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The hoverboard is the trend of the time but on the other hand, some bad incidents related to hoverboards actually put the masses in distress. Definitely, after a few hoverboards catching fire, people are in a conflict that whether they are safe to ride or not and if they are safe which brands are better to buy.

The brands’ matter for the hoverboard purchase more than anything.As few chapters in the market don’t actually bother for the safety measures and manufacture products that are cheap in price and quality. But safety is something uncompromisable.

But still, by considering a few factors you can reach up the true safe hoverboard for your self or your loved ones. Do consider the following features and be safe.

Good Name, Good Will, Big Brands Work Well

Make sure you are buying from a reputable brand, as a reputable brand is always conscious of good performance and brand equity. And if you are not very sure about the brand you are going to choose just google the facts.

To check the authenticity of a brand you can visit its website and check the customer reviews. Mostly a small or fake brand doesn’t own a website. as they are not the manufacturer but buying the stuff from any other bulk market and selling it by its name.

So they will not much concerned about the quality and aims to get maximum profit. So I believe it’s not very wise to buy from them.

Buy from some big brands like razor hoverboard,swagtron hoverboard, halo rover hoverboard, jetson hoverboard are few I m recommending after a detailed review.

UL Certification

If it comes to safety the ultimate check is UL certification. UL certification is a barrier to make sure that whether the brand I following all the barriers to 

UL stands for underwriters laboratories that are an American organization that is wholeheartedly working on testing all the electrical equipment whether they are shockproof fireproof or safe or not.

advanced dealer batteries certified any electrical equipment that it is safe for use definitely you don’t have to worry about its security or safety hazards.

underwriters laboratories make sure that the equipment as they are certifying is full proof safe from any hazard by checking them on extreme conditions. 

UL certification is almost mandatory when you are purchasing a hoverboard. Because so many bad incidents related to hoverboard catching fire and hoverboards getting blast while charging. Make it almost necessary for the user to make sure whether their board is UL certified or not.

Swagtron is almost The pioneer in observing UL 2272 2 standards and obtaining the certification.

Once you have UL certified hoverboard, believe me, you are almost safe.

Perfect Battery Shielding

This is another plus when you are safety conscious. yes, this might not be mandatory for UL Certification. But if you are looking for ultimate safety then this is what you should not miss from your checklist. Basically the main reason for Hoverboards blasting or hoverboards catching fire is its battery. 

when the battery gets overcharged or overheated it is prone to catch fire due to its lithium-ion material. But with this sentry shield which is most probably available in swagtron hoverboards. Santry Sheild is a check within the battery that doesn’t let it be overcharged or overheated. Moreover, make it safe from getting any fire or shock hazard.

Hoverboard LED lights

Hoverboard LED lights are another check for the safety guarantee of your hoverboard. Yes while driving at night if your hoverboard doesn’t have proper LED spotlights. it can miss any crucial change on the surface of the road. 

Moreover, you are invisible to those who are driving on the road. It’s definitely dangerous for you if the others are not aware of someone riding his hoverboard in front of him and sharing the same space.

So LED lights not only make visible the surface to you but also indicates others, that someone else is sharing the riding space as well. Halo rover hoverboard is a great brand to look for safety and perfect Led lights.

If you are lucky and wise enough to decide which hoverboard you are going to can definitely get those in the market that have navigation lights. Those not only indicate others of your existence on the road at night.

But also indicate and alert others of your movements. the light can indicate whether you are going to turn left or right. or you are going to stop or you are accelerating. 

whatever your move is and you don’t need to be conscious of that as well you do on bikes and cars they are fully automatic is it good news.

Add More Sugar And Buy More Sweet

yes if you are looking for perfection and ultimate safety I don’t think that you mind spending a bit more. After all your life is priceless definitely big brands are expensive than microbrands. But they are equally more reliable as well. 

Because they do carry a reputation and they need to sustain it. So if you are looking for something perfectly reliable and safe you should go for a bigger brand. The bigger the name, the more effort they will put to make you protected.

Moreover, big brands have big budgets and big research teams as well so they will put you at minimum risk. And when it comes to customer service THE BIG B’s are quicker and responsive.

Firm And Broad Wheels Best On Sports Use As Well

Another considerable thing when you are looking forward to safety is HoverBoards wheels. If the wheels are strong enough to handle your weight and all the surfaces beneath definitely you are ride is going to be a safer one. 

Minimum 6.5 inches wide wheels are appropriate for your safe ride. But if you can buy a hoverboard with 10 + inches broad wheels then definitely you are going to rock the roads with safety. As broader wheel can cope with the up and downs of the roads and surfaces more safely and nicely. Than those which have thin lean wheels.

 When it comes to a comfortable safe ride I prefer all-terrain hoverboards. As they have the capacity to tackle the slopes and even move well on mud or grass. As your road can give you any task and you can’t say no while you are riding on your hoverboard. so for an uninterrupted safe ride prefer one those who have broader or are all-terrain. Surfus Hoverboard is a good choice as well in this regard. moreover, these kinds of hoverboards are best in sports as well.

Conclusion Towards Final Verdict

Now if you want to know my opinion that whether hoverboards are safe to buy a not. I really suggest that yes if your hoverboard is UL certified and belongs to a good brand like Razor Or Swagtron or Jeston.

So comes up to all the safety measures which have been mentioned properly in this article definitely your hoverboard is safe to ride. A personally recommend hoverboards as they are an eco-friendly and very convenient mode of self transportation.

But only a good and reliable brand is my suggestion. if you will buy a cheap one to save some money it may work well but remember, you are trying your luck.

As without all the above-mentioned safety checks I don’t belive buying a hoverboard is a wise idea. You are better on your feet then being at risk. So have a safer ride on a branded hoverboard.

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