Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

If you are a speed freak, think that none of the electric scooters is able to fill up your thrust. Then this Dualtron Thunder electric scooter review is written for you. The dualtron thunder electric scooter has an amazing top speed of 80.5 km/h.

Dualtron Thunder – Technical Specifications

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Top Speed

Excellent acceleration power is provided with the massive top speed. Although the top speed depends on lots of things. No doubt the most important part is the power of the motor installed in the electric scooter. But the other things are the external elements present in the atmosphere. 

These elements are the road on which you are running the Electric Scooter. Like if the road is inclined towards the upside definitely the top speed will be reduced. In comparison, if the road is moving towards the downside the speed will definitely be increased. The reason is that while going upside the motor has to exert more power in comparison while you are moving downside the motor needs to exert less power

Gravity plays its role and the speed of the electric scooter is increased automatically. The other things that play their parts. One of the most important ones is the weight of the rider. Heavier the rider the less will be the speed and vice versa. 
The top speed that is calculated and provided by the manufacturer is regulated in the ideal circumstances. Here we have performed the test to find the realistic speed of the electric scooter. It may be a possibility that you may experience more and less than this speed.

Different sellers have offered different prices. A round figure is $3500.  Plus and minus of 10% can occur while you check the price. We recommend you to check multiple sellers before confirming the order. As the variation of the price  seller to seller.

The shipment fee is most of the time included in the product package. Do remember to check the details of this too. This may happen that the seller may offer you to buy the product at a lesser price. But the shipment service is really pathetic. 

Dualtron thunder Range

As the top speed of the electric scooter, the range of the electric scooter is also dependent on multiple factors. The most important thing is the weight of the rider. The heavier the rider the less will be the range. If the rider is lightweight then definitely the range will be increased. 

There is another very important element that is something that is also related to the rider. This is the driving style of the Rider. If the rider is believed to do the sudden acceleration and apply the brakes. Then repeat the same style again and again. In this way the battery will be exerted at the maximum level. Naturally the range decreased.

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The realistic range of this electric scooter on a single instant of charging is 72.8 km. Again the figure provided by the manufacturer is in ideal conditions. Here we have performed the test in a real life situation. Even then the figure you get may be different from the figure obtained. And this is due to the situation factors we have discussed.

Weight of the thunder

This is quite a heavy bike. The weight of this bike is 42 kgs. This is due to the build quality of the bike. The heavyweight of the electric scooter helps in maintaining a balance.

The weight of the rider

The electric board has a tremendous capacity to sport the weight of the rider. It can easily spot the weight upto 150 kg

This is note a water resistance product and you you must be careful while using it and brothers of water

A bike for the everyday user

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

If you are an everyday user of the electric scooter who prefers to ride in the streets on this. Then this product is definitely not for you. This is a special product and the requirement of this product is also really very special. High speed like a beast made it different from the other electric scooters. Therefore we do not recommend this product to the everyday users of the electric scooter.

The powerful beast

2700 watt brushless DC Motors are installed in both tires. Together they can exert the output of 5400 watts. Acceleration Spark of this electric scooter is very very high and you can achieve the speed of 24 km in just 2 seconds. Less than 12 seconds you can achieve the highest speed which is around 80 km.

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Key Features

  • Powerful Motor
  • Premium Battery Pack
  • HD LED display
  • Triple Damping System
  • Triple Braking System
  • Front and Rear Lights


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 Braking System

A powerful braking system is required to keep this beast in limits. The braking distance at a speed of 24 km is 2.9 m.

It comes with the dual technology-based Braking System one is the ABS and second is the hydraulically actuated braking system. 

Both braking technologies can be activated simultaneously. If you want you can disable one of the technologies. Like some of the riders do not like the ABS system for the brakes. Declare that while applying the brake the ABS system makes it difficult to adjust on the bike. Once the breaks are being applied. 

Difficult portability

43 kg of weight is never easy to carry. Although this does come with our folding system. In the folder position the size is significantly reduced but the weight remains at the same position. 

This is the reason that we cannot consider it to be a portable-friendly Scooter. Very difficult to load, really difficult to get to carry if you are moving upstairs. This is not surprising if you require assistance in order to perform this portability.

Lights on the bike

Lights are placed at different positions on the bike. All of these are controllable with a remote. Small in size, bright in light. These really add in the utility as well as the design of the electric scooter.

A small drawback is that the front light is not enough to provide you with the facility to move at night. This doesn’t mean that it does not work at all. It works well but not Best. So if you are a Night Rider we recommend you to have an additional light with you.

The Deck

The Deck is designed to provide you with the maximum facility. It also helps you to remain stable during the ride. It definitely increases confidence even at high speed. 30cm is  enough area to place the feet as per your own requirements.

Final Words

This device is not made for every person. If you have some specific characteristics and you require some specific properties in your bike then you should buy this. Otherwise do not consider it.

This is really a giant to have and you must have power in your legs and wisdom in your head to control it properly.

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