Cheap electric Skateboards in 2019 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Skateboarding is a great source of entertainment for many individuals and groups, and some, it’s a hobby. When it comes to choosing skateboards, there are choices like standard, regular and tradition boards as well as electric skateboards. In our review, we are looking at the electric skateboarding market and the best cheap electric skateboards you can purchase. To get the best cheap motorized longboard, you have to concentrate on their relevant features which are of course many. Factors such as speed, durability, range, material construction, and affordability are what to look for in best cheap electric skateboards. Below are some of the cheap cheapest electric skateboard options for 2019 that are good enough for the dollars you are ready to spend.


If you plan to buy an excellent and yet cheap electric board, the BLITZART X-Plore is a smart choice to pick. This skateboard comes with a great range, satisfactory speed, safety features and a user-friendly list of functionalities.

With a great range and speed of up to about 17 mph for such a price, you are not making a mistake. The speed can as well reach nearly 20kph if you charge it fully, which takes about 3 hours. Besides, the Blitzart X-Plore bamboo material is durable like in most skateboards and comes with wireless and easy-to-hold remote for controlling speed and its agile movement while it supports up to 250 Ibs.


  • Great range and speed
  • Ergonomic wireless remote
  • Strong maple wood and bamboo deck
  • 350w motor plus regenerative braking
  • Rider balance capability
  • Grip Tape For Safety

Why We Liked It

In a nutshell, the Blitzart X-Plore is cheap considering its reliable and comfortable design. The top speed, safety features, and its environmentally friendly lithium battery together with the motor hub engine are all worth your money.

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2. Premium Electric Skateboard

The quality of the Premium Electric Skateboard & Longboard in terms of features has put it among the best cheap skateboards since 2018. It is unique for its remote Controller technology and fast speed of above 20km per hour.

The board’s standard lithium battery which is powered via a hand-held remote control can charge fully in 4 hours, and it’s always excellent if you start with a fully charged battery. The board’s durable bamboo material and fiberglass like with many other skateboards make it strong enough to support a 120kg weight. With a grip tape for safety reasons, the rider can maintain ample balance during movement.


  • Remote Controller technology
  • Durability lithium battery
  • durable bamboo material and fiberglass
  • Supports 120kg
  • Grip tape for safety reasons
  • Balance technology

Why Did We like It?

A longboard that consists of all these marvelous features, strength and speed deserve everyone’s attention, especially went its sales for a low price. Anything cheap that comes with high-quality material makes a great buy.

3. BLITZART Huracane 38

Among the leading cheap boards, is this BLITZART Huracane 38″. BLITZART is a popular and trustworthy company with high-quality products in this electric skateboard world. With a range of up to 8 miles and a 17 mph speed, this skateboard is great for having a fun time, moving around without going too far away such as to the nearby shop. It has a lithium-ion battery, chargeable within 3 hours and uses a wireless remote designed so that you can attach with a wrist strap to enjoy a hands-free ride and experience.


  • Quickly chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Wireless remote
  • SupportS 120kg weight
  • Grip tape for safety reasons
  • Balance technology
  • Robust Maplewood plus bamboo

Why Did We like It?

This cheap product is of premium quality and comes with wide-ranging features as is the case with all other Blitzart brand products.

4. ACTON Blink Lite Youth

Choosing the Action Blink Lite, which is the World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard is a smart choice for younger people like children and teenagers. The Key features of the board favor the age of the riders, from range, speed, weight, and size. That’s a good market adaptation strategy. The low speed of the cheap skateboard is limited to 10mph and a 5-mile range coverage. Built with lighter material, the machine can carry 55kg, considering its sturdy wood and fiberglass. You can pick your favorite color. The grip tape is always there for safety reasons and proper balance.


  • Age-appropriate speed
  • Great range cover
  • Durable battery life
  • Lighter material
  • Sturdy wood and fiberglass

Why Did We Like It?

It is an excellent and affordable board for newbies, youngsters, and children and the lightweight construction make it even much suitable for them. The price is great compared to the long-lasting battery life.


If you’re looking to buy a cheap electric longboard, make sure you know the features a quality skateboard of that price must-have. Whether you’re buying online or not, you should be an informed customer who knows the importance of a skateboard with good speed and range, construction material, battery durability, brand types, and pricing. That’s what this review offers customers in the skateboard world.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Where to purchase a cheap electric skateboard?

Making a choice between buying in a store and online has always been an issue among product customers. Seeing a product physically before buying and with the help of a sale’s assistant is great. However, the online market is also amazing when it comes to more competitive prices and how wide the marketplace tends to be for buyers. With bonuses or coupons, buying your skateboard is surely super money-saving.

Are cheap electric skateboards effective?

The answer is a resounding YES! There are a lot of satisfied customers all over the skateboard world with great reviews to prove that buying a cheap skateboard is an ideal idea. You need to have realistic expectations when you plan to purchase a skateboard and know that after all, every product has limitations.

Is using a skateboard for transportation a good idea?

It takes a little practice to ride a skateboard easily to an average distance like 10 miles an hour. Experienced riders can take even lesser time to cruise around faster. If you use a bus, a train, and a skateboard in combination, getting around the city won’t be a difficult experience. Using skateboards for transportation comes with fun though very few individuals do it.

Can learn to skateboard at 40?

Of course, you can. Many people are learning skateboarding in their 20s and far above. You can read about Dean, who began his skateboarding journey at age 39 and now skateboards in local competitions alongside his kids. Even beyond 40 years, one can still begin.

Which is better, skateboarding or walking?

Walking is clearly slower than Skateboarding. A skateboard rider can move two- to four times faster than a walking speed, reaching a range of destinations that walking to, is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

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