Top 6 Awesome Hoverboard Tricks for Every Rider (You Should Must Know)

The Spin Trick

(Hoverboard tricks) This one is actually a basic trick to perform if you want to be a professional gradually. The spin trick looks really cool but not as technical as it seems.

The first tip to start hovering is to be confident and not shiver or panic. Now understand that you need to control your hoverboard with your ankles. Just put the pressure on that ankle in which direction you want to spin. Please give it a slight twist, and you are already turning around. The spin trick is achieved.

The One-Foot Circle Trick

Look for very technical and smart hovering moves for the best hoverboards, but this one-minute reading can unleash the secret and make you an expert in this one-foot circle trick.

Just put your right foot on the left side and your left foot on the bumper. What are you waiting for? You are already spinning, dear .keep spinning a bit and enjoy. Now balance yourself perfectly and relax.

The Sitting Spin Trick

This is the perfect stunt to showcase your extraordinary hovering skills; very easy to perform. Take a deep breath, sit in a squatting position, put your right hand on the bumper and keep your right foot floating in the air; hold the right foot in your left hand. Make sure your left foot is perfectly comfortable to avoid unwanted movement.

Now relax, bent forward or backward, and the sitting spin trick is ready to showcase.

The Turn-Style Trick

Dear, be careful; this one is not a trick; I call it a stunt. Don’t start practicing it alone at home, as you do need someone for assistance in the beginning.

First, stand straight, relax and bend your knees. Now, twist your hoverboard, turn around and jump a bit. Take all these moves simultaneously, making you turn, and your hoverboard twist simultaneously. Yey, you are a champion if you land safely on your hoverboard. If you want to get the best hoverboard guide for yourself, then you must check our Buying guide as well 🙂

Hoverboard Handstand

This one is actually hard. You don’t need a perfect balance but the required strength and timing. It’s true perfection and a professional stunt. It would be best if you did not practice it directly on the hoverboard until you are an expert off-board.

Put your hands on the hoverboard, take a deep breath and pull on; you need to lift your whole body in a single jerk. Without losing any balance, and if you did it, you are an actual RockStar.

The Incredible Swirl Trick

This one is a bit tricky; you must remember Aladin hovering on his carpet. It would be best if you practiced this amazing swirl at some comfortable place wearing your safety gear. So you may not scratch your knees or elbows and wear a helmet to save your head. If you want to do so, then here is your chance.

Now kneel, put your knees on the hoverboard and your feet straight upside down on the floor. Practice this for a while, and gradually practice with your feet in the air; now manage the pressure with your knees, twist a bit, and spin around. You are a master in this incredible swirl trick. If you are looking for a new hoverboard to do these tricks, there are some best hoverboard brands you should check.

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