Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

This is one of the best scooters in its own category. This category is of the categories of e scooters. Although this is not an easy bike to drive. You need to develop the skills if you don’t know how to drive a bike.

1 hummer scooter price

If you are looking for a scooter that is well within budget then this scooter is clearly not your choice. But once you compare the benefit against the price then the price looks really very justified.

q1 hummer scooter review

If we look at different aspects of the scooter we will be able to find out what are the positives and what are negative points of the hummer scooter. Here we are talking about the q1. The model is under review for its different aspects. Let us find out the positives as well as the negatives of this model one by one.

q1 hummer scooter The Battery and the Acceleration

The scooter is equipped with a 800-watt motor. This is a state of the art motor and can make the scooter run at a really comprehensive speed. This can even make the scooter inclined on a specific surface. You can set the speed of the scooter between 12 and 25 MPH. If the scooter runs in the ideal circumstances it can cover the distance of 65 Miles in a single instant of charging. While the maximum speed the scooter can obtain is 37 MPH.

Manufacturing of the q1 hummer scooter

In the manufacturing of the scooter, the challenge was to choose the material that poses these two qualities.

  1. It should be light enough that it should not increase the weight of the scooter. As if the weight of the scooter increases from a specific level. The scooter will become heavier and it will be really difficult to manage the power for this scooter.
  2. The scooter should be durable enough that it should provide the long-lasting and pleasant experience of the ride multiple times.

So the people who were responsible for designing a state of the art scooter tried to search for the material that should fulfill both of the conditions. The search ends as they find the desired material in the form of the light weight aluminium. Aluminium possesses both qualities; this is a lightweight product as well as strong enough to make the scooter 

These are really important aspects of the electric scooter that helps it to run in the streets of the city as well as in the streets of the village. It is really helpful in making this scooter as an all surface scooter. The size of the tires are 10 inches. This provides the scooter with the maximum stability while moving on the different roads in the city as well as in the villages.[/wpsm_titlebox]

Poratbality an the storage

Although in the portable mode the size of the electric scooter has been reduced significantly. It definitely helps in the storage of the product. Reduction in size makes it adjustable even in narrow spaces. This is something that is not possible in the actual size of the scooter.

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As far as portability is concerned. This is really a difficult product to carry even in the portable mode. As the weight of the product does not reduce even the product is in the compact form. In Fact in the compact form the weight is more concentrated at a single point. This truly make it difficult to carry the scooter.

SO even though the size has been considerably reduced in the compact form this is not a portable friendly product at all.

Riders Operational Controls

This is one of the simplest forms of the control that has been fitted on the top bar of this scooter. Three buttons and a display. The button lets you select the mod and then the acceleration. Next is the lever that you saw and is attached with the handle of the electric bike. It helps you to stop the bike as it is the lever of the brake. Once applied it helps to reduce the speed of the electric bike and will finally stop the e scooter.

Safety of the rider

At multiple points the safety of the rider is assured while designing the different parts. This include the following

  • Breaks are really very efficient and helps in the reduction of the speed as well as it saves the rider from the crash. The state of the art breaks are really an important feature.
  • Second is the tires that provide you with a firm grip on the road no matter what type of surface you are moving. These tires will carry you from every surface easily.
  • The third one is the LEDs that are placed on the appropriate places. So that the people who are moving on the road with you can easily know about the position of yours and the next immediate move. If you are going to change your direction or are going to take a turn. Moreover, it provides you with the appropriate light. In this way you can easily move on the road with the appropriate ease.

Although these standards areas are not so different that are usually adopted by a number of the manufacturers. Even then it indicates that the manufacturer has done his utmost effort to provide you with the best possible safe product you can move in the streets.


Editor’s Pick

Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter, Boys & Girls Ages 8+, Max Rider Weight Up To 175lbs, Varying Max Speed, Aluminum Handlebars and Frame, Rear Foot Brake, Battery and Charger Included

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter is a versatile and durable ride for boys and girls ages 8 and up, with a maximum rider weight of 175lbs. It features aluminum handlebars and frame, a rear foot brake, and varying max speeds for a safe and fun ride.

Key Features

  • Folding Design
  • Electronic Brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height
  • Flip-Up Kickstand
  • 152 MM Ruber Wheels


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Drawbacks of  q1 hummer scooter

Every product has positives and negatives simultaneously. Sometimes the positives are more and sometimes the negatives are more. Here till now we have seen some of the best positive points.

Now here is the time that we should discuss some of the negative points of this device too. There are three big issues in this product

  • The Price

Most annoying thing here is the price. It really can raise some serious financial issues for you. You really have to think and plan about your financial issues before buying this. So plan the budget first and then move accordingly.

  • Controller Issues

The second issue of the concern is with the controllers. Some people really find it difficult to control the scooter with such simple controls. Therefore they have demanded relatively better battery scooters controls.

  • Poor customer Services

Although these are really good scooters to have, the after sale services are really bad. You will not get much of the support from the manufacturer once you have purchased the scooter.

These are some of the drawbacks of this product. But truly speaking these are not so harsh for those you may decide to leave this product for good.

 This is not an easy product to handle. sometimes it really comes up with multiple problems. If you know how to handle or cope with the issues. This is really great to have. This is the reason that although it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, people are looking for that. 

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