoverboard anywhere but also keeps it safe when not in use.
  • It offers you a strap that is easy to adjust to any of your heavy items and provides you a good grip for carriage.
  • pros Cons
    Durable construction Do not cover the hoverboard like a bag.
    Adjustable straps.
    Multipurpose not only an accessory for your hoverboard but also a nice carriage facility as well
    Strong grips.
    One year warranty


    As much as I liked the article definitely the other users loved it as well as out of 250 reviews I was surprised to know that even a single person was not unsatisfied with the product, it is such a hot selling item that mostly get out of stock from market so go get you piece soon.

    4: 4- Cjc EVA Nylon Hard Carrying Bag Case for 6.5″ Hoverboards

    This is perfect choice for the safety and carriage of your hoverboard not only assists you in carriage but also keeps your hoverboard safe from dust and other wear n tear. This is a hard carrying bag an elegant and easy hoverboard accessory that keeps you carriage convenient and hoverboard safe. Moreover this hoverboard is made up of safe plastic you can both carry it on shoulder or pick it in hands.

    Note this accessory does not support carriage of any other extra add on like a hoverboard accessory kart or hoverboard accessory lights.


    • It is a perfect fit for only 6.5” hoverboard only
    • Both options hand carry and shoulder backpack
    • Made up of non-toxic plastic
    • Water-resistant baggage
    • Fashionable and durable
    • 100% high-quality product
    • Three times more protection than any other carriage case
    • Easy to carry anywhere
    • Protect your hoverboard from scratches, dust, and dirt, and wear n tear.
    • Color available black
    • pros Cons
      Nontoxic plastic built A few customers reported issues with the strap durability
      Safe and hard casing
      Water-resistant casing
      Perfect fit for your 6.5 “Wide wheel hoverboard
      Shoulder backpack and hand carriage are both options
      Fashionable look
      Complete protection and safety for your hoverboard
      Excellent for the storage of your hoverboard


      It’s pretty tough to conclude this product and present my review, as while evaluating the reviews I’m stuck in a 50 vs. 50 tie as half of the users were very satisfied with the product whereas the rest half had issues with its size but all were agreed on the high quality of the case and its elegant looks, so I found it to be a nice option when it comes to a case for 6.5” wide wheels hoverboard definitely don’t support the bigger version hoverboards. (moreover the sample size was quite low)

      5: Locisne Stretchable Aluminum Alloy Balance Scooter Handle Bar for 6.5″,10″ Two Wheeled Scooter

      This is an amazing product to buy if you have been a hoverboard fan than this is the accessory most suitable and most required for the up gradation and comfort of your hoverboard. Now let me introduce you with this one of most trending and best accessories you can ever get for your hoverboard, the alloy handle bar don’t only add comfort but also add safety with style to your trendy hoverboard.


      • Length: 50-96cm/19.69″-37.8″ stretchable
      • Inner diameter 7cm/2.75″ for 6.5″ or 10″ scooter
      • It’s very easy to install and easy to remove.
      • Made up of tough material like aluminum alloy +ABS which is quite durable
      • Provides an easy lift In the case of any obstacle, and boosts driver’s ease and confidence
      • Add up safety for the users
      • Easy to install, place the ring closure in the middle of the hoverboard open it fit, it fixes, it and tight it looks you are done.
      • This handlebar can upgrade your simple hoverboard into an advanced-level hoverboard with a handlebar and wheels.
      Note: this handlebar is for safety control and the direction control does not come under its command.
      pros Cons
      Durable material Only suitable of hoverboards with around shaped center otherwise don’t fit nicely.
      Easy to install
      Add on safety along with fashion
      Add on safety along with fashion
      A high grade up gradation in low budget


      Most of the customers were happy with its purchase but they claimed that it doesn’t allow any extra safety but mostly we’re happy with its grip and ease, so I can you can get one according to your dire need and requirement.

      Final word

      Accessories are always helpful to add more glamour or functionality in to your product, some impart beauty and some add on functionality it’s up to you which feature attracts you the most and which fits into to your demand chart, we are here to introduce to you the market best availably and its efficacy in the light of personal experience and users reviews. I hope you will acknowledge our effort, have a happy shopping.
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