How to Make a Hoverboard – Step by Step guide

The fantasy of the hoverboard is not dreamed of to be true in this way as it turned out to be. It was never meant to be run on the road. This always dreamed of being an object that could fly in the air keeping a distance from the ground. Commercially, we have not found any hoverboard that can be as good as flying in the air.

The price of this type of hoverboard is so high that it is not possible to launch it commercially. Secondly, an economically viable product is not available. So this is the reason that this type of hoverboard is not available in the market yet. But if you really want to make a hoverboard of this type, we will guide you in this document.

This document will help you to create your own hoverboard as per the fantasy of the original hoverboard. Even if you cannot find the hoverboard to ride on it. Even then you will find a simulation at least.

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The Raw Material Needed to Make a Flying Hoverboard

We need multiple items to make a flying hoverboard. To make a flying hoverboard following items are needed

The Iron Rod

An Iron Rod is needed. This iron rod is preferably a Railroad an Iron Spike

The Copper Wire

You will need copper wire to complete this project. The specifications of this copper wire are 20 AWG and 2. 300-400′ enameled.

The  Strippers

You need the strippers, but this time this is the wire stripper.

The Duct Tape

This project requires plenty of duct tape. So gather as much as you can. Even the plenty do not do enough in this project.

The D Batteries

You require lots of lots of D batteries. These batteries are actually available in multiple types. Some of those are actually low powered batteries. These batteries are actually labeled as long lasting batteries.

Do not use these long lasting batteries. Secondly, we need lots of lots of batteries so you need to collect at least 50 batteries for this project.

The Skateboard

Yup, the skateboard, you need an actual skateboard to run the show.

The Base

We require a base. It should be Non Conductible. We require plenty of it in such a quantity that it can fit the base of the multiple skateboards, at least the three.

The screws

The next item is the small screws. This should be small and made of iron. You need at least 16 years

The secret driver

You need something to put the screws in the hoverboard. What else could be a better choice rather than a screwdriver?

The electric drill

Make the holes and plenty of holes so you need an electric drill.

The battery holders

We need this to put the batteries in, so as we have 50 batteries, we need 50  battery holders.

The measuring Tape

Measurements are the necessary aspect of any engineering project. So we need to do lots of lots of measurements. These measurements cannot be done without the help of a measuring tape.

The sticky material

Of course, we need something to stick to. For this, the best choice is the hot glue stick. We need a glue gun to use this stick, so add this to the materials list.

No, as we have gathered all the material needed, this is the time to prepare the

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Let's Make the Flying Hoverboard

This is the time to start the preparation for the flying hoverboard.

The Eight Holes

The first is to find the holes. To look at the holes under the screw, first, you need to unscrew all the things placed on the hoverboard. When you unscrew the tires and the supporting material that attached the tire to the board. The eight holes on the skateboards are visible to you.

The Drill Machine Work

This is the time to start the drill machine work. This is the time to extend the holes. Drill the holes further so that the holes may be increased to the size of two millimeters.

4 new Holes

You need to make 4 new holes in the skateboard. Two of these holes should be done at the top and two more at the bottom. Both of these should be at the exact length of the edges; that is, the bottom edge and the top edges.

Every hole should be 2.5 inches away from the top edges. From the side edge, every hole should be  2 ⅛ inches away from the side edge of the hoverboard. The right side of the hole should be measured from the right side, and the left side of the hole should be measured from the left side.

Let’s Put the Base

The next step is to prepare the hoverboard. An easy way to install a base at the hoverboard base.

Install the Iron Spikes

This is the time to put and install the iron spike at the base. Distribute it equally at the base in such a way that these six should be distributed equally at the bottom of the hoverboard.

Allach the base of the hoverboard with the iron spike. Certainly, to apply these you may need to use the tapes so that the tape should stick with the hoverboard base accurately.

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The Glue Application

Next is to apply the glue at the base so that the iron rods should stick with the base of the hoverboard.

The Duct Tape Protection

This is the time to provide additional protection to your hoverboard. For applying the additional protection to the hoverboard, you need to apply the tape on the hoverboard. This additional support is provided through duct tape. Make sure that the additional dust tape of one inch is attached to the board.  As electromagnets are in play here, we need to install so much support to the system so that things should not be destroyed and the system should remain intact.

The Wire on the iron rod

This is the time to put the wire on the iron Skype. It is easy to remember that you need to do it in a clockwise direction. Once it is done your Skype is ready to perform its work.

Do remember that we need to do some extra work and this is to put an extra foot of wire with the iron rod. Let it be there and we will further discuss what to do with this.

The Battery Holders

Now is the time to attach the battery holders with the iron rod. But for this first, you need to attach the battery holders with the wires first. We need to attach five different battery holders to each other. This process should be repeated for every rod.

The Screw WorK

This is the time to put these battery holders in the hoverboard base. This is something that can be easily done with the help of screws. Use the screws that you have brought. These are the 16 screws that you will need for this project and we have already mentioned these.

Time to fly

This is the time for you to fly. Put the base under your hoverboard. Provide it with the power, I mean, with the electric batteries, and your hoverboard is in the flying mode.

Final Words

This is a hypothetical model based on the simple principles of physics. The successful practical implementation depends on the ability of the person who is performing the project.


All the risk lies with the person who is making this project. The author and the website are not responsible in any case if it occurs with the person who is trying to perform this project. Deep knowledge and a higher level of professional skills are required to perform these types of tasks.