Hoverboard Vs. Electric Unicycle

Hoverboards and electric unicycles are two of the most popular modes of personal transportation in the market today. They are both fun and practical ways to get around town, but which one is best? In this article, we’ll compare hoverboards and electric unicycles to help you decide which one is right for you.


The personal transportation market has been rapidly growing, and two of the most popular modes of transport are hoverboards and electric unicycles. These devices are both fun and practical, but they differ in several ways. In this article, we will compare the two and help you decide which one is the best for you.

What are hoverboards?

Hoverboards are two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooters that are controlled by the rider’s movements. They are designed to be ridden standing up, with the rider’s feet placed on two pads on either side of the device. Hoverboards are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which provide a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge.

What are electric unicycles?

Electric unicycles, on the other hand, are single-wheeled electric device that is also self-balancing. They are controlled by the rider’s body movements and require more balance and skill to ride than hoverboards. Electric unicycles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which provide a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge.


Nobody can analyze the level of optimum qualities between a hoverboard vs electric unicycle. Certainly, that is a matter of personal satisfaction which makes one option more famous than the second one with similar usage.


Hoverboards have two wheels and are equipped with electric self-controlling and self-balancing features which provide more safety to the rider. Depending on the usage and requirements of people, hoverboards are considered to be safer and more advanced. If you want more safety and security for your kids while riding hoverboards, this can be a good option for you.

Electric unicycles have elite electric features equipped with smart technology which allows the rider to enjoy the ride and have a smooth journey even for a small duration. Electric unicycles have a single wheel and are quite difficult to be handled by the rider. But electric unicycles have self-balancing and self-control features which provide the rider with safe journey surety.

Nobody can detect the differences between hoverboards and electric unicycles except for the strength of the wheels. Both personal commutes have their benefits and can be less beneficial for some. That all depends on the level of satisfaction of people. If you feel more comfortable and safer using a hoverboard then this is the best transportation means for you. But if you feel safe and comfortable using an electric unicycle, that will be the best transportation mean for you no matter what others believe about that.

If you have not used a hoverboard or an electric unicycle ever and thinking to buy one for your ease and transportation mean, but confused between these two. Also, you don’t have any idea about the benefits and the shortcomings of electric unicycles and hoverboards. Certainly, you don’t want to waste your money on buying something less worthy. Don’t need to be confused we have developed this article based on research, for your ease and guidance.

In this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of hoverboards and electric unicycles. A brief list of the best hoverboards and electric unicycles has also been given for your ease. You can make a decision based on the information that we have collected for you.


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A hoverboard is one of the best transportation means that one can use to ease his/her daily traveling. Hoverboards are equipped with elite technological advancement tools including smart control and self-balancing, features that are suitable to be used by people of all ages. Especially for youngsters who want to facilitate their daily transportation at affordable prices, hoverboards provide a safe and comfortable journey for short routes.

Hoverboards have a self-sponsored electric system inside them which is connected to the motherboard and provide self-balancing to the rider while riding. You don’t need to do much just start your hoverboard with just one push and start your journey.

Stand calmly on the hoverboard, and select the mode from the three options, i-e. beginner, intermediate and expert level as per your expertise. You don’t need to worry about the directions, jumps, or any obstacles, your vehicle will lead you in the right direction without any issues.

Do wear a safety helmet, gloves, elbow and knee caps for the safety and protection of your important body parts so that in case of an accident your sensitive body parts may stay protected and don’t get injured.

Electric Unicycles

The electric unicycle is another important personal transportation medium that is becoming common these days. People use electric unicycles instead of manual unicycles for having a hassle-free and comfortable journey.

Unlike a manual unicycle which runs on one wheel and you have to push and pull manually for diverting its direction in any way, an electric unicycle is an advanced technological transportation tool. You just need to push the start button and this electric personal commute will take you on a comfortable tour with your friends and family members.

In electric unicycles, the whole balance is developed through the internal automatic control and mechanism which allows the rider to make his/her way without any manual effort. Electric unicycles have one wheel but the whole system runs automatically.

You can also install the application and develop an itinerary per your ease, and then just you need to select that itinerary and your ride will take you to the way where you want. If your kids are using the electric unicycle, you can check on the movements and can also control the direction, speed, etc. using the application online and keep a check on your kids when you are not with them.

Best hoverboards

Hoverboard Vs. Electric Unicycle

Keeping in view the usage and fame of hoverboards, many companies have been developing hoverboards for satisfying the needs of people from different age groups. With the improvements in technology and science, in hoverboards, different unique features have been applied including riding modes, self-control, self-balancing, etc.

We have presented some hoverboards in this list, you can check and select the best hoverboard as per your needs. Here are a few hoverboards that you might like:


  • Classic hoverboards have a wheel size of around 6.5 inches and are suitable to be used by beginners. You can ride this hoverboard on plain and soft terrain. Available at low prices and is one of the basic hoverboards. These hoverboards are not equipped with many features like other advanced hoverboards like self-balancing and self-control, etc.
  • Offroad hoverboards have a wheel size of 8-8.5 inches and are suitable for usage on any terrain. Offroad hoverboards are suitable to be used on any terrain and are called all-terrain support. You can ride your hoverboard on rough, rocky, or mountain terrain, this wheel size will support you on any kind of terrain. Wheel maintenance can be easily done after 4-5 months based on your usage.
  • Self-balancing hoverboards are equipped with an advanced gyroscope for improved balancing of the hoverboard while you are riding. This hoverboard is good if you are an expert and use the expert mode for riding. Equipped with high-class self-control and a self-balancing system, this hoverboard is recommended to be used on any terrain. Now, go on a journey without any fear of being diverted or fall, this hoverboard will support you and will balance your journey while riding.

The hoverboards have no seats and you have to travel standing whether that is for some minutes to hours. This standing mode and the bending position don’t seem suitable for people of old ages. That is the reason, mostly youngsters or kids like to ride on hoverboards.

You have to stand in a still position with bending, to ride on a hoverboard for longer or shorter distances. You can charge the hoverboard full and can enjoy your journey for up to 3-4 hours in one go.

You can also enjoy other features by using its online application. Develop a trip and then just select that trip, your hoverboard will take you in the right way without any fear of being fallen. With this application feature, you can also put a check on your kids when you are not with them.

Best electric unicycles

Hoverboard Vs. Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycles are new to the market and people haven’t started using them so frequently because of their less fame. The most prominent feature that electric unicycles have, is the chargeable mode. You can charge your unicycle and use it for hours without any interruption. The batteries support charges for up to 3 hours depending on the terrain on which you are riding.

As shown in the image above, King Song, Gotway, Inmotion, and Segway are among the best electric unicycles. King song and Gotway have the best battery timings and you can travel up to 4 hours in one go with a full charge. Inmotion and Segway have low battery timings and you can travel up to 2.5 hours with full charge in one go. Depending on the usage, requirements, and feasibility in price range, King song is considered to be the best one.

If you are buying an electric unicycle for amusing your tours and for facilitating your short-term journey in comfort and thrill at the same time, you can pick King Song electric unicycle. The price may vary between 3-400 USD but the performance is optimum and at least for four months you would not require any wheel alignment, wheel inflation, or wiring check.

But if you are planning to surprise your kids with an electric unicycle, Segway can be a good option. The price range is very much affordable and the battery timings may range between 2-2.5 hours. You can also have a check on your kids using its online application and can also check their moves by controlling them. The failure chances are also low.

So, scroll down and pick the one that suits you best and serves your interests in the best way.


Hoverboards and electric unicycles are both good options for personal transportation. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, you should go through all the features of both before buying one. Certainly, nobody would like to spend money again and again on buying the same thing. So, research before investing in something. To save your labor and time, we have researched for you. If you don’t have enough time to research and read through the whole article, you can check out the brief comparative analysis that we have compiled based on minute details.

Here is a comparison for your ease and more clear understanding:

Hoverboard Electric Unicycle
Runs on two wheels Runs on a single wheel
Self-balancing and self-control features included Self-balancing and self-control features included
Suitable for kids, and adults especially meant for youngsters going to colleges Equally usable for kids, adults, and youngsters
Hoverboards have little to do with your health and fitness Focused on health and fitness
All the controls are automatic and controlled by a centrally placed motherboard The wiring which controls all the automatic movements is managed through a motherboard
LED lights with multidimensional color schemes appeal the kids and adults equally LED lights with electric unicycles also come with amazing color schemes
Hoverboards are a bit more costly than electric unicycles Electric unicycles are less expensive than the hoverboards
Hoverboards are easier to handle than electric unicycles because of their two wheels The electric unicycle seems a bit difficult to handle while riding because of its single wheel
Hoverboards weigh between 26-40lbs and can be easily wrapped with folding. You can carry them along with while traveling. Electric unicycles weigh less than hoverboards and they can also be folded but wirings may be damaged in doing so in some cases.

Both hoverboards and electric unicycles are new to the market. As compared with hoverboards, electric unicycles are yet a novice situation. Manual unicycles have been used for health and fitness apart from enjoyment. People have been using them for the facilitation of personal rides and ease of transportation. Electric unicycles are new to the market and are not that common in the market yet

Read Our Reviews:

Compared with electric unicycles hoverboards are a bit older. Though this technology is advanced, the comfort and ease of use have urged people to accept hoverboards quickly. A hoverboard is available in different types and you can also select between the modes depending on your usage and expertise. If you are a beginner, you can select the beginner mode and if you have expert skills to handle, you can choose the expert mode to enjoy the swings, jumps, and thrills that this mode will provide you.

We hope that we have answered all your possible concerns in this article. You can go through the FAQs section for further clarity about electric unicycles and hoverboards. If you don’t have much time to read through the whole article, we recommend you at least read the comparison between electric unicycles and hoverboards.

Electric unicycles and hoverboards are certainly among the most common personal transportation means. People are using them for having fun, health, fitness, transportation, or for short-period tours around them. Both these transportation means are affordable and easy to maintain. But you need to use them with care so that the life of these electric transportation tools may be increased.

This is true that electric unicycles and hoverboards are equipped with advanced features, still, you need to take due care before setting your journey. Wear a safety helmet, and cover your hands with good-quality hard gloves. Your sensitive body parts may be secured in case of an accident. Safety is your need and don’t ignore it in hurry or in having fun.


If you are planning to buy an electric unicycle or hoverboard online, do check different websites of companies for checking customer reviews about them. This will help you in making a smart decision and it will give worth to your money.



Hoverboards and electric unicycles are both great modes of personal transportation that are fun and practical. When it comes to choosing between the two, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and your specific needs. If you’re a beginner or on a budget, then a hoverboard may be the better option. If you need a device for longer commutes or want a faster ride, then an electric unicycle may be the better option.


Should I buy an electric unicycle or hoverboard for my kids?

Electric unicycle and hoverboards have their pros and cons. Since electric unicycles have one wheel, they generally are stable with the help of two pedals. On the other side, hoverboards run on two wheels but can be unstable when running at a higher speed. There are different modes available on hoverboards and what if your kids go for expert mode and fall in case of selecting expert mode while you are away? Certainly, you wouldn’t like it.

But that doesn’t mean that hoverboards are not good for kids. You can install an online application for electric unicycles and hoverboards before giving these transportation means to your kids and check on their speed and mode. Thus, both can be used but it’s always better to let them practice on an electric unicycle first then let them switch toward hoverboards.

As a beginner, what should I buy a hoverboard or electric unicycle?

Hoverboards and electric unicycles have three pre-installed modes, i-e. beginner, intermediate and expert level. You can select whichever suits you. But if you haven’t used a hoverboard or electric unicycle, we recommend you start practicing on beginning mode either on a hoverboard or on an electric unicycle. Then move on to the next mode depending on your skills and needs.

Is buying a personal transportation commute online worth it?

In this age of increasing population where traffic signals are becoming longer and longer to be crossed, certainly, nobody would like to reach late at office/college or university. Especially for youngsters, reaching in time or having fun with mates, is a matter of importance. Buying a personal commute at a reasonable price is worth it.


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