7 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021

Living in a city with different topography may give dwellers a hard time commuting around the area. People have to find different means of getting to their destination whenever they want to go somewhere as sometimes walking down to their destination isn’t an option. However, for lovers of scooter rides, you will need a trusted system of movement to carry you around such an area, one that can act as a substitute for a car or motorbike. This is where the best electric scooter comes to play.

The electric scooter is specifically designed to come with extra power that would take you up and down those hills in your city. This piece of work can be the difference in the way you go back and forth in your vicinity and cut your travel time in half. You also don’t get to face any traffic jams or spend time at the bus stop waiting for a bus.

To help broaden your choice of the electric scooter when you want to make your purchase we have put together this list of best electric scooters for climbing hills. These scooters come with different pleasant features, electric charge limit, and easy to learn controls.

Review of 7 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021

1. Razor Power Core E90 Glow Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core E90 Glow Electric Scooter is an efficient and powerful scooter for Kids. This scooter comes with some of the best innovative power core technology that ensures an increased ride and 50% more power than other models. The scooter is designed to reach a speed of 10miles per hour over 80 minutes which is enough time for a rider to complete a journey.

The motor of this scooter features modern technology that makes this ride easy to control and delivers an efficient drive more than other scooters.  This motor is easy to start as it has a kick starter so you have no hindrance to fast movement. It also comes with a push-button throttle that enables easy control of the ride when in movement.

The Razor Power Core E90 scooter is perfect for kids especially those on the go. Its steel frame is built to last and tough so your kid can use it repeatedly for a while. Although the frame is durable, it’s also lightweight so the rider can easily transport the scooter or control it when riding. The motor powering this scooter’s engine is a zero-emission engine so riders can use this scooter in almost every area.

The 12V battery attached to this scooter is rechargeable and can be used for 80 minutes before you need to power it up once more. This makes the scooter a long-lasting machine of great value to its users.


  • Durable steel frame
  • 80 minutes ride time
  • Zero-emission motor that requires low maintenance
  • Kick Starter hub motor
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • Hand-operated brake located on the handles
  • Amazing ride time
  • Lightweight body
  • Efficient motor
  • Has a great speed limit of 10mph
  • No speed control
  • Lack of traction


2. Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter


The GotraxV2 commuting electric scooter is by far the largest scooter on our list. It’s larger and weighs more than most scooter models in the market. The majority of its weight is as a result of its 36V battery and 250-watt power motor. The design of this scooter is quite compact to fit in tight spaces so you would need enough space to store this machine.

The build quality of this piece is highly impressive, especially when compared to its price. The reinforced plastic fenders are quite sturdy and durable enough for daily use. This machine is foldable to aid easy transportation and storage however, it may need a bit more fiddling than the kick scooter because of the latching mechanism attached to the scooter. However, once you know how to work its operation, you can firmly fold your scooter and carry it around with no issues.

The GXL V2 has a 250 W brushless DC motor. This motor can reach a speed of 15.5 mph. Although the machine can delay a bit if full throttled or when going up steeps. However, this machine covers up this delay by having a low deck so users can use it as a normal scooter when there’s no power. Users of this scooter can ride up to 12 miles when this scooter is fully charged but not consecutively. But it can run 10 miles conservatively or 6 miles per charge if pushed. The handlebars of this scooter take after the minimal design of the kick scooter but feature a bright LED display to show riding speed and battery level


  • Dual braking system
  • Cruise Control
  • Reinforced frame
  • Lock mechanism
  • 5” pneumatic tires
  • 250 watts motor
  • 36V long-range battery
  • Digital LED display
  • Foldable frame
  • Comes with decent tires
  • Has a dual braking system
  • Fast for a scooter within the range price
  • Has a fast foldable design
  • Impressive range
  • Good build quality
  • Quite affordable electric scooter in the market
  • Safer due to its hand-operated rear disc brake
  • Poor customer service

3. Jetson Lumi 3 Wheel Light-Up Kick Scooter

Jetson-Jupiter-Kick-Scooter-for-6-year-oldMake way for the Jetson Lumi 3 wheel light-up scooter. This is a three-wheel kick scooter that capable of taking the world by a storm. The scooter is quite famous for its design style and lighting tires that can be controlled with an on/off button on the scooter’s deck. The 3 wheel light up scooter comes with a glaring LED light on the deck and on the wheels to give the user improved safety and extra visibility.

There is a lean-to-steer technology on this machine to help your kid develop balance and build their confidence on the go. The Jetson Lumi 3 wheel light up scooter has a sturdy and lightweight frame which makes the scooter easy to lift and carry around. The Lumi 3 wheel scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar to enable you to adjust the handle to fit the height of the riders.

The reinforced steel frame comes with a durable featherweight bag to bag the scooter when not in use. You can control the speed of this scooter using the rear fender foot brake. Don’t be caught off guard when riding this scooter as you’re in full control of the ride.


  • LED light-up wheels and Deck
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Rear fender brake
  • An easy folding mechanism to make the device easy to carry
  • Lit up deck and wheels for extra visibility
  • Height adjustable handlebar to enable your kid ride at any height
  • Extra grip feature to firmly plant the feet of the rider on the scooter
  • The on/off switch is on the scooter’s deck


4. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter UL Certified

The Glion Dolly foldable adult scooter is a well-designed scooter with fantastic speed, range, and unique features. This scooter was designed to fit last-mile commuters and those who enjoy riding around the city for fun. One feature that makes this scooter stand out is its ability to fold. Its foldable ability makes it easy to roll around like a suitcase.

The Glion scooter has a 36-volt battery and a 250-watt brushless hub motor to power its operation. This battery can charge fully as fast as 3.5 hours and has an excellent discharge and charge rate. The motor can go as high as 15 mph on a 15-mile range if ridden at an average speed. However, this range is contestable because lots of companies overestimate their range.

The weight of this machine is around 27 pounds and can hold as much as 250 pounds. The lightweight deck is made from aircraft-grade powder coated aluminum. This material makes this machine corrosion-resistant. The handlebars are designed on the small side of the machine and there is an LED screen that shows battery level.  You can turn on the lights on this system using the built-in tail reflector or the red button. Enjoy the essence of speed with this scooter as you speed up your trip and arrive at your destination in time.


  • Foldable Mechanism
  • 250-watt brushless hub motor
  • 36-volt battery
  • Handlebars
  • LED Screen
  • 8” tires
  • Honeycomb interior
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Kickstand and fenders
  • Headlight
  • The foldable mechanism enables this system to be pulled around
  • The scooter has nice portability
  • Charges battery full under 3.5hours
  • Battery lasts 3-5 years
  • Battery and motor can obtain a speed of 10mph or more
  • Steady deck frame that resists corrosion
  • There seem to be issues with the tires
  • Can’t be ridden on bumpy surfaces
  • The control panel is pretty empty and provides less information about battery life, speed, and range.


5. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter


The Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter is a well-built scooter machine that will get the rider to their destination in no distant time. The XR Ultra model from Gotrax is on top the line of Gotrax scooter products but has fewer features as compared to the XR Elite and G3 products.  The XR Ultra features a unique design that sees its cables arranged within the scooter’s frames.

This scooter’s brake cable is not hidden like other scooters, rather it is exposed and runs down the front of the scooter. The 37 Volt battery of this scooter is firmly installed in the downtube leaving the scooter to have a comparatively thinned deck. The downtube is firmly rooted to the scooter deck by a beefy red lever lock. However, the downtube is firmly held to the deck by a large piece of metal.

The handlebar of this scooter features the throttle control, brake lever, and dinky bell. There is also a circular LED panel in the center of the handlebar that shows estimated battery life and speed. There is a small red button beneath this LED screen that turns the scooter on and off, change between first and second gear, and to turn on the headlight. You will be generally pleased with the performance and handling of this machine as it’s quick to respond to control. The XR Ultra’s 8.5” tires are perfectly ok for the ride and can carry as much as 250kg but the ride may lack shock absorption.


  • 8.5” tires
  • LED Screen
  • Red Button
  • Downtube
  • Throttle control, and brake lever
  • 37 Volt batteries
  • Headlights
  • Smart LED display
  • Good build quality
  • Cruise Control
  • Impressive disc brakes
  • Long-range budget scooter
  • Not the best fit for hilly surfaces


6. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is an awesome electric scooter that doesn’t just act as a scooter but also as a car for short distant trips. It’s very perfect for short distant trips within your locality, especially when shopping for little items. The sit-down scooter comes with a large basket in its back to let you move things around easily.

The scooter has an all-black frame and a rear hub motor. Its slim deck is made to contain both feet while you ride. Beneath the deck is the scooter battery pack and the switch that turns the scooter off and on. The rear wheel receives protection from the fender installed above it. This way the tire gets protected from every form of damage.

To control this scooter is quite easy as there’s a twist grip on the right handlebar for an accelerator, three lights to show when the scooter is on, and give an estimate of the battery percentage. On the left handlebar is a simple handbrake connection that connects to the rear wheel. With a weight of 72 pounds, the EcoSmart Metro is not a scooter to carry around.

You will enjoy your ride on this scooter thanks to its full size padded seat. Also, feel the minimal effect of bumps or unsmooth road when you ride this scooter thanks to its padded seat and 16” inflatable tires. The rear basket is designed to hold only ten pounds so you may not be able to use it to go grocery shopping or carry a bag of sundries.


  • Rear basket
  • 16” inflatable tires
  • Fully padded seat
  • Slim deck providing a shield for battery
  • All black frames
  • Rear hub-mounted 350 watt motor
  • Accelerator and rear hand brake
  • Large rear basket to carry load not more than 10kg
  • Comfortable to ride for hours
  • Comes at a quality price
  • Absence of lights, reflectors, or even bells
  • Hard to adjust the seat height


7. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Looking for a cheap electric scooter to get for your kids? Then you should consider the Razor E100. The Razor E100 is a reasonably priced scooter made for kids. The scooter offers its users a twist grip throttle and as much oomph as necessary to get the scooter to speed up to 10miles per hour. The new modeled Razor E100 has a hub-mounted motor that offers users a quiet ride.

The handlebars on this piece come with some features such as the twist throttle on the right to accelerate the machine and a handbrake on the left to reduce the speed of the machine. This machine is powered by dual 12V lead-acid batteries that seat in a steel cage. The 12V batteries of this scooter are housed beneath the scooter deck in a steel cage. You will also find the charging port and power switch within the same location. Unlike many other scooters, you will not be able to fold this scooter as it has no folding mechanism


  • Flat and portable deck
  • Handlebar has two features that sit perfectly on it. They include both the handbrake and accelerator
  • 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Power switch
  • Charging port
  • Inexpensive collection
  • Fun to ride
  • Easy to control and handle
  • Combination of hard composite wheels, motor, and lack of suspension makes the scooter louder
  • Lack of suspension makes bumps tough to ride on
  • No reflectors or bells
Buyer’s Guide for 7 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021

Before you get any of the seven best electric scooters for climbing hills, you need to consider certain factors that will influence the choice of scooter you buy. These factors include range, weight, price, rider weight, top speed, weight, and many more. Let’s consider a few below


Range describes the distance a scooter can attain before its battery dies. To certify the range of any scooter you want to buy will depend on rider weight, motor power, mode, scooter weight, weather, and average speed. A cautious rule of thumb to ascertain the scooter’s range is to divide the manufacturer’s range by two. According to some results from a 2018electric scooter survey, manufacturers usually overestimate their range claims by 30%.


Always know there will be greater and lesser values to purchasing the electric scooter because of their qualities and features. To know the price bracket for each electric scooter, you need to refer to the scooter categories. You can also use a comparison database to set the max and min limits for the price of your budget. It will show you all the scooters available in that price range.


Weight needs to be seriously considered if you intend to fold and carry your scooter. Lots of scooters with reasonable range weigh over 11kgs while scooters that weigh over 14kgs will be difficult to carry and would require a handle or shoulder strap to carry around. However, note that if you want to get a scooter for recreational ride or beast mode showboating, weight should not be a factor rather builds quality and speed. But if you’re looking for something to commute around, then the weight is important.

Top speed

Top speed is not really considered by most as a huge factor because they just want to get to their destinations and even in some climes there are laws banning people from riding above a certain speed limit. So if you’re interested in getting a scooter with extreme performance then you should go for scooters that can reach 80-90 kph but you have to be careful and wear serious safety gear.  If you just want a scooter that will take you back and forth, you should get something that falls between 24 – 29 kph.

Replaceable parts of an electric scooter

Not all parts of the scooter are replaceable. However, if you want to replace any part of your scooter, here are the few replaceable parts of an electric scooter.

High tech folding lock: this is ultra-secure and lightweight. This lock works perfectly on all-electric scooter.  Made from heat-treated hardened steel and can resist up to nine tons of hydraulic pressure. This lock is easy to attach and would sit tightly in its place without rattling or any vibration while riding.

Electric scooter fast charger

You can replace your charging mechanism with this standard electric fast charger. This charger reduces charging time by more than half and charges your scooter battery five times faster. This scooter fast charger comes with a display, dual input voltage, and advanced charging controls. These few functions will help control the speed at which your device charges.

Detachable headlight

Get this ultra-bright 1000 lumen headlight to give your electric scooter another dimension. All scooters come with built-in LED lights that can light up the ride. However, to brighten your path especially while riding in dark areas, you need a headlight. You can attach this headlight to your handlebar or the vertical steering pole with the rubber band included.

Wide wheel Throttle

Upgrade the throttle of your scooter from its factory-made throttle to this authentic wide wheel throttle to give your scooter a smooth take off. This throttle has over two inches of travel which leads to a gradual power engagement. It comes with custom connectors and quite easy to install.

Electric scooter seat

Are you tired of standing while riding? You can get this electric scooter seat for your electric scooter. It can be attached easily to the rear end of the footboard with the help of fasteners. These seats are quite comfortable due to their added suspension.

Rear fender extender

You can also buy a custom-fitted rear extender for your scooter rear mudguard. This rear fender extender would stop water from splashing up when the floor is wet or prevent dirt from splashing on the rider. You can attach this rear fender extender to your scooter using a long-lasting double-sided adhesive tape.

Handlebar Extender

Get this lightweight handlebar extender made from carbon fiber. This handlebar extender features a carbon fiber bar 130mm in length and two aluminum allow brackets to enable you to easily mount your lights, smartphone, or even horn, etc.

Maintenance tips of an electric scooter

To keep your scooter in the required shape would need you to maintain your electric scooter regularly.

There are quick tips you can use to keep your scooter in the required shape such as avoiding rain, always check belt/chain, check bolts, charge it regularly, and always keep it clean. However, if you want to carry out a thorough maintenance of your scooter, you may need to

Check tire pressure

This is an essential feature to optimize your riding technique and style. You need to check your tire pressure always and ensure it never exceeds the required pressure by the manufacturer. Also, ensure it doesn’t go below the required pressure.

Check your scooter batteries

Asides from the wheels and engine of your scooter also check the batteries. If you want to replace them be careful not to be talked into buying a more powerful one than your previous version. A good scooter battery should be around 12V and 24Ah or depending on the electric scooter.

Service your brakes

Having an efficient rear brake is very important. While we would want to feel the speed and cruise around, you would need an effective brake to maintain your speed. Therefore you have to always service your brakes.

Service chain/belt, grips, and speed controller

Now some electric scooter comes with chains while others come with a belt and each of these can either be too tight, too loose or just right. If your belt or chain is too tight, you would have to loosen it a bit. If it’s too loose, then you would have to tighten it. You can adjust your chain or belt using a wrench.

For the grips, they get worn out after a long period of use. At this moment, you need to get new grips. The speed controller controls everything in the operation of the electric scooter so you have to get the right one that fits your electric scooter. There are two types for brushed and brushless motors so ensure you choose the right fit for your scooter.


What safety gear do I need to ride my scooter?

  • Always ensure that you wear the following safety gear gloves, helmet, knee and elbow shields, and all other sorts of protective gear. These will provide the necessary protection.

Do you need a license to ride an electric scooter?

  • No, you don’t. You can ride the scooter freely on the pathways and sidewalks but not on the road.

Are three-wheel scooters better than two wheels?

  • It depends on your scooter needs. If you need a scooter for outdoor activities you can get a 2 wheeler but if you want to get one for your kids, you need to get a three-wheeler because of its maneuverability

Can I ride my electric scooter in the rain?

  • It’s not advised to ride an electric scooter in the rain due to safety reasons.


Electric scooters are the classics of scooters and boast of fun with their motor and battery. They can travel at unbelievable speed and have different interesting features. Although the above listed are not the fastest in the world, they are excellent value for money and give the rider a solid range.

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