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Do you remember at what age you started riding a hoverboard? Do you want your kids to ride hoverboards below the age of 10 years? Would it be safe for kids to ride hoverboards? These questions usually comes to mind when you have moved into the next generation and your kids want you to give them things that you might have attained after 20 or more years. When it comes to technological changes, kids in the present time want to have every new thing or technological too that you as a child was never able to get . what is the right hoverboard age? This is what we call technological advancement and change in time.

You might have riden hoverboard for the first time at the age of maybe 20 or more but now you may experience your kids asking for hoverboards even they are just below the age of 10 years. You might be confused or worried about the safety of your kids. This is because certain events have been reported when hoverboards caught fire while the riders were riding them. But you shouldn’t be worried about the safety of your kids merely on these events.

Because such accidents are only supposed to occur when the batteries of the hoverboards get stuck with something hard, when they are overcharged or when the speed is too high to be handled by the rider or went at the maximum capacity.

There are hoverboards that are specifically meant for kids and have specifications that support child protection and safety like low speed, no stunts, no unusual wheel movements, etc.

Best hoverboards for your kids

Because of ease in transportation, affordability and fun, hoverboards are becoming common these days. Keeping in view the rising demands of hoverboards, many companies have started manufacturing hoverboards by focusing different age groups. There are some specific hoverboards which are manufactured keeping in view the age groups of riders. You can buy a hoverboard equipped with unique features within the reasonable price and appearance which will certainly appeal you.

You can install the online application and can develop the itinerary of your tour before starting it. So at the time of starting your tour, you will only have to select the option to let the hoverboard follow the itinerary.

Here are some best hoverboards for kids that you can buy to amuse your kids. We have also defined the age groups who can use these hoverboards easily:

  • GoTrax Nova Pro

Gotrax nova pro is the perfect match for your kids who are between the age groups of 8-10 years. You don’t have to worry much about their safety, speed and protection because the maximum speed on this hoverboard is just 6.2 mph which is controllable for your kids.

Also, there are lights installed in the front side and in the both sides of the wheels which provide an aesthetic appearance to kids. The maximum ride time is 3.1 miles so you don’t need to look for longer for your kids, because they will be back soon.

LED lights are installed in front side and in the wheels for aesthetic looksLow motor power capacity
Suitable for riding inside and outside homeSmall ride time for just 3-5 miles
Quick responsiveness to rider’s movementsLow maximum weight carrying capacity
  •  Swagtron Twist

Laced with LED lights in the front and the wheels on both sides, swagtron twist is another hoverboard that your kids will love to ride. With the motor capacity of 400 w, this hoverboard is suitable for your kids who are under the age of 10.

The speed of the hoverboard is also controllable to the age of your kids. Even if you are at the beginner level and learning to ride hoverboards, you can use it initially for learning purposes.

LED lights are installed in front side and in the wheelsLow motor power capacity
Long life of batterySmall ride time for just 3-5 miles
5 years warranty of batteryNo Bluetooth speaker connection
  • GoTrax Glide

If you have your budget just below 150 USD, we advise you to buy this hoverboard for your kids. This hoverboard has all those essential features which your kids would love to have in their e-vehicles. The battery is made up of lithium-ion and durable to be used for long periods.

Though the ride time is low but this is just the perfect blow for your kids who are between 10-12 years. The speed is medium and the ride time is also good for the age of your kids. So, don’t search much for any other e-vehicle, this is the match for your kids.

Reasonable priceLow motor capacity
Bluetooth speaker connection facilityLow ride time as of price
LED lights are installedLong charging time
  •  GoTrax E4

Gotrax is another useful option that you can buy for your kids’ up-to the age of 13 years. Equipped with LiFEPO4 battery, this hoverboard has dual motors with the capacity of 250 w each. You can charge the batteries to the full and enjoy the ride for 7 miles.

Available online or on physical stores within the price range of 270 USD, you can amaze your kids with its features and can also control its movement, through online application control. Gotrax E4 is tested for 13 years old kids so you need not to worry about the safety of your kids. You can buy this hoverboard for your kids’ up-to the age of 13 years.

Weight carrying capacity of up-to 220 lbsOnly front LED lights work
Bluetooth speaker connection is availableLow distance coverage
Adjustable power and speedA bit costly when features are weighted
  •  Hover 1 Ultra

Developed with lithium ion battery which supports the maximum power supply through dual powerful motors with 500w, Hover 1 ultra is the perfect match for your kids above the age of 15 years. The maximum speed of this hoverboard goes up-to 10 mph and in one go the rider can travel for up-to 12 miles.

You can buy it online from any store like Amazon at the price of around $189. For amusing your kids above 15, this can be a good option which is affordable and contain all those features which will double the thrill of every ride.

For your further convenience, we have also inserted pros and cons of this hoverboard:

Weight carrying capacity of up-to 220 lbsSmall length coverage
Controllable speedNo Bluetooth speaker
Powerful motor to support ridingLong charging time

Safety measures

Though hoverboards are considered safer when compared with other e-vehicles, still you need to have due safety measures. For your guidance we have compiled a brief list of safety measures that you must take before riding a hoverboard and make sure your kids also do that before starting their ride:

  • For prolonging the life of your hoverboard and to enjoy every ride perfectly, you must work on proper alignment of every part of your ride. Wheels, wiring, LED lights, etc. are the prominent parts of hoverboards, so they must be checked thoroughly before and after coming from a ride.
  • If you are at the beginner or at the intermediate level in handling a hoverboard, we advise you to stick to the speed of 10 mph or low while riding your e-vehicle. You can go for high speed only if you handle it through your expertise. Though, all the balancing and controlling of wheels is done automatically by the mechanics of hoverboards, you still have to be vigilant enough to handle the speed and movements of hoverboards.
  • Majority of the manufacturers develop hoverboards for kids above the age of 8 but now hovebroards with the minimum speed and basic features are also being introduced for entertaining kids below the age of 8 and above the age of 5 years.
  • Don’t buy a hoverboard with more than 8 mph speed for your young kids.to ensure their safety and protection, you can now track their movements by installing online applications. Many hoverboards have this online scrutiny application for speed check. You can also develop an itinerary and set the hoveboard to follow that. In this way you will be able to keep an eye on your kids, using the online hoverboard control application.

Keeping in view the technological changes, the demands of customers have been changing. You will see that kids in the present century tend to demand those things in the earlier phases of their lives which you had in the later phases. Hoverboards are among the most favorite e-vehicles for kids and if your kids are asking you to buy them one, you have a lot of options to fulfill their desire.

The common misconception that hoverboads are not safe for kids is archaic now. Many companies are now manufacturing hovebroards which are meant for kids ranging from different age groups to different features fir adults also. The online application control is another unique feature that hovebroards have these days. You can control the movements of your kids and can track their direction sitting at home and by using your cell phone only.

Always take safety measures in consideration before sending your kids for riding hoverboard. No matter which type of hoverboard you have bought for them, you need to ensure the safety measures and the precautions of your kids.

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