How to fix electric unicycle

Are you struggling with the maintenance of an electric unicycle? No worries anymore, we are here for your guidance. We certainly understand that nobody has that lavish time to fix their electric vehicles. Electric vehicles certainly require care and concern because they can get some problems while charging or while riding in bad weather conditions.

Electric unicycles are some of the most facilitated personal vehicles that are becoming common among people these days. Unlike conventional unicycles, which have to be taken good care of while riding, electric unicycles are undoubtedly good options for those who really want to enjoy their traveling.

If you are riding an electric unicycle, you will definitely want to enjoy an uninterrupted journey and that is the reason, electric unicycles are becoming common. With unique features like app control and monitoring, you can now watch every move of your kids while sitting at home and can take care of them when you are actually not with them. Electric unicycles have to be taken and used with due care rather they would cost you much.

Many of people shirk buying electric vehicles because of their high maintenance and running costs. Also, fixing faults with electric vehicles is not easy. But that is just a misconception now. With the advancement of technology and science, more ways have been discovered to fix your electric unicycle’s errors without panicking.

If you have trouble fixing your electric unicycle, here is a useful informative article for your help.

Some common issues with electric unicycles

If you are using an electric unicycle, you might be facing some certain issue that keeps on repeating itself again and again. Even by taking your electric unicycle to the mechanic, you are getting frustrated. You might be thinking that buying an electric unicycle doesn’t worth it. But that is not true. Maybe the mechanic is not picking the right issue and fixing it accordingly or maybe the issue hadn’t met properly last time.

First, you need to find out the issue that your unicycle is facing. Here are some common issues that electric unicycles experience:


  • No self-controlling/self-balancing by electric unicycle
  • Lose wiring
  • Low tire inflation
  • Malfunctioning of charging ports
  • Poor working of brakes/circuits


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Fixing issues

No self-controlling/self-balancing by electric unicycle

Self-balancing and self-controlling characteristics of electric unicycles are associated with the motherboard. Just like a computer, the activities of an electric unicycle are controlled by the motherboard. Get the wiring around motherboard tight and then check its working again.

Lose wiring

If the wiring has gone lose you can simply take out the wiring and reach up-to its connection with the motherboard. Take out the cover of motherboard and screw tight the lose wiring from there. You will certainly fix the lose wiring from there.

Low tire inflation

There might be a lot of reasons for low tire inflation including tire puncture. In this case you don’t need to take your electric unicycle to the mechanic, you can fix it yourself. Just take out the tire from the unicycle and get it vacated properly.

Don’t push air inside the tire without cleaning it properly. Use a vacuum hose to fill tire with pressure air inside the tire and to remove all the debris in it. Check from where the tire is damaged. Just take out a good quality adhesive material to fix that hole and then start pushing air again until you get the desired reading of your electric unicycle’ tire.

Malfunctioning of charging ports

If the charging ports stop working, check the motherboard. Check the wiring at firsthand and get it fixed if it has gone looser. If still the issue persists, this means that the circuit which connects the motherboard with other parts of the unicycle has failed. You need to replace the circuit with the new one to be placed with the motherboard again.

After replacing the circuit with the motherboard, check the functioning of the charging ports.

Poor working of brakes/circuits

In case your brakes or circuits are not working properly, check the wire connection inside the motherboard. If fixing the wire doesn’t solve the issue, then replace the whole wiring with the new one, in this way, this issue will be certainly resolved.

Maintaining electric unicycles is not difficult that all depends on you that how you take care of your unicycle. Always check the official website of the company from where you wish to buy your electric unicycle. Also, analyze the customer review about different styles and types of electric unicycles that the company is offering. This will help to select the best option for you. If your electric unicycle has a tire width between 16 and 20 inches, you should not use it on rough terrain instead try using it only on a plain surface.

Don’t forget to wear safety equipment this will protect your sensitive body parts in case you meet any accident. Try to clean your electric unicyle after every tour this will prolong the life of your vehicle and will also keep the part working in a proper manner.

Don’t try to rush in the start when riding an electric unicycle. A steady start will not only increase your confidence but also will double your enjoyment. Try to ride in plain weather instead of using it in bad weather conditions. Riding on an electric unicycle during bad weather conditions can cause damages to your vehicle.


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Can I fix issues with my electric unicycle myself at home?

Yes, certainly you can fix your electric unicycle issues at home. The main issue revolves around the motherboard. Check the wiring, connection with the motherboard and the tire inflation of your unicycle to get the issue fixed. If the wiring of the unicycle has gone loose, you need to get the whole wire out and get it tight around the motherboard. In case of low tire inflation, first take out the tire, clean the debris inside the tire with vacuum hose, and then push air inside the tire to fix it in its space again.

Is maintaining an electric unicycle more costly than of the usual manual unicycle?

No, the condition of your electric unicycle is associated with your usage and maintenance. Electric unicycle provides you more comfort and enjoyment when compared with usual manual unicycle. But if you use your unicycle on the compatible surface and take care of the parts of electric unicyle, it will certainly cost you lower than that of the manual unicycle.

Use your electric unicycle as per the compatibility of the tires. For example, tires with width of 16-20-inches are suitable to be used on plain soft surface so you cannot use it on rocky terrain. This will certainly damage the tires and will cost you more. Therefore, use it carefully to prolong its life and to reduce its cost.

Are electric unicycles safer to use?

Electric unicycles have automatic self-control and self-balancing features which protects the movements of the rider. So, if you are planning to surprise your kids this new year with an amazing electric unicyle but worried about the safety of your kids, you don’t need to worry more. You can even check on the movements of your kids through the application which is compatible with the electric unicycle.

Always go steadily in the start on your electric unicyle, and then gradually raise the speed depending upon your expertise. Hence, electric unicycles are completely safer to use and you can prefer to buy an electric unicycle from a good company.


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