How to Spot a Fake VS Real Hoverboard

Hoverboard, Todays Trend

The kids and youngsters are a big fan of hovering around on their personal hoverboards, which adds speed and style to there traveling experience. The hoverboard is something that is going to stay for future travel.

Maybe today you don’t like it much, but you ill have to like it for the future.

A Quick Guide To Check Real Vs Fake Hoverboard

I’m sure in this article you have gone through a detailed checklist to assure a real hoverboard and save yourself from buying crap. But if you are short in time here I am writing a quick guide for you to check out whether you are making a fair deal or not.

Let’s check this two min read that can save you from flushing your so many dollars.

  • Don’t buy a hoverboard that assures good safety legislation.
  • Make sure that your hoverboard has a CE mark and also be sure that the CE mark is not fake but original.
  • You need to precisely check the hoverboard, its box, and even its charger and see if all of them have a detailed inscription showing its full info or not. If you find something fishy make sure not to buy it.
  • Check the plug as well, for all the info and written details of the manufacturer. Moreover, the plug, the adapters, the socket, and the units should meet both Irish and British Standards I.S 401 and BS 1363.
  • Do check the manual, as few fakes provide you with a manual that has either spelling mistakes or grammatical errors or doesn’t make sense. Checking the manual in time can save you from buying a fake. 
  • Always buy from a trustworthy source either online or offline and from the retailer that provides you with full information. Where you can contact the seller in case of any inconvenience or complaint.
  • Buying from a registered business covers you with consumer rights, buying from a non registered firm deprives you of those rights. So the quality is suspected.
  • UL certification is a must check if the safety is compromised you should never buy a safety compromised gadget. 

These quick checks can spare you from buying a compromised quality product. I hope and wish you a happy and safe shopping trip. Be aware and be safe.

Real Vs Fake HoverBoard

As it is in trending nowadays the market is getting stuffed with hoverboards of different types and with different features. But with the variety, the market is also getting the addition of real and fake. And definitely, it’s not something to compromise on as the fake can cost you low. But you may have to pay high with your life in the case of a disaster that may occur due to a fake product.

Hoverboards are eco-friendly transportation and for being eco-friendly, They need to be battery operated. So the hoverboards consume a lithium battery which can cause a blast if not properly installed.

And to avoid any unwanted incident you need to purchase a good quality product, with UL certification. And for those properties, you need to buy an original and real product.

Best Tips To Determine The Real Vs Fake Hoverboards

To differentiate between real and fake is very tough as the market is providing very close copies. so here in this article, I m going to discuss a few very important points that can help you to differentiate between real and fake products.

Check the Name and Spellings

When you are buying a hoverboard don’t forget to check, whether the brand name is written right or wrong. Because some fake companies rewrite the name with wrong spellings to avoid copyright problems. As you could be misled with segway with segway which is a fake.

So beware of fake companies trying to misguide you with spell illusion. These copies are extremely look alike but these look-alikes are made up of very inferior material. So don’t waste your money and dot risk your safety with these cheap replicas.

Cheap in price, Cheap in Quality

Don’t forget that there are no free meals in this world, and hoverboards are expansive gadgets. So if someone is offering you very low priced Hoverboards its a fake. As a good hoverboard at less than $ 250 is just a dream.

So don’t dream with open eyes as it can’t be real. If somebody is offering you a hoverboard under $ 150 it can’t be a reputed one as it doesn’t cost that low to any reputed brand. For more information check hoverboard reviews.

That will definitely not be a durable product, and will ultimately be a financial loss or can even caught fire.

Look always matter

A fake hoverboard tries to copy the real one, but a copy is always a copy, it’s just an imitation. A HoverBoard is not just about mobility and speed, but also about the looks. And a Real Hoverboard is always premium in looks. As the real one is designed by professionals and highly paid designers those assure you to provide you with the real best.

So you can also use it as a parameter to decide fake vs real. A cheap replica definitely can’t match the premium look of a real one.

Keenly Observe the Manual

The real product always keeps an impressive manual, which is designed properly to facilitate and guide the consumers. And if the product is fake the manual will help you to disclose the secret.

So in the expedition of unleashing real vs fake, the manual can be a piece of good evidence. So observe the manual and decide the real.

The fake product accompanies such a manual which has potential typing, grammatical and translation mistakes. But real hoverboards treat each and every aspect of the manual with keen interest and don’t leave anything unattended i.e. from perfect glazed papers to brilliant printing.

All the support information will be very clear and without any ambiguity, all the phone numbers, emails, and websites are properly responsive. They are so clear as they have nothing to hide.

The real hoverboard manual is easily trackable online. And if the manual is not available online the hoverboard is fake.


The real hoverboards are provided with proper UL certification, the standards which assure that the product is safe from fire and shock hazards. The fake hoverboard can definitely cant get those certifications.

A fake hoverboard can never get the trading standards of BS1363 on their charger plug, so this one can also be another standard to assure the originality of a hoverBoard.


Upgraded technology has managed to provide us with few very lightweight hoverboards which are actually too good. But being lightweight always doesn’t mean good, it can be a result of poor and low-grade assembling.


A high-grade assembling of a real hoverboard is unmatchable with the fake one. The squeaky noises of the hoverboard are evident in a low-grade assembling and a fake product.

The Drawbacks to buying a fake hoverboard

If you buy a fake hoverboard, yes certainly you will ride on it. This is not great because during the ride you can be a part of the dangerous situation that can occur during the ride on this fake hoverboard. 

The Battery Problem

This is the most dangerous problem that can occur during the ride on the fake hoverboard of yours. As the hoverboard is fake so surely this will not have any certification. This means this is not safe to use. The incidents that have occurred in the past clearly show that this is the most dangerous part of a hoverboard. 

Whenever the incident of the fire occurs with the hoverboard this is the battery that is responsible for the fire. 

Secondly, the battery can create other issues for you. The other problem is that you may be in the middle of the way and suddenly you may find out that the battery has been drained out completely. You are in the middle of the way and you cannot move. Now what to do there is nothing left for you to do than to pick up the hoverboard and carry it to a point where you need to charge it again.

The Frame Problem

The other problem you may encounter is the frame problem. The frame can really make your life miserable. The misery can be fatal. The frame can be broken easily during the way. If it happens this can create a major problem for you. If the frame breaks down during the way this can cause a major accident secondly the complete money will be destroyed. 

Waste of the Money

This is a complete waste of money. The waste of money does not only make the money waste. This actually makes your effort waste the amount you spent on the fake hoverboard and the time you spent to buy the fake hoverboard. 

These are only some of the fake hoverboard issues you will suffer if you buy. Actually, there is a complete list that needs to be managed. This problem will continue until you get rid of it.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another parameter to decide the real or fake. Just check that if the consumers are happy with the product and it has good ratings it means its a real hoverboard.

A fake hoverboard must have bad annoying reviews and bad ratings.

Last Words

Be careful while spotting your hoverboards as it can be non-stop fun if you spotted real and a non-stop trouble if you made a wrong choice.

Note: Now a days few videos are viral which shows some fake qualities like back from the future hoverboards. But they are not real and created with special effects nothing like flying hoverboards exists in reality. So be careful from imitators.

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