How much money does an electric scooter cost


There is no denying the fact that the unique features, safety, and affordability of electric scooters have raised their demands not only in one country but also in the whole world. Electric scooters are equally famous among kids and adults. For a safe and durable journey, electric scooters are considered to be the best transportation … Read more

Broken leg scooter


Electric scooters, skateboards and unicycles work well for those who have legs or for those whose legs are proper working but what about those who have one leg or who are living with broken legs? Would they be relying all the time on someone else to visit someone or somewhere? No, they wouldn’t be. For … Read more

Evercross electric scooter


Ever cross electric scooters are one of the biggest innovations in the electronic tools market across the globe. These e-scooters are sleek, durable, and provide a real thrill while riding. If you are looking for a unique and reliable ride for your adult child, this can be the best choice for you. Though they are … Read more

Varla scooter


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How to fix electric unicycle


Are you struggling with the maintenance of an electric unicycle? No worries anymore, we are here for your guidance. We certainly understand that nobody has that lavish time to search for the fixation of their electric vehicles. Electric vehicles certainly require care and concern because they can get some problems while charging or while riding … Read more

Electric Scooter Safety Tips


Have you recently bought an electric scooter for your ease in commute but have little knowledge about electric scooter riding tips? Don’t worry; we have compiled this article for your help and guidance. Electric scooter riding is in vogue these days because it saves your time and makes your day to day journey very much … Read more

Electric Scooter Parts


Have you noticed the recently increasing trends of using electric scooters, especially among youngsters? You might have heard or seen the rising trends of shifting toward personal vehicles by people around the world. Electric scooters are one of the most dedicated personal vehicles and becoming very common among people because they are very easy to … Read more

Locking Electric Scooter


The electric scooter locking mechanism is essential to understand for those who are the users of the electric scooters. An efficient locking system keeps you moving tension free while your scooter remains at rest in the middle of the city safe from the robbers. Do remember that your electric scooter can be carried easily because … Read more

Macwheel Max Electric Scooter Review


Macwheel Max Electric Scooter is specially designed for commuting, it has a powerful battery and motor system for a maximum speed of 15.6 mph and it the range is 18.6 mile per hour. It is combined with the non-pneumatic tires and tire have the feature of built-in wires and water resistance. The double braking system … Read more

Zero 8X Electric Scooter review


Like Zero 8, the Zero 8x comes with a sturdy high-quality body frame that makes this scooter quite powerful. The scooter features some of the best braking and low-end acceleration performance you’ll ever see in a scooter.  This scooter is perfect for around the city movement that doesn’t exceed 40 Kmh and for evening walks … Read more