Varla Scooter Review: The Best Electric Scooter?

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic and looking for a sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation? Look no further than the Varla Scooter! This electric scooter has been gaining popularity in recent years for its impressive speed, range, and durability. But is it worth the investment? In this Varla Scooter Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and specifications of this electric scooter and help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What is the Varla Scooter?

Varla Scooter Review: The Best Electric Scooter?

The Varla Scooter is an electric scooter that offers a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for commuting, running errands, or exploring the city. It has a top speed of 40 mph, which is faster than many other electric scooters on the market and can easily handle steep inclines.

Key Features of the Varla Scooter

Varla Scooter Review: The Best Electric Scooter?

The Varla Scooter comes packed with features that make it stand out from other electric scooters on the market. Some of the key features include:

Dual Motors

The Varla Scooter comes equipped with two 1000W motors, providing a total power output of 2000W. This enables the scooter to tackle hills and rough terrain with ease.

Large Battery Capacity

The scooter has a 52V 18.2Ah lithium-ion battery, which provides a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. The battery is also removable, making it easy to swap out for a fully charged one when needed.

Dual Suspension

The Varla Scooter has a dual suspension system with front and rear shock absorbers, which provides a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain.

Large Tires

The scooter has 10-inch pneumatic tires, which are wider and thicker than the tires found on most electric scooters. This makes the Varla Scooter more stable and provides better traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

Foldable Design

The Varla Scooter has a foldable design that makes it easy to carry and store. It also comes with a kickstand, making it easy to park the scooter when not in use.

Specifications of the Varla Scooter

Here are the specifications of the Varla Scooter at a glance:

Specification Description
Max Speed 40 mph
Range Up to 60 miles on a single charge
Motor Power Dual 1000W motors, providing a total power output of 2000W
Battery 52V 18.2Ah lithium-ion battery
Charging Time 7-8 hours
Tires 10-inch pneumatic tires
Suspension Dual suspension with front and rear shock absorbers
Weight 70 lbs


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Varla Scooter Review

So, how does the Varla Scooter perform in real-world conditions?

We tested the scooter on various terrain, including flat roads, hills, and rough terrain, and found it to be quite impressive. The scooter is incredibly powerful, and the dual motors provide enough torque to climb steep hills without any issues. The large battery capacity also ensures that you can cover a long distance on a single charge.

The suspension system on the Varla Scooter is also excellent, providing a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain. The 10-inch pneumatic tires also help absorb shocks and provide better traction, making it easier to ride on wet or slippery surfaces.

The only downside we found with the Varla Scooter is that it’s quite heavy, weighing in at 70 lbs. This can make it difficult to carry and store, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. However, the foldable design and kickstand make it easier to park the scooter when not in use.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the Varla Scooter’s performance and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful and durable electric scooter.

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Key Features

  • Light-up Wheels
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Light-up Deck
  • Rear foot brake
  • Wide Deck
  • Only 6 LBS




Easy to ride

Compared with other scooters, Varla scooters are very easy to ride. They are equipped with artificial intelligence and thus, control the scooter in a balanced way to ensure the safety of the rider. Unlike other personal commutes like skateboards, unicycles, and electric scooters, etc. Varla scooters are easier and more convenient to be handled even by a new rider.

Long riding time

You can charge your batteries with electricity and go for long rides for as long as 1-2 hours in one go. On average, this electric scooter has more than one battery and a powerful motor, so you can easily use them and go for your ride.

You don’t need to wait in queues to fill your tank with fuel. Just press the start button and go for your ride with your friends. This personal commute will take you on a tour at no cost of fuel. You can enjoy your ride at a high speed of around 40 mph.

Elite class performance

Varla scooters are meant for those who love to go at high speed using their commute. The elite class performance provides the rider with the supreme traveling experience. The average weight-carrying capacity of a scooter is around 2-300 lbs. That is the reason students love to buy them.

The e-scooter is laced with ultra-modern technology and with its ride; the rider enjoys the most thrilling experience. This elite-class performance doesn’t cost you much when compared with other means of transportation.

Variety of Varla scooters

Are you an adventure-seeker and want to have a thrilling journey every time, when you are on your ride? Varla scooters will provide you with a sound quality smooth ride without any interruption. Charge your Varla scooter’s batteries once and enjoy the ride for up to 2 hours in one go.

There are so many varieties of Varla scooters that it becomes difficult for a new buyer to select and purchase a good quality Varla scooter. If you have been riding on a Varla scooter before, you should buy a brand new Varla scooter eagle one pro. If you have never used a Varla scooter and you are planning to buy a new Varla scooter, you should go for the Varla Pegasus city commuter. By spending a reasonable amount, you can enjoy and facilitate yourself with all the basic features that a Varla scooter has.

 Best  scooters

Equipped with high performance and high speed,  scooters are among the most elite transportation commutes that one can think of. Certainly, you wouldn’t prefer to buy again and again so, you need to do research before buying a suitable scooter for your daily use.

For research, time and effort are required. For saving you time, we have done useful research and compiled a well-researched brief list of the best scooters for you. You can scroll down to find the best quality scooter for you.

 Eagle one dual motor

Lead the road by purchasing this outclass eagle one scooter with exceptional features like high speed, reliability, ease of use and long battery timing, etc.

Unique features


  • Dual motor with 1000W capacity that can provide a power output of 3200 W
  • The batteries of the scooter are controlled by speed controllers by 2 X 25A
  • Performance maintenance and automatic alignment
  • The battery power of 946 WH and is made up of lithium-ion which is exceptionally capable of taking the speed up to 40 mph
  • Splendid controlling by dual hydraulic brakes


Varla eagle one pro

Want a pro varla eagle one with more unique features and splendid quality? Here is what you might be searching for. Buy varla eagle one pro at a reasonable price and with more automatic controlling features.

A step ahead of the Varla eagle one, if you want speed with elite-class performance, you must buy the Varla eagle one pro. This e-scooter will not only fill your journey with joy but will not let you get bored. Check on your speed and duration by watching the installed LCD on the face of this scooter. This LCD will also help you to keep track of your traveling and will let you know when running short of battery through a red light display.

So by using the smart features placed inside this e-scooter, you can thrill your every ride with massive speed.


Unique features


  • The motor capacity of 1000 X 2 will lead to an interruption-free tour
  • Battery life warranty of around 2 years
  • Enjoy the speed with a massive approach of up to 40mph
  • Automatic self-control even at the high speed


Varla Pegasus City commuter

If you want to have a good scooter but within a small budget and for a longer period, Varla Pegasus city commuter can be your choice.  Drop the worries of hiking fuel prices and start commuting at the cheapest cost whenever you need it with this e-scooter. Enjoy the power output with the optimum capacity.

Equipped with all basic functions and no elite features, this scooter is best for all those who are just beginners. If you are running low on budget and don’t want to spend much in purchasing an e-scooter, buy Varla Pegasus City commuter. This e-scooter will take you anywhere you want and you can travel for up to 25 minutes in one go. All you need is just to charge the batteries and set your journey on. Don’t worry about its control, its automatic features will control the ride and will not let you fall in any way.

This e-scooter is cheap and can provide you with all the basic electric scooter facilities that you might need for your daily commute or even for fun. Varla scooter parts for this type are also available easily. You can contact your buyer and get them replaced easily at a cheaper price if you need them.

Unique features


  • Dual hub motor with a capacity of 500W X 2
  • Enjoy your ride with the climbing angle of 25°
  • Backed by a 48V Lithium-ion battery, enjoy a warranty for up to 2 years
  • The maximum load capacity of around 280lbs
  • Take your ride for up to 25 minutes with a full battery charge in one go
  • Check your speed with the 4.6 inches LCD placed right in between your e-scooter

Pros and Cons of the Varla Scooter

To help you make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of the Varla Scooter:


  • Powerful dual motors that can handle steep hills and rough terrain
  • Large battery capacity provides a long range on a single charge
  • The dual suspension system and large tires provide a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain
  • The foldable design and kickstand make it easy to park and store


  • Heavy, weighing in at 70 lbs, which can make it difficult to carry and store

Things to know


Riding an e-scooter is a great experience but that doesn’t mean that you should go for the ride without any prior experience. Varla scooters are known for their high speed; therefore, the rider must keep aware of his expertise and should go for the suitable speed, mode, and terrain accordingly.

Always wear safety equipment before starting your scooter. Don’t forget to wear a safety helmet and gloves. Also, put on knee and elbow safety caps to save your sensitive body parts in case any accident happens. These safety equipment are made for making your every ride safe and comfortable, thus don’t forget to follow the safety rules.

Don’t go for too high a speed at the start. Though, Varla scooters can take you on a high-speed tour at up to 40 mph but don’t try to get that much high speed right in the beginning especially if you are a novice. Varla Eagle’s top speed of 40 mph can give you a real thrill of riding but don’t take it too fast.

Adjust the tires, their alignment, and all the other important parts of the Varla scooter before taking your scooter on a tour. Without proper tire alignment and proper examination, don’t try to even start your ride.

Always start your ride on a plain terrain especially if you have no previous experience handling the Varla scooters. Don’t try to do any trick by speeding up your scooter in any way this may cost you an accident.

For all those speed lovers and admirers of high-quality personal commutes, we have compiled a useful article based on varla scooters. If you are an avid traveler and are fond of riding on different commutes, you must have an idea about Varla scooters.  scooter is one of the most famous personal transportation means that people are using these days to facilitate their day-to-day travel. High speed of around 40 mph with automatic self-control and self-balancing features, you can enjoy all the basic features that you would require in a Varla scooter.

Don’t forget to forego safety clothes when you are going for a ride on an e-scooter. In case of an accident, safety equipment keeps the rider safe and lets him enjoy the ride. You can search for the scooters and pick the most suitable one for your use. Try to examine the compatibility of tires and the body parts of the Varla scooter before purchasing one.


You can buy a Varla scooter online by surfing different companies and can also go for a physical store purchase. Check your expertise level and the compatibility of your ride before riding it.

For your ease and guidance, we have prepared this report for you in which you can find all the information related to Varla scooters. Varla scooters are among the best personal transportation means that one can use for fun or for reaching somewhere. If you are a beginner, we advise you to don’t take out your ride in bad weather.



Is buying a Varla scooter worth it?

As fuel prices are hiking very fast and economic uncertainty is increasing, electronic scooters are considered to be the best source of personal commute. For all those fun-lover travelers, Varla scooters are the best options who want high speed, reliability, and long sustenance while riding. Available in different colors, and types and manufactured under the brand name of various companies, you can enjoy the unlimited unique features of a personal commute within your budget.

You just need to charge the batteries of your scooter to take off on your journey. You don’t need to panic about the price hike in fuel, make your journey long without any hassle. If you want to have fun and enjoy your every ride, you should buy a suitable varla scooter as per your budget.

Which varla scooter should I buy?

There are so many types of varla scooters that one can get easily confused and have no idea about the best one. We have provided you with a brief list of Varla scooters that may help you in finding a suitable Varla scooter. If you have been using a Varla scooter before, you should go for the Varla scooter eagle one pro. If you have not been using a Varla scooter and going to buy a new Varla scooter, you should go for Varla Pegasus city commuter. With this scooter, you will enjoy all the basic features of Varla scooters at the best possible price.

Varla scooters are famous for their high speed and sustenance, so their alignment also requires some money. Varla scooters are available within the price range between 1000-2000 USD.


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