How to ride a unicycle

Are you enthusiastic about getting back your lost fitness? Are you a fun-lover and wish to have an adventure while traveling? Have you bought or thought to buy a unicycle for health and fitness or fun purposes but have poor knowledge of its handling and riding? If yes to these questions, you must give a read to this article.

In this article, we will guide you about different types and styles of unicycles and will also help you to learn to ride a unicycle. So, you need not worry about riding a unicycle because we will give you a thorough understanding in this regard.

A unicycle is the perfect combination of fun, personal commute for short distances, and fitness. If you are thinking of becoming physically fit, don’t think much just buy a unicycle. Riding a unicycle apparently seems difficult but that is not the reality. Starting a new thing is always difficult but when you get to learn the same thing, you definitely feel better.

Unicycle riding is perfect for those who aim to learn about bicycles or motorcycles. Also, riding a unicycle is very much easier and it definitely aids you in staying physically fit. For sports persons, staying in position and healthy is very much important, thus, they prefer to use unicycles. Unicycles not only help a sportsperson to develop a stable and calm position while riding or increase the stamina of a workout. Physical fitness is important for the prolongation of life and also to stay healthy, and unicycles serve that purpose very efficiently.


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Safety tips

Riding unicycles is simple and easy but you need to learn the right ways before starting it. Certainly, when learning some new ride, it takes some extra time and effort but once you get to know the benefits of a unicycle you will certainly enjoy more in riding more.


Since a unicycle has no supporting handles and stands on just one wheel, one needs to gain enough experience before trying a unicycle. Especially if you are a beginner, you need to spend on an average of 3-4hours on daily basis learning to ride a unicycle.

Safety while riding a unicycle is important too. As a unicyclist you need to consider these factors in mind before setting your journey on the road:


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  • Wear a safety helmet before starting your journey. Avoid using a steel-framed helmet try using a hard helmet instead.
  • You must wear knee and elbow safety lock caps to ensure the protection of sensitive body parts in case of an accident.
  • We also recommend using a flash-free pair of glasses to ensure you in point direction.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes so that you may be able to ride smoothly.
  • Buy a unicycle with wheels that are in conformance of your weight and height. Certainly wheels of the unicycle can be damaged or cannot work properly due to the overweight of the rider.
  • Practice a lot before setting your journey on a road with traffic. Try using a unicycle on a plain surface first to gain experience then go for a road with rush traffic.



Riding guidelines

Riding a unicycle for the first time can give you a tough time in the start but that all depends on your interest and dedication. Think of gaining fitness and fun while covering your short distances using a personal commute. You will surely get more enthusiastic to learn a unicycle. A unicycle doesn’t carry any supporting handle and the rider has to control it through one tire only, so to avoid any accident, always take a beginner slow start.

If you have recently bought a unicycle and thinking how you would be able to ride a unicycle, we can help you in this regard. Here are some riding guidelines for you to make riding a unicycle easy even at the beginner level:


  • Stand still and keep one foot on one pedal and then start spinning the pedal with the other foot slowly in a manner that the pedals start roaming at the angle of 4:00 pm. This step will give you a slow start and you will be secure and feel easy to go.
  • Stay relaxed while riding and don’t panic if you fall. It’s just a start and you have a long way to go.
  • Don’t stand in a way to put your weight on your legs instead sit on the seat. This will not let your whole body tired. You will be able to lean properly and grip easily using your legs.
  • Though apparently, your hands have no work to do here you need to provide internal support from your arms to your legs to make this ride a smooth one.
  • Always look forward and try watching a head instead of looking downward or moving backward. This will give your unicycle forward-moving support and will also increase your confidence.
  • Don’t increase the pace suddenly instead try increasing the speed steadily. This will increase your learning and ride handling abilities.
  • Wear easy clothing and sit properly on the seat to ride ahead.
  • If in the start, you feel like falling on the unicycle, let it fall don’t try to do something else in panic rather you will get some injury badly. Falling from your ride will lead to riding your unicycle in a professional way ahead.


Factors to avoid

If you are a beginner and have just started to learn to ride a unicycle, you need to stay calm. It is always better to watch similar videos to have an idea at first. Certainly, watching others will raise your confidence.

As a beginner, you need to avoid going too fast right from the start. Going faster, in the beginning, can result in mishandling and ultimately you can get fall. There are no self-sensors installed in a unicycle. So you need to take care of yourself without any help from artificial intelligence techniques because this is not included in a unicycle.

We recommend starting your ride on a plain surface instead of some rough or grassy land to avoid any misbalancing. Balancing your ride is certainly important to keep your safe from being fallen and being injured in case of an accident.

Which is the best option for you?

If you are purchasing a unicycle for your child who is just a beginner we advise to buy a basic unicycle. This is also called a beginner unicycle which is perfect match for your kids. Freestyle unicycle is also another useful option for those who have learnt a bit of riding a unicycle. This is a level higher than of the beginner level.

Trial is the name that is being given to unicycles which are specifically suitable for those who develop adventure while riding unicycle. Above beginner and intermediate levels, this is something suitable for the expert riders. We hope that we have answered all your concerns in this article. With unicycles you can transform your weight and can enjoy this healthy activity.



Is there any weight limit to unicycles?

We recommend having an appropriate weight while using a unicycle usually ranging between 50-80 pounds on an average. The lighter the weight of the rider the smoother the unicycle runs.

Which tire size should I prefer while buying a unicycle?

20″ and 24″ sizes are more common tire sizes that are used in unicycles. For a beginner level and even for the intermediate level, 20″ is suitable and serve the purpose to a great extent. For riding on rocky surfaces and for experts, we recommend using 24″ tires in unicycles.


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