7 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting

Whether you are going to work, have to reach your college quickly, or strolling across the streets, an electric scooter can get you effortlessly anywhere you want  

Electric scooters are a fairly easy way to commute as compared to traditional scooters. They are the future of transportation because of the ease of use, affordability, and convenience one feels while riding. They are a safe alternative to manual scooters with little or no difference in functionality and design. However, the only difference is the electric motor that can ride you to your destination faster than even a car.  

Editor’s Pick

Wheelspeed Electric Scooter, 20-25 Miles & 15 MPH(Pro Ver. 35-40 Miles & 19 MPH) Commuting Electric Scooter, 350W Motor(Pro Ver. 400W) 10″ Pneumatic Tires Foldable E-scooter Adult with Rear Suspension

The Wheelspeed Electric Scooter is an excellent choice for commuting, with a range of 20-25 miles and a top speed of 15 mph (pro version offers 35-40 miles and 19 mph). It features a powerful 350W motor (pro version offers 400W), 10″ pneumatic tires, and rear suspension for a comfortable ride.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Key Features

  • Wheelspeed WS1 E-scooter
  • Long Range Commuting
  • Powerful 350W Motor
  • 1S Folding System
  • Comfortable Riding

So, here we have come up with the best electric scooters for commuting for those you regularly stroll along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you in making a wise selection. We hope one of our top picks will definitely grab your attention and you will be able to make the buying decision confidently.  

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for the best electric scooters 

In this section, we have scribbled some timeless tips to ride the electric scooter, maintenance, safety precautions, and other important things to consider when you go to buy a reasonable electric scooter in your budget. Let’s read down the lines and find how the electric scooter can make a difference as compared to the other vehicles.  

What is an E-Scooter?  

Are you looking for a quick and affordable means of transportation? If yes, then you have landed on the right section. E-Scooter is a futuristic transformation of a manual scooter that is equipped with an electric or a power-combustion motor. This compact means of commutation is designed with a large deck in the middle where the rider stands, the handlebars, and the tires.  

How does Electric Scooter work?   

The electric scooter is powered by rechargeable batteries. The batteries are usually made up of Lithium-ion or lead. These batteries energize the motor that creates a difference between an ordinary scooter and an electrical one.  

The motor of the e-scooter is located on the frame that is powered by the battery through the network of wires. The motor then moves the wheel to move forward.  

Advantages of an Electric Scooter  

There are several reasons why you can count on electric scooters to cover small distances. Some of them are discussed below.

Compact and Portable 

The e-scooter is convenient than the other means of transportation because it is compact and portable. It does not need you to arrange a large space to park it. Nowadays, folding e-scooters are commonly available, adding more convenience to the utility. The lightweight scooter allows the user to maneuver it effortlessly uphill and over the stairs.  

Low-cost vehicle  

The e-scooters are not pricey. You can get a reasonable e-scooter in few bucks. The cost of buying an e-scooter is much smaller than buying a car or a motorbike. Moreover, it is just a one-time investment that does not need you to spend bucks on the fuel as you do for your conventional vehicle, like a car daily.      

Lower maintenance cost  

Another big advantage of the e-scooter is its low maintenance cost. The vehicle is very simple and does not require you to put additional investment in repair and maintenance.  


The e-scooter does not use fuel to energize. Moreover, it does not emit smoke like cars and traditional bikes, so it does not contribute to environmental pollution. Moreover, these scooters are not noisy and loud, so unlike the traditional fuel-operated vehicles, the e-scooters do not even cause noise pollution.   

Does not require License 

In some states, what you really need to do is to buy an electric scooter in order to ride it. The state does not require you to obtain any license for riding the e-scooter.    

Safe Alternative 

The e-scooter is a very safe and secure alternative for regular commuting to small distances like a supermart, a grocery store, college, or workplace. The risk of injury with the e-scooter is very low as compared to other vehicles. However, you should always wear a helmet in order to avoid any accident or collision.   

How fast do electric scooters go?  

The speed is the most exciting feature of the electric scooter. It can take you to distant places faster than the car. However, greater speed can prove you to be insane. So, it is better to limit the speed in order to avoid accidents and injuries.  

The top speed of the electric scooters for adults is a maximum of 20 mph. This speed is allowed for the adult on the road. However, modern electric scooters can reach up to 40mph, which is quite dangerous.   

Things to consider when buying an electric scooter 

 Here are a few factors that will help you to decide on the most appropriate e-scooter for you.  


E-scooters come in an array of designs and attractive colors. Among them, the foldable e-scooters offer a futuristic design adding a lot of convenience to your life. You can always fold this scooter in order to place it in any narrow corner. Moreover, it becomes so compact that you can carry it easily.  

Some sellers also allow you to customize your e-scooter according to your choice giving you the freedom to change colors, parts, and other accessories. Make sure that whichever scooter you buy is well-built and elegant.  


The bulky motors are not usually portable. Make sure that the e-scooter you buy is lightweight so that you may be able to carry and maneuver it effortlessly. Keep the fact in consideration of how much weight you will be able to bear for taking the scooter up the hill or stairs.  

Weight Capacity  

Weight capacity refers to the weight an e-scooter is able to accommodate. The greater the weight capacity is, the better it will be the model. However, if you are a skinny person, then weight capacity may not matter, but it is an important factor for those having a hefty built and stature.  

Mileage and Battery  

The battery is an important component of an e-scooter because the scooter is powered by a battery. The distance you cover also depends upon the battery power, so make sure that your e-scooter has a high-strength battery with a good mileage per charge so that you may be able to commute to the longer distances confidently.  


Another important part of the scooter is its tires. The good tires provide better traction and stability on the road and allow you to ride the scooter smoothly on tough terrains. There are two types of tires, i.e., airless rubber tires and pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are a better and more reliable option because they offer excellent shock absorption on bumpy roads.  


Some riders love the speedy bikes. So, if you are a speed demon, a sluggish scooter won’t work for you. However, always keep your safety in mind while riding a speedy scooter. The maximum speed an e-scooter can reach is 20 mph. However, the bike with a 17mph speed is swift enough to ride you through long distances safely and smoothly.  

Motor Power  

Motor power refers to the ability of the scooter to take you through the challenging roads, hilly terrains, and up the hills. If you commute through the rough roads and hills frequently, then you must buy a scooter with a powerful motor; otherwise, 250 watts of power will be sufficient to stroll across the streets. 


A good braking system ensures prompt brakes and your safety, so it is important to buy an e-scooter with a responsive braking system. The e-scooters are equipped with different types of brakes, i.e., Foot brakes, drum brakes, regenerative brakes, and disc brakes. The disc brakes are the most reliable brakes usually found in expensive electric scooters. However, the disc brakes require ongoing maintenance to provide you reasonable performance.  


Always look for a model that provides good value for money. It is not always significant to spend a fortune in order to buy a good model. However, a reasonable adult scooter is available for $500 and above. The general rule is the more you invest, the better will you be able to get.  

Other Features 

Other features include lighting, warranty, and comfort. Make sure that your e-scooter comes with a reasonable warranty so that you may be able to make a claim in case of damage and ride the bike confidently.  

Moreover, a good scooter must have adequate front and rear lights to help you strolling in the dark because the ample lighting can protect you from any potential accident on the road.  

Best Electric Scooters for Adults 

We came across countless electric scooters in the market but chose these few remarkable options because of their performance, durability, and the value for money they provide. All of the reviews are unbiased, and we hope that one of our top picks will definitely grab your attention. 

1. UNAGI Model One E500 – Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter 

 Unagi Model one is so far the best adult scooter we came across. This electric scooter has so much to offer you ranging from the stunning minimalist looks to the performance that wins the heart of the bikers.  


ColorCosmic Blue
Frame MaterialAluminum, Alloy Steel
Item Weight26 Pounds
Brake StyleRear Braking


Unagi Model one is best for commuting small distances. The bike can take you up to 10 miles in a single charge that might be enough to commute to a nearby grocery shop, school, or workplace. Featuring a 500-watt powerful motor, this electric scooter offers quick acceleration and a stable ride on tough terrains and hilly areas.  


The design grab’s the buyer’s attention the most. With a sunning cosmic blue color, this electric scooter is able to impress your friends and acquaintances. The foldable design and lightweight built make it ultra-portable and easy to store. The frame of the scooter is constructed of fiber, aluminum, and magnesium, giving it a sturdier look.      

 Other Features 

The Brakes are located at the front and the rear portion of the deck. The safety brake is located at the back.   Moreover, we really liked the speed level that can probably take you up to 20 mph. 

  • Stunning looks and sleek design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Three-speed levels
  • Powerful motor
  • Low range

2. Swagger 5 High-Speed Electric Scooter for Adults  



Handle Height 41.5 Inches 
Handlebar Type Foldable 


The Swagger 5 is a high-strength futuristic model that can grab one’s attention in a wink. The e-scooter has app-enabled operations differentiating it from the ordinary electric scooters. The upgraded electric scooter is equipped with a 300-watt motor that can take you through any road and challenging terrain to the destination. It has a 37V potent battery that can take you to longer distances.  


This scooter features an innovative folding design and a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that can withstand a weight of up to 320 lbs. The scooter is equipped with an impressive LED display that shows you all the important statistics like the speed and battery level. Moreover, the scooter has thick airless tires that are puncture-resistant and made to roll smoothly on tough terrains.  

 Other Features 

There are three-speed modes, so you can adjust the speed according to your choice. In addition, the free application gives you access to your speed, cruise control, and map routes via GPS.  

  • App-enabled control  
  • Resilient frame construction  
  • Thick airless tires for smooth rides 
  • Three-speed levels 
  • The scooter is not for bulky people. 

3. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter


Handlebar TypeFoldable
Wheel size8.5 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum 


If you are looking for a reliable best electric scooter on a small budget, then GoTrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter is the best bet. Featuring a high-strength rechargeable battery, this scooter exhibits a travel range of up to a maximum of 17 miles, which is a considerable distance. It has a powerful 300-watt noiseless motor offering up to 15.5 mph speed. The scooter can easily handle the steeper hills and hilly roads.    


The scooter has come up with an innovative folding design with a quick folding mechanism. It has a sturdy aluminum construction that makes it resilient and stable. 

Other Features 

This scooter features a high-strength disc braking system that enables responsive braking. Moreover, it features thick pneumatic tires that provide better shock absorption than ordinary airless tires. The GoTrax XR has a built-in LED display that shows different important stats like speed, battery level, and headlights. The headlights emit bright irradiation enabling you to look clearly in the dark.  

  • Very affordable price 
  • Equipped with LED  
  • Sturdy construction  
  • Pneumatic tires with better shock-absorption 
  • Anti-lock disc braking system  
  • The assembly is complicated. 

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4. NANROBOT D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter 


Handlebar Type Foldable
Brake Style Front Braking, Rear Braking


If you don’t have a budget constraint and looking for an impressive high-end electric scooter, then Nanorobot D+ is none other than an exception. The scooter is equipped with a very powerful 2000 watt motor that can take you up to 40 to 45 mph speed. The scooter has two motors at the front and rear wheel, providing better traction, stability, and acceleration on all types of terrains.   


The scooter has a modern folding design and comes with a seat providing you more comfort and convenience throughout the ride. The portable design allows you to fold or unfold it in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to store, and you can place it in your car’s trunk or any other narrow place.  

Other Features 

Other features include an efficient EBS disc braking system, Pneumatic tires, and multiple shock absorbers that absorb shocks efficiently on bumpy roads. It is also equipped with an emergency braking system that you can use to prevent impact. 

  • Potent electric motor 
  • Efficient braking system to minimize shocks  
  • It comes with a comfortable seat  
  • Easy folding mechanism  
  • Takes swiftly to the destination 
  • High price 

5. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter 


Color    Dark Gray 
Handlebar TypeFoldable  
Wheel Size   10 Inches 
Wheel TypePneumatic tires 


If you are looking for a reliable electric scooter to take you to distant places, then Segway Ninebot MAX is the best electric scooter for adultsThis scooter can transport you up to 40 miles swiftly and smoothly. Moreover, the scooter is a treat for speed enthusiasts because it can reach up to a speed of 18 mph with the help of a very intelligent battery management system.  


The stunning black design grabbed our attention at first sight. Moreover, it has a foldable mechanism that allows you to fold or unfold the scooter just in three seconds. The bile is portable and easy to store. You can take it around the town in your car’s trunk easily. 

Other Features 

The scooter has shock absorbers and a smart braking system that minimizes the impacts of bumps and rough roads. Moreover, the thick pneumatic tires provide traction and stability on the road. The scooter also features a built-in LED allowing you to make different adjustments and control like cruise control, application connectivity, and battery status and riding modes, etc.   

  • Suitable for distant rides 
  • Sturdy pneumatic tires for stability  
  • Efficient braking system  
  • Smart built-in LED  
  • Application-enabled 
  • Assembly is difficult  

6. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 


Color Black 
Handlebar TypeFoldable 
Wheel Size 28 Centimeters
Frame Material Aluminum 


Xiaomi Mi Electric scooter is a very reasonable electric scooter featuring a 250-watt battery propelling the scooter to reach up to the speed of 15.5 MPH. The powerful battery allows you to travel continuously up to a maximum of 18.6 miles  


The scooter has an intelligent design that has won famous international awards as well. The frame has exemplary resilience having aerospace-grade aluminum construction. The minimalist built allows you to place the scooter anywhere you want. It is lightweight and easy to carry so you can take it anywhere.  

Other Features 

Xiaomi Mi is a well-built electric scooter with a lot of other features as well. It has a double braking system that features eABS brakes that very efficient and responsive. Moreover, the bike has intelligent and user0friendly controls, so it is suitable for all ages. 

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Award-winning design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • N/A

7. Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Color Teal 
Age Range (Description)Adult 
Brake Style Rear Braking


Are you looking for a cheap electric scooter? Razor E200 is a good deal keeping performance, price, and features in mind. This scooter has an ultra-quiet motor that propels the scooter to take you to your destination effortlessly. The motor is powered by a long-lasting, powerful battery that results in a maximum speed of 12 mph.   


However, this scooter has a low-profile design as compared to our previous picks, but it still proves to be preferable by several users because of its price and functionality. Featuring a teal blue color, the scooter has a removable seat adding comfort and convenience to the riding experience.  

Other Features 

Other features include an efficient braking system. The brakes are located at the back and are hand-operated. Moreover, it is equipped with pneumatic tires that offer better shock absorption and a stable wheel drive.  

  • Very affordable price 
  • Reasonable speed 
  • Pneumatic tires offer stable wheel-drive 
  • The scooter is very noisy. 

Final Words 

So, these were some of the best adult scooters you can count on to commute to nearby places as well as distant ones. If you want to know the reviews then check the best electric scooter reviews 2022. These scooters are a far more economical and futuristic way to commute. However, they come in a wide variety, so we have given you an array of choices in order to make the right decision.  

Let us know your views in the comments section below and also share your experiences with us. You can also suggest some new models you want us to review in the next editorial. Cheers.   

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