Top 5 Hoverboard Manufacturing Companies

Hoverboards have gained immense popularity in recent years as a futuristic and fun mode of transportation. With the increasing demand, numerous companies have emerged in the market to manufacture these self-balancing scooters. This article will explore the top hoverboard manufacturing companies, the components involved in their production, the factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer, and the latest trends in the industry.

From here started the search for a perfect brand that manufactures such hoverboards which are surely safe to ride. Those can overcome overheating issues and fire-causing factors. To assure safety a valid certification like UL certification was required.

You might be surprised that after almost a decade since hoverboards are in the market. Only a few top hoverboard brands manufacturing companies offer quality and safe hoverboards. To save our user from a fake and unsafe hoverboard. In this article, we are going to present to you the 5 best hoverboard manufacturing brands which are guaranteed quality.


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Razor Hovertrax manufactures the most quality and standard scooters and hoverboards since the very beginning. This brand has assured safety and standard ever since. Its first model was Hovertrax 1.0 and they keep upgrading their products regularly so launched 2.0 as well.

All the users who have ever purchased and used this brand seem highly satisfied with this brand’s products. If you ask for the best feature of this brand that is its battery that offers a good riding time.

If you are looking for something that offers a long ride this can surely be your selection. This brand is famous for less charging and more riding. So those who are wishing for a safe and uninterrupted ride Razor Hovertrax is never going to disappoint them. Moreover, this brand offers a few products available at low prices with higher qualities. If you are looking for a great option for teenagers go ahead with Razor Hovertrax.



If you want an extreme-level Hoverboard experience Epikgo Hoverboard is going to fulfill your desire. This HoverBoard brand can be your best choice for safety and thrill. Epikgo is famous for making Quality off-road hoverboards and self-balancing scooters. 

Epikgo Hoverboards are truly and simply classic when it comes to off-road rides and smart street hoverboard tricks. You can say it’s undoubtedly the best choice for youngsters who want to buy the best hoverboards for some off-road street swag. 

So if you want to try any tricks and turns this brand will surprise you with its quality and functioning. The strongest feature of the EPIKGO brand is its tires, which help this hoverboard run perfectly on all terrains better than other brands.

This product is a classic when it comes to traveling on rough surfaces like grass and gravel. Epikgo also provides you with brilliant features of Bluetooth speakers if you are ready to spend some extra bucks. Epikgo offers a broad range of products that provides a broader budget range as well.

Keep in mind if you are wishing for an EPIKGO Hoverboard under your feet you need to make a bent in your bank. If you have a low budget to buy a hoverboard you need to look into some other options. 

Because the prices EPIKGO is going to offer are not digestible for someone with a lower budget. But if you are ready to spend some bugs you are not going to get any better option. EPIKGO brand is one of the safest and quality brands that offer you 100% value for your money for sure.

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Swagboard Pro Hoverboard

When we are talking about quality manufacturers Swagtron is one of the hoverboard brands which deserves the top position. It has earned its name with its quality performance and good customer service.

Back in 2015 when the UL certification was announced to intrude in hoverboard productions to assure safety. This brand was the first in the market to collect back all its products and upgrade them. So they can come up to the UL laboratory’s standards and prove themselves as a safe eco-friendly personal vehicle.

Swagtron has worked hard to earn high rankings in the quality production of hoverboards. And now Swagtron is a quality name when it comes to the manufacturing and production of electrical transports. Specially, electric scooters, Electric skateboards,  Electric bikes, and hoverboards

Another great thing about Swagtron is its continuous improvement in the field. Swagtron is continuously launching new models to compete with the other stakeholders in the Hoverboard market. Always making itself perfectly suitable and mouth-watering for the buyers.

It is continuously launching new models and also preparing affordable prices to attract the masses. Swagtron is undoubtedly a favorite brand in manufacturing hoverboards for teenagers and adults. If you are asking for my favorite model swagtron T6 is undoubtedly a delight for off-road riders.

Its tires are amazing to provide you with ultimate comfort and a thrilling ride on All-Terrains. If you want a lighter version for your kids besides this off-road version, Swagtron is dealing with all segments. 


If you are looking for the best Hoverboards board manufacturer for kids, Mega Wheel can be your perfect stop. Mega Wheel has developed itself in such a way that it gets top-ranked in the hoverboard segment for kids.

Mega wheels have always kept in mind all the safety standards so a parent can easily trust this brand for the safety of their little riders. Like all other best hoverboard manufacturing brands Mega Wheel also comes up to all the safety standards. As Appointed by UL laboratory and have earned UL certification to satisfy the buyers and to keep your kids safe while riding.

All the products of Mega wheels are undoubtedly tough manufacturing with high-grade materials. Moreover, the manufacturers made sure that the product didn’t only get fireproof but also waterproof for extra durability.

As they target the kids market they have designed Mega wheel hoverboards in such a way that most of them have broader pedals. So the kid can stand with his maximum comfort and low down the chances of falling or accidents.

All the Mega wheel hoverboards are designed in a way that they provide perfect  Off-Road riding as well. Despite being designed with kids in mind, these hoverboards are rough and tough enough. Their dual motors provide the comfort of All-terrain to your kids.

The only thing that can bother you while buying a mega wheel product is its weight as they are not very much lightweight formula manufacturing. Moreover, Mega wheel hoverboards are designed keeping in mind your kid’s safety and convenience. But still will never recommend any kids to ride a hoverboard without the surveillance and presence of their adults.



If you are looking for a quality brand in hoverboards that provide you with all the fun and show-off qualities with perfect functioning. Tomoloo hoverboards can be a great choice as most of the models by Tomoloo hoverboards are studded with bright colors and beautiful sparkling LED lights.

These fun and funky hoverboards are not only the icon of quality and safety assurance. But also provides you with products in different price ranges so you can choose one according to your affordability. Most of the models of Tomoloo hoverboards are equipped with all the latest desired and acquired technologies. Like Bluetooth speakers, beautiful shining lights, LED lights for protection, and so on.

This brand was founded in 2013. So this quality manufacturing brand is one of the first to introduce these magical gadgets as a perfect source of personal transportation. Moreover, when safety is your utmost concern Tomoloo was one of the first brands which qualified for UL certification.

Tomoloo Hoverboards are manufacturing the most funky stylish and hot hoverboards available in the market. Moreover, Tomoloo also holds the highest number when it comes to design, functionality, and utility patents.

Tomoloo hoverboards are a perfect blend of a fashion statement and high-quality performance if you want something exactly beautiful with brains, say Hi! Tomoloo.



This list of best-quality hoverboard manufacturers can’t be concluded without the addition of Gotrax Hoverboards. They are coming last but not least. These hoverboard manufacturers are concerned most about the user’s safety and a quality hoverboard experience.

Gotrax hoverboards are tested and certified by UL Laboratories and own a UL2272 certification. Another selling edge of the Gotrax Hoverboard is its funky and versatile colors. The vibrant colors are such a range that is hardly available in any other brand so you can choose one that suits you and your swag the most.

Gotrax offers you a broad range of hoverboards where you can choose one All-Terrain or a simple one with 6.5 inches tires. Moreover, if you want a model accessible with Bluetooth your options are great.

Gotrax hoverboard manufacturing is perfect and high quality. They offer hoverboards for both kids and adults. When we talk of a high-quality manufacturer, they need to use high-quality manufacturing materials. Gotrax hoverboards don’t compromise on quality material while manufacturing hoverboards. Moreover, they also keep in mind that hoverboards are personal transportation. And to make them carryable they always prefer lightweight and quality materials.

Editor’s Pick

City Cruiser, 6.5″ Scooter Hover Board with UL2272 Certified Wheels LED Lights

The City Cruiser 6.5″ Scooter Hover Board is a safe and stylish option for kids and teens, featuring UL2272-certified wheels and LED lights for visibility and style. With its compact size and lightweight design, this hoverboard is both practical and fun for short trips and leisurely rides.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The other plus point of this brand is its customer care service which is very attentive and highly cooperative. When you buy a product no matter which version you are purchasing. With every product, you are going to get 90 days limited warranty and 30 days money back for the warranty what else quality means?

Gotrax is a recommended brand by consumers, So we proudly present it in our list of best hoverboard manufacturing brands.

Goodbye Note:

We have added all these brands to the list of the best hoverboard manufacturers after reviewing their quality manufacturing. Moreover, these brands are hot-selling brands at Amazon and the consumers are glad with the services and quality rides.

Safety is assured with these brands and all these brands are UL certified so safety is guaranteed. Another quality that makes these hoverboards a classic to purchase is their broad range of products that varies from best for kids and adults.

You can get hoverboards from other brands at cheaper prices. But definitely if you don’t want to compromise your safety and quality of ride the above recommended brands are worth a try. But keep in mind if you are looking towards any low-quality or low-price brand it should at least have UL 2272 certification otherwise you are in the danger zone! 

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