What are other Names for a hoverboard?

HoverBoards, One name so many questions and so many allegations. Definitely, hoverboards are something in trending, and when a product gets some hype and heat it’s obvious to get some arguments and some allegations as well.

Because the media promotes what the viewer likes the most. That’s why you can find so many magazines and public forums filled with different questions and reservations about your favorite hoverboards.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor is a top-rated company that produces excellent scooters. But, now Razor has upped its game and it has come up with a range of best hoverboards.

All-Terrain Halo Rover Hoverboard

The All-Terrain Halo Rover Hoverboard is excellent for girls in terms of durability, grip and smooth maneuverability.

Segway miniPRO

Although, the hoverboard is a bit expensive. But, the features are totally worth it. The Segway miniPRO is not only ap

SwagTron T3

SwagTron T3 is an upgradable version of SwagTron T1. So, if you need more features, you can check this hoverboard out! Kids and even adults are so much excited to grab maximum info about hoverboards, they want to dig deep about hoverboard history and hoverboard facts. After all its the most trending talk of the town nowadays.

Even, people, have reservations that, are they rightly call it Hoverboard or it should have some other appropriate name. On so many public forums the people seem to be posting several questions. In this article, we would like to unlock some mysteries and resolve some myths about Hoverboard.

Why it is called a hoverboard when it actually can’t Hover around?

Some People seem so desperate about the name of Hoverboard. As we all know they don’t actually hover but move on two wheels. And I believe it’s a  fact as we all know, a peanut is not a nut but is from a legume family. We have never accused anybody of calling a firefly, a firefly since it’s not a fly and I m sure there are several examples like that. 

So hoverboards are called with this name because it seems trendy and inviting enough to get into the headlines.and also inspired by the skateboards, from the Hollywood movie Back from the future.

Why Segway want it to be called Segboards?

Another fact about hoverboard is that the famous brand Segways has a stance over being a pioneer brand to patent the hoverboard technology and for that they have sued few hoverboard producers for illegally imitating the technology. So that’s the mystery behind the name Segboard instead of Hoverboard.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

All-Terrain Halo Rover Hoverboard

Segway miniPRO

SwagTron T3

Why Hoverboards were often referred to as Blastboards?

Negative propaganda against hoverboards propagated it as a BlastBoard. That’s true when newly introduced hoverboards caused some unhappy incidents. As the lithium battery caused few hoverboards to get on fire and a few blasted as well.

But the companies dealt well with the issue. And took back all the hoverboards from the market and even from the customers and after proper research and UL certification they got relaunched to the market. And in this hit, they are perfectly designed to be the safest personal transportation. so this name is no more appropriate for your hoverboard.


What should be the most appropriate name for a Hoverboard?

Those who accuse that the hoverboard is a wrong name for this self-balancing scooter, mostly have lame Dialog. But a few have come up with some really valid options which I would like to share with my readers such as Power Balance Board, Gyroboards, Skateboard scooter, Rollerboards, two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, and even handleless Scooters.

Conclusion of this name debate

Since the market has not evolved a true Hoverboard that can actually hover in the air, I guess the argument is baseless because no name suits the glamour of this balancing scooter more than HoverBoards, after all this name actually cast a spell and is truly inviting.

So no hoverboard name generator should provide suggestions until and unless have invented a true or a real hoverboard with true capacity.


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