How Hoverboards Can Be Dangerous? You must need to know

Hoverboard, this name is not at all new for the 20th-century kid. Hoverboards are reported to be one of the most famous and trending gizmos in modern times every kid, either a boy or a girl is very much interested in own at-least one. On the other hand, there is a debate about whether they are safe to ride or not!

How Hoverboards Can Be Dangerous? You must need to know…

If you look at the promotions, you will find there is nothing dangerous about hoverboards. But here I will like to share a few facts with you which any consumer and especially a parent should be well aware of.

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While you are reading this article let me make one thing very clear I am not at all against buying hoverboards for Riding. Well, my only concern is to show a true and real picture to my reader. Because I think that if we are well-aware of a danger we are in a better situation to deal with it, instead of something that is totally unseen. 

Do Hoverboards Still Catch Fire

How Hoverboards Can Be Dangerous? You must need to know

The very first danger which comes in our mind about a Hoverboard is that they might catch fire. In early 2016 when hoverboards were launched, Fire hazards were associated with hoverboards. Even some hoverboards were reported to blast while charging, moreover, in some bad events, hoverboards caught fire while riding.


You might have heard about a 2-year girl in Pennsylvania who died in a house fire that was blamed on a hoverboard that was on charging.  

But immediately after that, the authorities took notice of the flaw or malfunctioning in hoverboards. They all were captured back, even reputed sellers like Amazon paid full or half refund to the owners who were not satisfied with the gadget.

Yes, the very first danger associated with hoverboard was, the possibility of catching fire and that fire element is still a fear in our minds. but in this article, I want to make it very clear that this is no more fire that can cause you harm or make hoverboards a danger.

Because after a few incidents hoverboards companies and authorities collaborated and figured out the real solutions. They installed some censors which prevent the batteries from getting overcharged. Started manufacturing fire-resistant frames, moreover, they reduce the battery capacity and started assembling them in fire-proof materials. 

Such practical measures showed real results and all these results were checked and monitored under UL laboratories. Now when all the good brand hoverboards have UL certification, which is a guarantee to safety for 100 years. Fire is no more a danger related to the hoverboard. But I did not say that they are fully safe to use or do danger associated with this hovering device.

Let’s check some facts and figures which will alarm you about the actual danger associated with your favorite gizmos hoverboards.

Are Hoverboards Safe For A 10-Year-Old?

Before going deep into the real hazards associated with a hoverboard I would like to ask you a question. what do you think is it safe for a 10-year-old kid to ride his own personal transportation? yes, I am talking about our favorite hoverboard.

if you believe that yes it is OK for a kid to drive his own electric self-balancing scooter you might be right but let’s check a few of the following facts reported within back few years

  • As most of us know that these hoverboards hit the market in 2015 -2016. And from the very year in the UK and US, the kids brought to the emergency with accidents caused by this vehicle were no less than 28000.
  • We have read several headlines where hoverboards on fire were reported and the fire is known to be the most dangerous aspect related to the hoverboards. But the good news is that hoverboard on fire is an old story and not a danger anymore. But falling from a hoverboard is a bigger risk indeed.
  • Hoverboards are well known for their self-balancing quality, but the people promoting hoverboards may have never mentioned that “They have an acute low center of gravity, which makes them prone to falling”  and this statement is not an assumption but a fact as quoted by Dr. Robert Glatter.
  • Another expert from NewYork explained “While riding a hoverboard good core strength is required in order to balance your hoverboard, It may look very easy to drive but it’s not so in real”
  • In an authorized pediatrics journal a study was published. Where they presented a  survey related to hoverboards injuries of kids below 18 years. In the year 2015 -2016 the kids injured and treated for hoverboard falling were no less than 26000. this count is only from UK and US.
  • Both boys and girls are at risk of falling from hoverboard as the cases reported were 48% girls and 52% boys.
  • The most prone areas and the frequently reported injuries were wrists, head, and arms, and sometimes bruised knee and even leg the deadliest and the common injury being caused by the hoverboard were fracturing and sprains not burns.
  • And that is not something new as more than 120000 kids and youth get injured in skateboard accidents. Now you might be thinking that the philosophy behind both is not the same, but keep in mind it might be a motorized version but nothing too different. You need to keep the balance in both.
  • Now let see how critical were the injuries, caused due to the non-proper handling of these hoverboards. So again the good news is only 3 percent of the injuries were so lethal that the kids were admitted to the hospital. Otherwise, they were sent home after treatment.
  • Moreover, in a deeper survey, it was discovered that those who were riding hoverboards and enjoying other activities. Like listening to music or showing some tricks were at higher risk of unbalancing and falling than those who were attentive.
  • Few cases were reported when the rider was ridding after the dust. When the hoverboard had no Led or front lights to indicate their presence at the roads. Ultimately that resulted in severe injuries either due to some unnoticed jump or being ignored by other riders.

Tips To Cope With The Dangerous Aspect Of Hoverboard

How Hoverboards Can Be Dangerous? You must need to know

After a detailed survey and proper research, I believe that fire is not actually the dangerous aspect associated with hoverboards. The real danger accosted with a hoverboard is its falling aspect. and that cant be covered much by the manufacturers but it needed a stronger contribution by the rider side.

A few precautions can lead you towards real safety, I have presented here a list, you just contribute you two min on this read and I assure you a complete safe hoverboard ride.

Know The Myths

I have observed that few false publicity statements are associated with this self-balancing scooter. That has caused a lot of misconception and high hopes about this very practical and useful eco-friendly mode of self-transportation. We need to sort out these myths and clear our minds and our kid’s perception of these hoverboards. Believe me, the danger associated with Hoverboard can be eliminated to an extend

 Make It Clear It NOt HoverBoard

First of all “Hoverboard”, the name associated with this self-balancing scooter is actually just a promotional name this is not its real functionality. It is an electric scooter which can not actually fly on the roads but will only move on the road smoothly. If you will drive it right! As the real Hoverboards are not available in the market we can’t claim the name but can clear the misconception.

Is It Really A Self Balancing Scooter 

The other thing which is very much popular among the kids and the youth and even some adults believe it to be a self-balancing scooter. This suggests that you can just ride it and the rest is left to the board it will balance itself. Moreover, you don’t need any specific skills to ride it.

Please clear your mind it is a device it doesn’t have any artificial intelligence you do need to ride it deliberately. Otherwise, you are at a fair risk of falling and getting injured. So I guess stop believing it to be a self-balancing board or scooter. Yes this device is easy to ride but it does not have any artificial intelligence to carry you anywhere

Avoid Multi-Tasking

The other thing which has been observed with the kids and even adults that when they are multitasking. They can’t pay proper focus on riding or balancing their hoverboard and that thing results in disasters.

So while you are riding on your board please avoid your cell phones, moreover, the market is offering lots of boards with music and other entertainments. While you are riding it on roads or in traffic please try to concentrate on your board instead of the other tasks.

As it is said jack of all master of none, don’t go for multiple entertainments it will not only reduce the fun of riding but also will increase the risk of falling. Moreover, yes multiple tricks are possible with these boards and you might have seen it very much on YouTube or on Facebook.

You might be thinking that they are easy to perform, but they have proper practice for that. Avoid trying any tricks without proper guidance, safety measures, and practice. 

Get It Perfectly Eqquiped 

While you getting your board please ensure that it has LED lights and front lights. Because these lights are very much important, they are far more important than any musical attachments or  Bluetooth connectivity. Because these are necessary for your safety and safety comes first. If you have bought a hoverboard without LED lights and without front lights please avoid driving it after dusk.

Because you may miss any uneven surface due to dark on the road. Or some other rider who is sharing the road with you can’t notice you in the dark even then you at very high risk. So please get one that is properly equipped with Lights.

Perfect Practice

you must have heard in its promotions and advertisement that you don’t need to practice it you don’t need any license for it. it’s as easy as walking but believe me and you remember, it took at least an early two years of your life to learn how to walk.

So It is as easy as walking even then you need practice, please give a minimum one month while you are learning the skill of balancing yourself on this board. As it is said to be a self-balancing scooter but you need to keep your balance on it.

Age Limit For Safe Ride

Another wrong thing or wrong advertisement is a fake promotion which I think should be avoided. That the minimum hoverboard weight limit is 25 kg so it means even a 4 year or a 5-year toddler is OK to ride the hoverboard.

It is a vehicle and a kid of 4 to 5 years don’t have such reflexes to maintain his balance in any sudden situation. So please avoid giving this hoverboard to anybody who is under the age of 15 years.

Even in several countries petition has been filled in the court that there should be a law regarding hoverboard license. Moreover, it should not be allowed to drive anyone less than 18 years of age. I don’t make such tough recommendations but at least make a barrier of 10 years. 

Always Check The UL Certification 

Hoverboards don’t catch fire anymore because they are made with a lot of safety and prevention against fire. But if you are not buying a good brand Hoverboard tested from underwriter laboratories. Without UL certification you are at risk of getting a Hoverboard that can catch fire easily. So certification is a must for your hoverboard if you want a safe ride with your hoverboard.

Wear Safety Gadgets 

While riding your hoverboard if you want to be safe and smooth please wear your safety gear i.e your wristbands, helmet, and kneepads. Yes these all gadgets are necessary while you are riding your hoverboard. Because in most cases head injuries with hoverboards have been observed.

Even you can see the internet filled with pictures showing head injuries caused by Hoverboard accidents. Moreover, wrists, forearms, and knees are also at higher risk while you are riding your hoverboards without the safety gear.

Don’t worry that wearing a safety gear kit can make you look bulky but will make you look more confident. With the safety gear you don’t only get the safety but the confidence as well. I have heard several kids and adults asking is it necessary to wear helmets with hoverboards. My answer is always yes they are a compulsion when you are riding a hoverboard.

Imagine yourself falling from a hoverboard at the speed of 12 mph and your head doesn’t have any safety gear like a helmet. Definitely, you would not like to imagine yourself lying on the road after a hoverboard accident without a helmet.


I hope now you know the worst fears and dangers associated with your hoverboards but as you know them you can cope with them as well. Everything has its goods and bad, so I never suggest you quit something due to its downside. What you need to do is take proper precautions and save yourself from harm. The hoverboard does have some dangers associated with it. But they can’t overshadow multiple qualities associated with hoverboards which make it a winner of hearts. So do enjoy your ride on a hoverboard but do keep in mind the precautions, those can keep you safe.

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